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31 August 16th, 2017 James Lastovic Shares Emotional Message To His DAYS Family!

Wednesday’s Days of our Lives marked an important episode for James Lastovic as Kayla and Steve’s son, Joey.  In it, James shared touching scenes with his on-screen parents; Mary Beth Evans (Kayla) and Stephen Nichols (Patch) as Joey makes the decision to turn himself in for killing Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun).

The long-running NBC daytime drama series had made a storyline-dictated move for the character of Joey, who will soon be leaving the canvas.

After the show aired Wednesday, James took to his Instagram to share this heartfelt message on his journey in Salem and his departure, which was taped six months ago: “Words can’t describe what it’s been like to get to work with this beautiful family almost every day for 2 years. Thank you @nbcdays for the extraordinary and life changing experience. And a special thanks to @marybeth.evansand @stephen_e_nichols for your love and support every step of the way. Click the link in my bio to see how it all ends. Also, prepare yourself for another Marybeth Emmy. #daysofourlives #thejohnsons

Sad to know that James will soon exit the DAYS canvas? What did you think of his scenes that aired Wednesday with Mary Beth and Stephen? In case you missed the poignant moments watch it after the jump, and then comment below.

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  1. davlestev1 says:

    I’d be emotional too losing that kind of paycheck. There wouldn’t be enough kleenex to dry up the tears and snot or enough cuss words to tell off the exec who decided my character was no longer needed. Lol


    Patrick replied

    laughing out loud

    then roaring

    more laugh out loud



  2. James R. Poissant says:

    I am sorry to see Joey go. When the kids in Salem had gotten aged a couple years ago, Joey was my favorite one who got the aging process. James seemed to have some depth to his acting that made Joey come out to me more clearly. Hopefully we can see James move on to other things.


  3. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    It’s disappointing that James’ Joey is no longer going to be apart of Days of Our Lives, especially for what it seems at the expense of Tripp, whose character has been an annoyance since his arrival. I wish James the best, as he was one of the only one in the teen scene left that I felt had a strong acting ability, and am hoping that he can come back within the next year, as Joey can have an off-canvas reboot.


  4. Debbie Sanders says:

    He will be very missed & he is an excellent actor & very good looking. He will go far with his acting. Don’t think he could be replaced! Are you sure he won’t come back?


  5. Rodd says:

    Another waste of talent; gone too soon. When, oh, when will TPTB understand that viewers want to invest in long-term characters, not “celebrity stunt actors”? Two years is not enough time to get to know a character if they don’t click right away. Sometimes it takes the right story to click and then the actor clicks. This fast-food-menu mentality on some soaps is a really big part of the problem, if you ask me. (Which, of course, no one did.) :0)


  6. jacque says:

    Impressed, best of luck to him…


  7. Patrick says:

    I remember when he first started… he had that short haircut going on.. and I thought… this was a cute as all get out brooding kinda guy

    ALL the SORAS kids came on… too fast !

    Ciera, Theo, Claire, Chase… Joey

    he had two years to appreciate the genre and what acting means

    1. i’m more going to miss Steve and kayla having that child around… to see them experience being a parent and watch both of them sharing their acting chops individually with their offspring.

    especially Kayla. she just has that radiant motherly instinct that SHINES with Mary Beth Evans.

    ugh! I don’t know what’s going to happen to Tripp… I’ve posted before.. and am proud of that post.. that watching someone that can act with her… is all that it takes to make a serial work magic. Kayla and Tripp , if they ever see beyond past hurt… have all the potential to just cruise and acting instinctively off of one another. that mother son union… watch out Patch… you are welcome too… but it’s Kayla show and TPTB give her a son or a daughter … I posted that the actor, Lucas Adams, has that natural presence and plays his character on par…

    I hate this 6 month ahead… I don’t know if Tripp is still on the show… because Steve and Kayla sure need him.

    with all due respect to James Lastovic, hey I did not like the last actor who portrayed Stephanie.

    I don’t have a startling report card on DAYS… but… I’m certainly keeping up.. and am not bored… do not find the show trying… is not exacting my patience. and I’m feeling the vibe again , for my own reasons of why I feel this show has it’s own resonate.

    I will PROP … Eric Martsolf… dang it… he’s bringing it. what can I say… I find him so intriguing.. and even that doesn’t interfere with watching him nail his performance(s).

    I do have to wonder about Sonny… as I posted as well… bring this small fry back to earth. the show tried to give him some drive and panache… at heading up the Kiriakis Empire. leave well enough alone… you are portraying a gay character now. Freddie Smith… your focus is Paul and Will. I don’t mean any thing by this… just saying.. Freddie Smith since his return… was given a lot more material to flesh out Sonny. per his words in SOD.

    gosh darned it.

    the returns say so much more than any one ever

    Eileen Davidson
    Kassie DePaiva
    Chandler Massey
    Alison Sweeney
    Tyler Christopher
    Louise Sorel



    F – E – A – S – T


    Patrick replied

    Ron Carlivati : remember, right ?

    Kristen and Eve : fast friends and take over


    Patrick replied

    to this day

    miss, immensely

    Chase and Aiden Jennings. this was a monumental LOSS to any show.. featuring a father and son relationship that had oodles of talent. draw and hit all over

  8. Ray says:

    Wow, those scenes were powerful. It is great to see how Mary Beth has continued to get better each year. I love she has grown into a tough, confident character. It is sad to see Joey go, but I am hoping the Johnson family gets bigger with a return by Stephanie.

