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105 May 9th, 2013 Jeanne Cooper’s Final Scene With Jess Walton! Last Y&R Performance Aired May 3rd!

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In one of the most touching scenes, given the fact of the passing of legendary soap icon Jeanne Cooper yesterday, The Young and the Restless confirmed that last Friday’s May 3rd episode was the last appearance and episode taped by the Daytime Emmy winner and mainstay of Genoa City for 40 years!

According to Y&R writer Brent Boyd, Cooper’s last scene was the most appropriate of all, to have it with long-time nemesis turned friend, Jill (Jess Walton).  Boyd took to his Twitter account to relate “The last image of Jeanne Cooper on Y&R is of her ascending the stairs telling Jill, “I think I can manage. Good night.” A fitting end.”

Boyd also let fans know that this was not originally slated to be Cooper’s last appearance, “She was in episodes for 4 weeks after, but wasn’t well enough to work. Intention was to give Jill/Kay honest, emotional scene.”  In story, Katherine had returned home to the Chancellor mansion after being discharged from the hospital, where she’d undergone surgery for a brain tumor.

So we ask you, Jeanne’s beloved fans, was this heartbreaking to watch?  Do you feel some closure for Katherine and Jill, as you watched their last exchange?  Did you feel the love between the two?  Were you moved by Jess’s final look at Katherine?  The answer to us was a resounding, “Yes”.  Share your thoughts!  If you have not seen the final moment, you can watch it below!

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  1. Mary SF says:

    I knew in my heart when I was watching that scene Jeanne was saying goodbye to all of us. I think Jess and Jeanne felt it too, because there was such a vibe of sadness and finality about that scene- that we all felt it. I am glad that was her last scene because it was perfect, simple and not sloppy sentimental – just touching and to the point.

    As for the character of Katherine, I would hope they will have her pass off camera- don’t recast, not even for a death bed scene or to wrap up her storyline– let Jeanne’s last scene be Katherine’s as well.


    jimh replied

    Same here…no recast…let her pass off camera.


    Goodone NC replied


    Lynn Childers replied

    I think this was shot and placed in the vault to use if/when they needed it. I wonder if she shot this after the original was shot. To me she looked sick and frail but when she came home from the hospital and met with the surprise from Murphy and family she did not look sick. Maybe a day or two days before she went into the hospital the first time.

    Donna replied

    I agree. She will be missed…. I feel like I lost a family member..

    Lew S replied

    I totally agree with you. I thought the same thing. Really going to miss Ms. Cooper.


    Carol Bryan replied

    Mary SF, you took the words right out of my mouth. I also felt that was the last we would see of Kathrine and she was telling all of us good bye…..Thank you Jeanne Cooper for the last 40 years, may you rest in peace.


    Tina replied

    I agree also. Just as they killed off JR in Dallas when Larry Hagman passed, they should do the same with Catherine’s character now that Jeanne is gone. I can’t see anyone else playing these two icons. Maybe they’ll kill her off by saying she died in her sleep that night, after saying goodnight to Jill (and us). No excuses, just cut to the chase, since we all know she’d been sick for a while.

    RIP, sweet Duchess.


    Brenda W replied

    I agree, they should let her pass in her sleep. It was as if it was Goodnight to us all, so sad I cried. No one can ever take her place. RIP Mrs. C.

    Patty A replied

    I have watched Y & R from the beginning. I loved Catherine Chancellor and thought Jean Cooper was a terrific actress. She cannot be replaced, so please do not try. She is an icon for that soap and NO ONE can to the character as well as she did.
    We will miss you, Jean Cooper! RIP! God bless you!


    Linda B replied

    I also have watched this show for many years and cannot imagine another Katherine Chancellor .

    MBmomof3 replied

    I thought the same as the scene played out. She looked so frail as she ascended those stairs. Sweetly-sorrowful goodbye.


    Gloria replied

    I totally agree with you. It was a perfect ending to what Jill and Mrs. C had all those years. My heart is breaking knowing that we won’t be seeing Jeanne any longer. She has been my idol on the show. I adore her. A lot of the advice she has given to her co-workers on the show when they came to her, I actually understood a lot of them and turned around and gave the same advice to my family and friends. I am going to miss her terribly. It is going to be very difficult to watch the show which I have been watching since 1973 and not see the beautiful Mrs. C. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. Y & R has been family to all those who were cast in it and I am sure they are all having a hard time going on without her. RIP Jeanne. We love and miss you very much.


    Rick Salada replied

    Y&R hopefully will honor jeanne cooper with one week of shows when Katherine’s death hits Genoa city with Brock, Phillip, Mac , Nina, chance join murPhy, Jill , Nicki and the entire cast grieve. Hopefully filled with 40 years of flashbacks . Jill and Cain storyline will be meaty regarding chancellor. Wouldn’t be great if Brenda Dickson and Deborah Adair can make cameos as well?


