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14 December 6th, 2014 James Franco’s “Forbidden Love” Teases His Soapy Past In This Preview For Tonight’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!


Ah, James Franco remembers his soap opera past with this very funny teaser for tonight’s Saturday Night Live in which Franco returns as the host with musical guest Nicki Minaj!

Franco, who played the original ‘Franco”on General Hospital, the role now played by Roger Howarth, spoofs the soaps with SNL cast member Cecily Strong in a clip that is entitled, “Forbidden Love”! This telenovela-esque preview features Franco and Strong about to engage in a lip-lock, but is it over a case of mistaken identity?

Watch how the clip plays out after the jump! Then let us know … will you be watching James tonight on SNL? When Franco is host, it always turn out to be quite the funny episode!

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  1. Sharice says:

    That guy is a complete and utter douche. Hope he never ever comes back to any of the remaining soap operas.


    CeeCee replied

    I agree, Sharice….and, he was a complete bore on SATURDAY NIGHT. ….did not do it for me. Nikki Minaj on the other hand? She was ‘mahhhhvelous’ . …..her exaggerated and satirical impersonation of KK created a round of belly laughs in my house, for sure.


  2. Laurie says:

    Have never been a huge James Franco fan, but love his nads…can I say that word here? He’s a gutsy, busy man who clearly doesn’t rest on his laurels. He kind of won me over, though, when he did a “mock-off” “knock-off”of Kimye’s disgusting, self-indulgent “Bound 2″ video w/Seth Rogen. I laughed til I cried, so count me in for tonight’s SNL!


  3. Sly says:

    I like James Franco and I hope he comes back to GH. He’s a better actor now and has a lot more fans.
    It would be nice to see Roger Howarth back as Todd.


    Laurie replied

    He may be a douche as Sharice says, lol, I don’t know, and I never thought much of his acting until 127 HOURS! Just WOW!!!! Can I say again…WOW!! The whole movie is a WOW to me-extra points for the filmmakers for maintaining a high level of intensity throughout a true story despite the fact that the outcome was already well-known.

    I haven’t seen all of his movies but he was decent in MILK as well.


    4ever DAYS replied

    I loved 127 Hours! Another great one is Pineapple Express…It’s a comedy with several different genres mixed in!

    Laurie replied

    Yes, Pineapple Express was funny. It’s not my typical type of movie, but funny is funny!

    CeeCee replied

    I agree,, Laurie. I am not disputing his acting skill. I am strictly talking about his skits on SNL. I did not find him funny….as a comedic actor, I found him lacking. And yes, James acting was exceptional in 127 hours.

    rebecca1 replied

    Hi Laurie…I thought he was great in MILK…and also played James Dean to perfection. Did you see Sunday’s live production of Peter Pan? Christopher Walken played Hook and Franco parodied him on SNL…it was hilarious. He got every inflection and mannerism down to the letter. LOL funny!

  4. rebecca1 says:

    He may have done some creepy things all in the name of avant-garde…but there’s no denying he’s one multi-talented, extremely accomplished individual. Caught his Christopher Walken-as-Captain Hook and it was HILARIOUS and spot ON!!! Too funny…


  5. PV Jr. says:

    Just love how millionaires, James Franco and Seth Rogen, can poke fun at the Sony breach while those of us “little people” have our SSNs, emails, home address, phone numbers leaked to the world, not to mention our families’ information.

    I can’t believe Sony would allow their employees (Franco and Rogen) to go on national television and rub their faces in it some more. I hope this breach means the end of the Franco-Rogen gravy train.


  6. SpixieFan says:

    LOL!! Love it so funny. :) Thanks for this Micheal.. I missed the airing, didnt’ know he was hosting, but I”m going to check it out On Demand. I wissshh he woud come back to GH, love love love love his version of evil, dark, crazy, Franco and the contrast of the beautiful on the outside vs. the ugly and sinister on the inside.


  7. Harry says:

    I have loved this man since he appeared in Freaks and Geeks. As Rebecca asserts, he is an intensely talented actor possessing superhero multitasking skills.
    However, I do not appreciate his Franco character because it seems to me he is winking and smirking at the audience as if to say,”Look at this A list actor slumming it with soap opera actors.”


  8. toscanti says:

    He is AWESOME!


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