    This show is REALLY starting to click on all cylinders. I am not a fan of the Bonnie/Hattie storyline, but the rest has been great. Marci Miller and Billy Flynn are acting their tales off.


    Patrick replied

    “thank you” for mentioning… how great Chad and Abs have been of late…

    Marci Miller has gone and done it.. solidified her belong with Chad

    that makes me happy

    i’m not reading too much in to the Bonnie/Hattie storyline… it’s a chance to see the actors… Judi Evans and Deidre Hall… acting choices. just as long as it doesn’t take too long.

    DAYS has risen in my ranks… #1 with GH #2


    Llanviewer717 replied

    I am very impressed with Judi Evans. I’ve enjoyed her as Adrienne and now I’m really enjoying Bonnie too. She’s a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to see more of Bonnie trying to maneuver her way around. For my money, Judi Evans is holding this imposter storyline together and doing a great job.

    Patrick replied


    ” GREAT read, on Judi Evans, here”

    I read your post and paid attention… I watched 5 eps on Sunday… and enjoyed Judi Evans as Bonnie.

    if you really look at her… she’s created two stand alone characters. it’s like they even have their own set of mannerisms.. and you add in that Bonnie has to be Adrienne, and so forth. so… if it’s that possible…. Judi Evans JUST RAISED, THE BAR.

    I haven’t seen her yet with Justin. what will be the fallout , for Lucas ? dang it time and time again… it seems Lucas gets shafted… hence his balance beam act on sobriety. Bryan Datillo has all the acting skill to finesse his Lucas . this trio will not be undone.

    lets call it: standing O

    to Judi Evans, Wally Kurth, Bryan Datillo.

  9. Kevin C says:

    Wow, Mary Beth Evans is such a great actress and love her and Stephen Nichols…


  10. Boop says:

    I wish him the best.


  11. Jovin says:

    I loved this kids portrayal of an awkward teenager!! He nailed it! So sad he was saddled with the ill conceived Ava story. It never made sense from the start. As a legacy character, he should have gotten more. The Jade story was also pointless.


  12. Tomas Torquemada says:

    I wish him well. I’ll miss giggling every time he speaks because he sounds like Derek Zoolander.


  13. Kat Hilderbrand says:

    It is sad to see him go. He has loads of talent and is surely going to be seen in lots of future roles. Hope he makes his way back to Days!


  14. Joe E Nelson says:

    Sorry to see him go but once they had him kill Ava, the character has limited options.


    elm1951 replied

    hope killed stefano & her options don’t seem limited – they could have kept the character of joey because there are endless s/l’s for him with tripp…………….ijs


  15. Maureen R Hoeler says:



  16. Lia says:

    GH needs a new Morgan. Just sayin.


  17. 4ever DAYS says:

    Those were some great scenes. DAYS has been bringing it lately! If Joey shaves his head before going to prison, he’ll be less likely to become someone’s bitch.


  18. Iris cohen says:

    I really hope James Lastovic will be asked back. He did a good job with the storyline he was given. Sometimes I don’t understand the decisions Days makes. His chemistry with Mary Beth and Stephen is strong. The character of Joey is needed for Steve and Kayla on the canvas. They have all acted their hearts out especially in the last few weeks. It is so sad. I wish Dena had not written that it was Joey who ultimately killed Ava. It is just ashame James was not given more of a chance. He will be missed and I wish him tremendous luck in all of his future endeavors.


  19. Mo says:

    I know I posted, but don’t see it here.

    Was Wednesday his last day? I’m surprised Joey is going to confess. I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think it would have been better to show the brother-brother relationship with Tripp and Joey. I’m not a huge Joey or James fan, but I don’t think this is the best choice.


  20. blake says:

    I’m really glad that Tripp is staying around. I really like him and he is very sexy! I will definitely miss Joey. I like his hair long, but I REALLY liked it when it was short when he first came on the show. I thought he was the best actor of the young set and hot to boot! Hope the actor can come back to play Joey (or anyone) soon!


  21. buttercup says:

    Sad to see him go… The writers thinking they can just switch out Steve and Kayla’s son for Steve and Ava’s is a mistake. I don’t understand why anyone wants to see Kayla “mother” the adult man who just tried to kill her.


  22. penny says:

    Ok this must be a different crowd that was complaining about this kids acting. He’s a good looking kid, I can see him booking something on the CW. Best of luck.


  23. ChanderFan says:

    It’s a shame to see him go. It would have been interesting to see how his character would teach his new-found scrappy loner brother how to be a functional member of a huge extended family. Also interesting would have been seeing him interact with someone who always wanted a brother, but is understandably repulsed by the brother he also very much needs in his life.

    But, if this is what it takes to make room for Chandler Massey…

    It should be captivating to see the interplay between Chandler Massey and Lucas Adams, even though their characters not being blood relatives makes it less likely to be in the same scenes.


  24. nancy dillingham says:

    Love Mary Beth and Stephen and James together!
    But am so sorry that the show with the 2 dopplegangers, etc., has become unwatchable.


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