    Brenda W replied

    I wish they would repeat that episode so I can record it cause I watched but didn’t record. I would love to watch it again & keep it. I will miss that mischievous laugh of hers.


    Betty G replied

    Do not replace Katherine, there was only one who could play that part and that was Jeanne Cooper. R.I.P. Dear Soul.


    Christina T. replied

    I have to agree. To recast after that non planned final scene “Good Night” she was able to shoot due to health and the unfortunate passing would just be in some way disrespectful. She is irreplaceable, and it made it that much more perfect that “Jill” was the only one in the scene with her. In some way Im sure fans felt that Good Night was to all of them as well. She will be be missed and never replaced in our hearts.


    Janice replied

    i agree do not re-cast, it was the perfect ending to a wonderful lady who will be truly missed by all her fans, let her go DO NOT RECAST PLEASE


    J. Massey replied

    The only person who could play Ms C is Joan Collins. I will truly miss Ms. C who was very elegant and a friend to all who watched Y&R. I had noticed how frail she was getting and her walk sometimes was a little wabbly.

    ibbeachnana replied

    Y&R owes Jean Cooper the honor of retiring “Kay” in all her glory and I believe that she “Kay” will somehow manage to handover the reins to Jill in spite of the current storyline with that boring, and unbelievable character Cain and while we are at it, can Lily leave yet? Most boring couple on Daytime TV …Goodnight Jean


    cathy replied

    It was beautiful and strange all at the same time. I saw when Jill was asking do u need help up the stairs, she was looking unusually thinner, and it felt genuine not acting. I loved that scene and their interaction. Being 51 yrs old I grew up with this show watching with my mom since I can remember. Mom is gone now. Then a couple days later I read mrs C has died and I cried for a while, saying what the hell happened. My heart goes out to all of us, and her family. I am so sorry for your loss. We have lost a true legend….


  2. Jorgeann says:

    This scene brought tears to my eyes. She looked so fragile. May she rest in peace.


    Linda replied



  3. patti says:

    i love mrs.C..I record it everyday and watch it several times..i would wonder how they are going to write catherine out of the show? i feel a memorial would be bring all the previous and new cast together..bring back brock
    catherine will b missed more then words can say


  4. Trapper says:

    Oh, that brings tears to the eyes. It so sad that we’ll never get to see her act again. And if we’re upset, I can’t even imagine how broken hearted her castmembers and family are.

    A truly great lady, a wonderful actor. We won’t see her like again.


  5. Debbie says:

    I cried through that whole show just knowing she was ill in real life. It seemed so fitting though. As it turned out to be her last scene, I guess it was meant to be.


  6. Mo says:

    Oh, so sad. I didn’t know that was her final scene. Glad I saw the ep. But I was hoping for some more episodes with her in them.


  7. sharon wolfram says:

    …………. i hope that Y/R does not recast this role. I believe all the fans want the character to be honored in a tribute likened to Lila Q on General hospital. It would only be fitting.


  8. Mary Anne Robertson says:

    LOVE IT !!!


  9. M. Gilbert says:

    The final scene seemed almost prophetic. It made me cry. Please, Please don’t recast her character. Let only Jeanne be Katherine Chancelor.


  10. BonnieJ says:

    that was sad seeing as what the future held, and fitting


  11. EventsDiva says:

    PLEASE DO NOT RECAST!!!!!!! There was only ONE DUCHESS!


  12. Pav says:

    What a perfect, poignant scene for such a wonderful lady. It made me weep. Goodbye, to the magnificent Jeanne Cooper, and her lovely character, Katherine Chancellor.


  13. jon says:

    I hope they do some kind of retrospective of Jeanne/Mrs C throughout the years. JFP probably won’t.


    Jovin replied

    JFP absolutely will. This woman knows her reputation in this industry, and has been working overtime NOT to offend or shock viewers of this show. There will be a huge elaborate tribute which Jeanna deserves, and I think JFP will produce the you-know-what out of it. JFP bashing is old news. Lol. She has done nothing wrong as EP. She has done nothing particularly right either, but staying the course and not rocking the boat is sometimes the better choice. Persoanlly, I have found myself wishing for some patented JFP sweeps stunts to ramp up the interest on this very boring show. I will be watching faithfully to watch how they deal with Jeanne‘s passing. I know it will be handled with class and tact.


  14. Rod says:

    What a beautiful final scene!!!!! RIP Jeanne Cooper you will be missed & NEVER forgotten


  15. Leslie says:

    This is so reminiscent of when John Ingle died. His last scenes were also very poignant and telling. You can’t help but think there is another hand in all of it.


