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19 November 17th, 2014 James Franco’s Mom, Betsy Franco Makes A Return To General Hospital!

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So the rumors of this were once again proven true! Betsy Franco, the mother of motion picture star James Franco (who was the actor who portrayed the original “Franco” on General Hospital) is returning to the ABC soap opera for an appearance!

According to a GH rep who informed Soap Opera Digest, you can look for Betsy to be reprising the role of Franco’s adoptive mother, also known as Betsy, but who as fans recall was also went by the name of Karen!

Betsy was first seen in 2010 on GH, and she reprised her role again in 2013.  It shall be interesting to see if Roger Howarth (the current “Franco”) shares scenes with James Franco’s mom!  Could Betsy end up hiding out with Ava and Sonny or Morgan’s baby, now kidnapped by Franco and Nina (Michelle Stafford)?  

What do you think of the casting news?  What do you think brings Betsy Franco back to GH? Comment below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    wow luv it!!
    RC and team always add more meat to the stew to make it awesome..
    Betsy Franco!! This will be good..
    GH gathers no moss!! exciting stuff ahead !! .. gotta luv it !!


    Melissa replied

    She was awEpsom before so I have no doubt she’ll be again


  2. Harry says:

    What a stupid idea. Moreover, the woman is no actor. She cannot act. Why, why why? This is the worst example of stunt casting ever. It makes no sense and will not help ratings nor will it help propel a good character driven storyline.


    su0000 replied

    ohhh Harry.. No cookies for you!
    she is simply a guest appearance, a story tool ..
    There is purpose for her appearance, we just have to wait for it, again, she is story tool..
    it will be fun, !!
    Something different, and nothing much to with rating as she is not a famous person nor an actor.. But she is a ”purpose” :) … lol


    Harry replied

    Well, it doesn’t make any sense. She can’t act. Her scenes with her son were embarrassing to the say the least.
    And if this were Y&R pulling this stunt casting you’d say the same.

    su0000 replied

    She doesn’t have be an actor, she just needs to entertain me and she will.. I’m sure I will have a giggle or two watching her..she is only a guest probably a couple of scenes..
    She is apparently needed for this story, she does have a purpose for the story..
    It will be good.. I’m looking forward to seeing just why she was brought in, that is what is important :)
    I can’t wait to see her with Roger/Franco..
    that will be awesome; her and Roger! LOL!! that could be a riot..

    And– Y&R people do not have the moxie to even pull a stunt, they are so stale they are moldy.. LOL

    rebecca1 replied

    Harry…agree…she’s no actress. At the time she piqued my curiosity just because she was James Franco’s mom and I liked him….and I know he’s all about being outlandish and experimental. I guess he had enough clout that they wen with what was probably his suggestion at the time to hire her. At this point she’s probably coming back for continuity; probably a very small role; not worth a recast. It’ll be fine…

    Nicole replied

    @Su0000 The tptb would kill for the ratings of the “stale” and “moldy” Y&R even in amongst the younger viewers Y&R beats GH. :)

    Laurie replied

    Well it makes me think James Franco is going to be there also. Not my favorite, but it would get RoHo out of being Franco and could expose him as someone else. I’d like it better because I love RoHo & think Franco is the worst character ever. Not RoHo’s Franco. Just Franco in general.

    It will more likely be her just hiding Nina, Franco, & baby Corinthos.

    In other news, Kelly Monaco tweeted out a pic of her & BM (Jake) yesterday morning on set reading lines together it seemed. He cut his hair all off again & spiked it like SB’s Jason, it seems, and he’s wearing a black t-shirt. YIKES!! I hope they are effing with us and that was a joke! I do NOT want the 2nd worst character ever, Jason Morgan, to take over GH again. Just NO!!!!!!!!!!!


    Mary SF replied

    LOL—Since when does someone need know how to act to be on a soap? I think everyone on this site can rattle off a dozen or more names that worked on a soap, or are presently on a soap that fit that bill—-

    She was already been on as this character’s mother, sure at the time, her real son playing he adoptive so might had something to do with her getting the part– but regardless, if they need Franco’s adoptive mom to be part of the story it only makes sense to get the person who played her before. She won’t be on long and she can’t be any worse than some ‘actors’ I’ve seen over the years on soap.


  3. k/kay says:

    Nope she is appearing to inform everyone that this Franco is really an imposter that he is really Todd Manning from Lllanview!


    Harry replied

    sigh You’re probably right, Kay.
    Again, strenuous measures are being made to remedy mistakes of the past.
    The handy dandy brain tumor didn’t do the trick so let’s try a case of mistaken identity.


    su0000 replied

    The brain tumor made Franco a serial killer..It made Franco do horrible things.,
    Heather’s DNA made Franco ”odd” ..
    the only thing Franco has done wrong is help Nina kidnap ava’s baby, yet he is not the actual kidnapper/not his deed/plan..
    Franco is crime free…
    What he did at the wedding was from Heather’s DNA.. lol
    and not a crime, nobody died ..

    Franco is not killing anybodt hw how ever coniving

    su0000 replied

    LOL the last sentence came from Dragon auto correct or something..
    I dont know what it is… lol …

    GH50 replied

    K/Kay, I think this Franco was exposed as Todd Manning a long time ago :) This is just a way to get attention, nothing more, nothing less. There will be no major reason to have her on, there will be no big reveal, and even so, it would not need her to deliver it. This is how TPTB generate interest in the show and it’s pretty tiring. I wouldn’t mind things like this if the primary focus of the show was on good writing and storytelling, but it is not, so we get this kind of stuff instead.


    k/kay replied

    Actually I was being sarcastic about RC and his writing but considering the response I am getting back maybe he would pull this. With this bunch never say never!

  4. Timmm says:

    Why doesnt Roger Howarth’s mother play Betsy?


  5. Sly says:

    Glad she’s back. I hope she stays.


  6. brenda says:

    No offense to the real Franco but I could care less about NuFranco. I hope she takes him home with her.


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