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1 November 2nd, 2010 James Franco to take on remake of “Three’s Company”!


James Franco is at it again! Picking interesting choices ( to say the least) for his performance  and writing/producing career.  The actor recently seen as ” the artist who canvas is murder,” Franco on General Hospital, is now reportedly is making a remake of the 70′s sitcom Three’s Company into a drama motion picture!  According to CNN’s blog The Marquee, Three’s Company: The Drama is billed as “a multi-media examination of the classic ’70s sitcom.”   Franco will present the project at the New Frontier program of the next Sundance Film Festival to be held in January.

The New York Times reports that the festival description provided about the project says, “Television has undoubtedly shaped our world: our increased exposure to dramatic entertainment, the shapes of our houses, the shape of the time in our day. In this piece James Franco hopes to pull television from the box and view it from ‘a slightly oblique perspective.’”

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