    Lynn replied

    I totally agree, Leslie. If they do write in Katherine’s passing, they could do it like GH did Edward’s. The viewers never saw Edward only the characters such as Monica, Tracy and Michael saying their goodbyes. I had tears in my eyes watching Jeanne’s final scene. Such a grand lady.


    Jovin replied

    That is the hand of God Leslie. Things like that do not just happen for no reason. :)


    twocents replied

    You are so right.

  16. Judi says:

    It was a very sad scene. They could never recast Jeanne cooper she was one of a kind.


  17. ethel says:

    the day this segment aired i felt something so deep in my soul – i thought to my self what if this is jeanne’s last televised scene…………and i just started to cry.
    yes i could really fill the real love between these two women jumping off the screen – it was awesome!
    i have this saved to my computer…………….


  18. JudiMD says:

    Beautiful, yet hard to watch. Bless her heart; she knew.


  19. Cindy says:

    It was very beautiful, and yes, I’m sure we all felt it was her last scene.


  20. Robert says:

    I did not get to see this, I am so glad you posted this. Yes it was enough said between Katherine and Jill. Peace be with Jeanne, I will miss her as I have watched Y&R from day one with my Mom, she has since gone, but I still watch and look forward to many more days with you.


  21. Penny says:

    Could not have been written or acted any better. Let it be and give her a wonderful send off on the show. I cried like a baby.


  22. Cathi says:

    In that scene I don’t think it was the characters this was Jeanne and Jess saying good night and goodbye. Beautiful simple yet said volumes. A true classy lady who should be honored like John Ingles & Anna Lee were on General Hospital. Legacy.


  23. Carol Nardi says:

    I will miss the great Jeanne Cooper in this soap more than I can say. I watched today with hope that her passing would be addressed in some way either at the beginning or end of the show. In my opinion, it is time for an on air tribute not just tweets from fellow actors. I’m sure all the Y&R actors are mourning her passing but the writers should acknowledge her passing on air. I find this to be disrespectful to say the least!


    Mary SF replied

    I don’t think they were being disrespectful- right now, all people connected to the show are grieving they haven’t even buried her yet– I think they are too upset and too raw right now– give them time. I think it is a bit soon for them to do a tribute. Wouldn’t you rather see them do it properly and not rush it? Everyone knows she has passed- they don’t have to announce on air– and the tribute will come and it will meaningful and deeply respectful– so give them a break it just happened yesterday.


    Carol Nardi replied

    Perhaps just a short statement is what I meant and not a tribute show which I’m sure will follow. Not everyone who watches knows, remember the Y & R following is vast in nursing homes and hospitals and loyal fans could have missed the news postings. I have personally informed 3 fans that hadn’t heard. I just think an announcement would have been appropriate. Just my opinion.

    mary b replied

    i was wondering why no acknowledgement was made on the show today about mrs.cooper,i hope they are going to do something on air for her.she was a grand lady my husband and i loved her.the last part she played was as if it was meant for her to say goodbye


  24. Iakovos says:

    I do hope Y&R does the right thing in honor and memory of Jeanne Cooper and the character — Katherine Chancellor — she created and gave such life and evolution for 40 years!!!

    I believe JFP and Josh Griffith know full well the legacy of this actress and character and will celebrate both well. Sadly, it was only a few years ago, MAB engineered the mistaken death of Katherine and we had a big funeral. There likely will be another direction just as satisfying. And I can only imagine what thoughtful plotlines are unraveled with the passing of the character. That way, in daytime drama, characters can keep giving and entertaining even after they go.

    This is sad, as much as losing other veterans as John Ingle, Helen Wagner, Eileen Herlie, James Mitchell, and Frances Reid. These people truly are like family to us in the audience.


  25. Jovin says:

    It is so nice how these unplanned things sometimes turn out perfectly. That as the last scene for Jill And Katherine was perfect. It captured their relationship BRILLIANTLY without even really trying. There was the obvious affection between the women. There was Jill‘s little girl lost face not wanting to lose another mother figure. There was the awkward hesitation and both of them trying not to show too much emotion. There was Katherine‘s stubborn refusal of help from Jill to go up the stairs. As funny as their battle scenes were back in the day, I am SOOOOOO glad this was her last scene, instead of Jill railing at her calling her a “stubborn old fool“ or “miserable old lizard“. There will be plenty of flashback fodder! A very nice, dignified, symbolic ending for Jeanne and Katherine, and a special honour for Jill and Jess. It would be very nice if the soaps did not tape ahead, and it could be written so Katherine passed away in her sleep following that exchange with Jill, but I know that‘s not possible. I hope Jess is kept around to play out this next chapter in the story. And God Bless Jeanne and her family.


