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10 September 18th, 2013 Jason Connery Joins GH As Franco’s Art Dealer in Upcoming Episodes!


The art world will once again be part of the backdrop of the story for Franco (Roger Howarth), or so it seems by this bit of casting news via ABC Soaps In Depth!

Jason Connery, the son of Sir Sean Connery of James Bond fame, has been cast in the role of Sebastian, Franco’s art dealer!

Be on the lookout for Jason to make his first appearance on the Wednesday October 2nd episode, and then return the first week in November.  So what brings Sebastian the art dealer into the story?  Any thoughts?  Let us know!



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  1. su0000 says:

    I love new people, especially when they are involved with the star characters,, I like the mystery of new stories that come along with new people.
    It gives the vets/stars new material/stories and it keeps everything fresh..
    new characters keep the stars from becoming slate by bringing new stories!

    I wonder if it is short term or contracted character, whichever it will bring a good story!!


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I hope he’s part of the Jerome mob and gets Franco mixed in with it…also i hope Kiki really turns out to be Francos daughter or maybe Sabrina or Ellie…i dont mind newbies as long as they have vet connections…


    Shay replied

    I don’t mind “newbies” as long as they have the talent, charisma and proper character development to advance the show….think Britt, her mad “mutter,” etc…however, when they lack said criteria, they drag down the entire program. Need I mention the name of the foremost example from this past year? (Okay, you’ve talked me into it: SABRINA! Complete, utter failure!) Having said that, I always enjoy the addition of foreign actors….they bring such an international flair and sophistication to the canvas! This is one of GH’s trademark qualities dating back to their 80′s heyday……


    Iakovos replied

    Good comment, Shay! I am not sure Sabrina is an utter failure, but I do wonder what is left for her now that she had her “Ugly Betty” transformation and it looks as Patrick will eventually reunite with Robin. If Sabrina has a connection, we would enjoy scenes with those friends from former lives — was she a childhood friend of Elizabeth? a college pal of Lucas’s? heck, a former student of Tommy Baldwin’s — and it would give her a lifeline for future stories. Now, I read somewhere — here? — a character from her history is coming, but again, I like some connection to the core and legacy characters.

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I think Sabrina wouldve worked better without the transformation, and attracted to Micheal instead of Patrick…but ill take Britt and her Mutter any way they write them!!!

    Rosalie Maggio replied

    You’d know Connery had the chops if they’d introduced him by some of his past acting/directing/theater experience instead of by — who cares? — his father. Here’s a fan who thinks he’s gonna be just what they need!

    Shay replied

    @jimh….I’m really hard pressed to think who would be a credible match for “Sowbrina”….she’s such a problem character, sticking out like a sore thumb!!! I think she was just so poorly defined from the get-go, and then the person they chose to play her was not up the acting task, either….the entire package was simply one big mess! Today demonstrated it again…the nursemaiden was absolutely dreadful with Patrick, the two of them together were like “cover your eyes YUCK!,” then she was playing “Mommy” with Emma, and finally that obnoxious child had a valid point….she told Sappy that she wanted her (real) mother, not this poor replacement for Robin. (Great foreshadowing on KM’s return….gave me chills!) Finally, “Back to (Ugly) Betty For A Day” met up with her “mystery man,” and by the looks of his greeting, he is NOT a bro or relative….must be Mr. “Lots and Lots of Sex” that the babysitter boasted about to Drake Jr…..although I have to say, on first impressions, this guy appears even older than the doctor, so the age inequality thing is still going to be an issue. Quite frankly, the entire deal has become such a huge trainwreck, they need to finally write off this useless, unimportant character and move on…she has surpassed her expiration date! Plus, she’s really not worth the bother, and never has been….it sort of beggars belief that the ptb’s have expended so much time and effort on her, and to what end???? The best of the show’s recent moments have not revolved around her, despite the producers’ overwhelming efforts to make it otherwise….Lastly, what did Michael do to make him deserve being saddled with Sappy???? LOL….I am not a big fan of CD, but give the poor guy a break! He’s so Kiki lovesick that his sad sack act is rapidly getting to the point of pathetic, hence they pulled Penny (The One-Night Stand) out of storage for him….another bad idea!!!!! (Yes, today’s episode had many lows, including the “brat pack” and their silly crush games, not to mention Ava making “Mrs. Robinson” eyes at Morgan…and saying “he owed her!!!” Hmmmm….)


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I wouldve paired Sab with Mike who always looked bored anyway…lol…i also noticed Sabrina had a backwards transformation in todays episode with her hair tied back and wearing glasses again…and maybe Sabrina has a much older man fetish and isnt the saint she is currently written to be…i kinda liked her in the beginning but now im completely bored with her…not the actress fault…she might be more interesting as another character on a different soap or series…

  3. Peytra says:

    Ya think maybe these writers might FINALLY remember Elizabeth is an artist?


  4. melissa says:

    I”m loving will devry … soooooooooooo HOT.


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