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0 April 16th, 2010 Janet “From Another Planet” Dillon returns to AMC!


Kate Collins is returning to All My Children as one of soaps all-time best whacko’s Janet (From Another Planet) Dillon.  The last time Janet popped up in Pine Valley was 2007.  According to TV Guide Magazine, this time Janet has ‘escaped in a nurse’s uniform, and will pop up in Pine Valley April 30—with a vengeance!’

Kate Collins weighed in on Janet’s motives for her return: “Janet, in her insanity, thinks she can manage Amanda’s career better than anyone else and wants to take her and the grandbaby off to Europe. She’s even made fake passports. And of course she sees Amanda’s husband, Jake, as a big threat to all this. He’s an obstacle and he must be dealt with!”

In story, it will also be revealed that Janet  killed Amanda’s father, Trevor, by stuffing him in a meat freezer some five years ago. Now she says she did it because Amanda didn’t love her as much as she loved Trevor!   Stay tuned!

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