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4 December 8th, 2014 James O’Halloran Wins The Price Is Right Male Model Search! Could Soaps Be In His Future Like Predecessor Rob Scott Wilson?


So did you cast your vote? Did your man get the gig?  Well, in the results that were announced today on-air on The Price is Right, host Drew Carey named the winner of the Male Model Search! And … it goes to Australian-born James O’Halloran!

James bested the other semi-finalists, Jonathan Morgan and Jay Byars! O’Halloran will begin his official “Price is Right” duties when he debuts the week of December 15th through the 19th.

This is the second time The Price is Right has had a male model in their arsenal.  It all began a few years back when current Days of our Lives star Rob Scott Wilson (Ben) got a huge boost for his burgeoning career by being on the number one game show and then becoming part of the cast of Prospect Park’s revival of All My Children.

Could O’Halloran follow in his footsteps?  With that Australian accent, perhaps GH could come calling and he could be a long lost member of the Jacks family?  Let us know your thoughts on that … and watch the clip from today when O’Halloran is revealed as the winner of the model search!

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  1. PV Jr. says:

    A pretty face does NOT an actor make.

    Please no more of these “models turned actors.” Go spend some time in summer stock or New York theater.

    I apologize if I upset anyone, but Mr. Beefcake, Rob Scott Wilson, does not do it for me. He can wear tight shirts and have half of his scenes shirtless, but his character LEAVES MUCH TO BE DESIRED.

    Like I said about character development in the Kelly Thiebaud thread, you can have the face of a Botticelli and the body of a Degas, but if you have nothing more to offer than the already talented people on my screen, please do us a favor and stick to modeling or be a Walmart greeter. I want to see TALENT on my screen, not eye candy. If I want to watch a bunch of no-talents all I have to do is turn to the latest Youtube sensation or look for a Kardashian. I think I would rather gargle broken glass.


    richard replied

    I literally LOL reading this!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I agree about Rob(Ben)…Days could do a lot better if they drop Ben, Clyde and Jordon(i know she is going) asap!!!


    jaybird369 replied

    PV, Jr….T-O-O FUNNY…LOL!!!!!


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