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10 July 29th, 2011 James Franco tells Access Hollywood on GH return: “I have no idea what they’re talking about!”

Photo Credit: Jay Clendendin/L.A. Times

Now either someone at General Hospital forgot to inform James Franco he is needed and scheduled back to the show for a September story arc, or James Franco can’t keep his own schedule straight.  Take your pick!

But according to the talented Oscar nominated actor in an interview with Access Hollywood last night, “I will be back to General Hospital, but I’m filming a movie about the Wizard of Oz in Detroit right now. I haven’t filmed any new episodes for General Hospital. I don’t know if they like think I’m going to fly out on a weekend and shoot something, but I don’t see it fitting into my schedule anytime soon. I’ll go back, but they said like September 20 or something I have no idea what they’re talking about.”

Watch the video clip of the Franco interview where he discusses the mystery of his GH return after the jump!

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  1. Brian T says:

    Well isn’t this confusing! I hope they get it figured out soon. I am sure his agent will be on the phone with someone at GH soon.


  2. The show sucks says:

    Why? he didn’t help the ratings the first time around.


  3. Doe says:

    I don’t understand James Franco. He is too involved in so many things, that I don’t think he can keep his life straight. Personally, as much as I believe James is brilliant and a fine actor, they should wind up his story already. There is so much going on GH right now that I dont think anyone is thinking about Franco. He had that one phone call to Jason months ago. So where is he……


  4. Ellen Turo says:

    I must be the only one who picked up on this but…they are going to make an adaption of the Wizard of Oz…?

    The one thing I hate about film making today is the need to make everything all Tim Burton like.

    Ugh, Hollywood needs some original ideas.

    And while we are at it, don’t bring back Franco as Franco, his acting is terrible and stiff…at least on the soap.


    todd replied

    It is Sam Raimi directer. It will star Michelle Williams, Rachel Weiss, Mila Kunis, and Franco. It is really more based on Wicked… the 3 witches became who they are. Should be good.


  5. ethel says:

    i hope he NEVER comes back!!! his character is not needed on gh!!


  6. Johnell says:

    I think he’s just yanking their chain. I don’t think he’s that fond of Gossip shows, etc. and he’s adding to the mystery of the character “Franco”. If he told you when he’s taping scenes then you would know he is on his way back, right? Just my opinion and why should he tell them anyway? They just want a scoop and maybe he doesn’t want to give them one. The press was very ugly to him when he hosted the Oscars so maybe he’s just paying back. Anything he does is o.k. with me.


  7. Keith says:

    The “Franco” storyline at GH was stupid……stop all ready!


  8. Avelina says:

    GH want to keep Franco as he is a movie star and an oscar nominated actor. They need him even though his story line was boring.


  9. kay killgore says:

    I think that was the love child of Guza I know several actors on the show weren’t that impressed with him.


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