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17 July 25th, 2011 James Franco returning to GH just as Jason & Sam are set to wed!


Breaking news this morning out of TV Guide! It appears that James Franco is on his way back to General Hospital, yet again!  This time the Oscar nominated motion picture star will be returning to Port Charles as serial killer, “Franco” starting on the September 20th episode, which will coincide with just about the time Jason and Sam are set to finally wed!

Will “Franco” be so jealous of Sam (since he is beyond obsessed with Jason Morgan) that he will do finally do away with one of the lovebirds?

Well, according to TVG, this time Franco’s return is “longterm”! And that means soap fans can see the character on through the fall and possibly longer.   As for James himself, we all know he loves to multi-task and take on so many projects that he can’t even count on two hands.  God knows where he will find the time to do it all,  especially in lieu of the fact that in addition to appearing on GH, he will be debuting on Broadway this fall in Sweet Birth of Youth. But with the magic of soaps, he could tape a week’s worth of episodes and they could be strung out for months!

An ABC rep stated to TVG, “This is the baddie’s “most twisted plan yet” and that he’ll likely be pulling other characters into his web, including ditzy heroine Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) and bitch queen Carly Jacks (Laura Wright) and her baby Josslyn.

This will be Franco’s fourth trip to Port Charles.  So what do you think of this storyline development? Are you clamoring for more Franco, or no? Let us know.

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  1. Kathy says:

    I’m okay with Franco coming back but hoping he won’t do anything until after the wedding, Jason and Sam deserve a little time to be happy. Really not sure about “longterm”. So many of the storylines have gone on way too long and become stale and I can’t wait for them to end but maybe with Mr. Wolf now writing it will be different.


    maria replied

    I hope Mr. Wolf will write that jason witness sam’s death. Just like Sonny did with Lilly. that will make jason change his life around the lost of his only son and his wife..


  2. Vikki Stahl says:

    I am not looking forward to Franco, I think GH has enough “baddies” with Anthony Z, I was hoping with new writers GH would get back to “love in the afternoon” rather than focusing on the violence that seems to be the show’s focus point for last 10 years


  3. aria says:

    i’m hoping he tries to go after jason’s othr love, Liz, how can franco not know about Liz? so i’m hoping its spread out more, instead of the usual people, so tire of every single plot revolving around Carly. A real good villian would stuff her in a basement somewhere not to be heard for , for months. now thats a real story there, lol


  4. aria says:

    would of been a better plot if franco would reveal that claudia was alive, i miss sarah brown, she made claudia a complex villian who wasn’t appreciated till she was gone. but it wont happen since ms brown is heading to days. which sucks. she belongs at gh .


  5. matt borlenghi says:

    F’n Franco… Just keeps getting in the way of my Valentin Cassadine character ever showing up…


  6. angie says:


    Are they trying to get cancelled?


  7. todd says:

    i hope he kills Jason and Sam. I think they are the worst 2 characters on the show.


  8. Shirley A Miller says:

    Welcome back, James Franco, I love it when you hit Port Charles. You always shake things up a lot and make General Hospital very exciting for the short time you are on the show. Can’t wait to see you – and those evil eyes of yours – always letting us know that you are getting ready to do something really evil!!! See you soon, my friend!!!!!


  9. Maureen says:

    Please don’t bring him back! He is such a terrible actor. Did you not see his Oscars hosting???????

    The last time he did anything good was on Freaks and Geeks and that was only good because of Linda Cardelini.


  10. JustSaying says:

    Please let this bastard die. Please, oh please. Let-Him-Die.

    Or at the very least, let Anthony Zacchara kill him!!!


  11. tuesday says:

    Bad decision GH, you already have enough bad actors on the show.


  12. Cathy says:

    I’m ok with it seeing that Garin Wolf is in and Guza is out. I expect much better SL and material this go round. I don’t find a problem with Franco. James is a great actor. Love everything he’s been in. Past GH? Not so much. I am expecting good stuff from GW and the whole cast!


  13. Doe says:

    James Franco can do no harm, however bad. Just because he plays a baddie does not deter me from watchimg him spin his webs so brillliantly. He is fascinating to watch. So bring him on. I’ve been waiting to find out how his story plays out in the end.. Go Franco!…


  14. Aliyah says:

    Kill samatha Mcall off she’s boring.


    Aliyah replied

    dont like sam


    maria replied

    I don’t like sam. Carly needs to make up with liz to plot something on sam…..THEY NEED TO KILL SAM THE DAY OF HER WEDDING JUST LIKE SONNY AND LIILY

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