  26. Phoebe says:

    This really, really touched me. God Bless Everyone


  27. Brenda says:

    I felt the concern in Jill’s voice and have for a while you could tell she was worried even when she offered to help kathrine up the stairs I know all her Y&R Family are at a loss for words just as we all are she was and will always be a very important part of our lives


  28. toscanti says:

    It was beautifully written/acted and brought tears to my eyes. I am so sad that she is gone but thankful she is at peace. I hope Y&R gives her a fitting tribute.


  29. patty says:

    Very emotional for me but what a great ending for the both of them…I hope you do not replace her…….


  30. Terry says:

    This is the best sendoff that a great actress could ask for. Just let this be the last scene with Katherine / Jeanne. And give her the tribute she deserves.


  31. su0000 says:

    Jeanne and Katherine’s stairway to heaven ..


  32. heidi says:

    It actually is fitting… now that we know that will be the last time we see Jeanne as Katherine. I loved the scene with Jess/Jill! So sad to think we will not see Jeanne again. I will miss her as Katherine so much! Again my thoughts are with her family and hope she is at peace… but the idea that she could be an angel watching over Y&R is a good thought to hope for too!


  33. Marsha says:

    Katherine, I will miss seeing you on the Y&R, But you are at rest now. May GBU & your family. I am glad it ended this way with Jill and Mrs. Chancelor also. There was a since of peace in that scene, wasn’t there? I am saddened that there won’t be anymore scenes with Katherine in them. I hope she isn’t replaced either. To me, there IS NO REPLACEMENT for her. R.I.P <3 We love you


  34. Blake says:

    Thank you for including this clip Michael, I have been wanting to see their final scene. It does seem that the actors knew that would probably their (and Jeanne’s) final scene. How great that they were able to do t hat, and it’s so fitting that they had the final scenes with Jill and Catherine. As it should be!


  35. Bart says:

    A very fitting and final scene for Jeanne/Katherine – I watched it again here at work…

    They won’t recast the role – I’m sure JFP and JG will have Katherine pass away in her sleep and put together a nice show honoring not only Katherine but Jeanne Cooper as well – SHE CAN NEVER, EVER BE REPLACED!!

    IMO, Katherine’s passing will no doubt create great story for “Y & R”!


  36. Dewanna says:

    What a fitting last sign – I hope they do a special show in tribute to the wonderful contributions she made to our world and the world of the Y&R. There’s not an actress out there who could fill her shoes – recast is surely out of the question. I do hope they have a beautiful funeral – even though there’s much closure in this final espisode.


  37. Jackie says:

    It was a very touching scene and yes it did give you the impression that they had settled their differeces, It did bring tears to my eyes especially watching it now knowing that she has truly passed. She is going to be missed by so many people. She has touched so many in the years that she has been on the show.. Love you Mrs. C and may God be with you….. bless you…… and keep you in his arms.. <3


  38. Juliann Gardner says:

    Jeanne was brilliant and will be truly missed, no one could ever fill her shoes. I thought the scenes between Jess/ Jill and Jeanne/ Katherine were fun to watch. Rest in peace and Thank you for bringing an amazing character to an awesome soap.


  39. Jan Maloney says:

    Katherine’s last scene was very moving. Jeanne Cooper was a truly remarkable actress and will be missed by all Y&R fans and colleagues. Sincerest Sympathy to her loving family and cast members. Jeanne is a new star in heavenly host.



  40. Juliann Gardner says:

    Jeanne was amazing, she was made to play Katherine, she will be missed. Thank you for playing this great character on an awesome soap. No one could fill her shoes. Watching scenes between her and Jill were sometimes comical and other times very heartfelt. Jeanne God Bless and Thank you!!


  41. cmaglaughlin says:

    They already knew her time was short. Whatever she had(infection?)must have been nasty. I don’t think Jeanne would approve of canning Murphy, Esther and Jill, who have no reason to be there but for a Ms. Chancellor. I say RECAST with a younger actress, but made up to be Katherine’s age. Katherine is too much involved in everyone’s life to NOT be re-cast. Are you going to ask and pay everyone to re-write, re-memorize and re-shoot everything “in the can” already? It’s NO slight to re-cast her. It’s entertainment. The show MUST go on. A new Katherine would be a living legacy for all fellow actors and fans of Y&R. Those who disagree…are you looking through the wrong end of the telescope? Jeanne might have hand picked her replacement before she passed, for all we know!


    Mary SF replied

    Murphy was hardly seen and I think even if Jeanne had lived his days would have been numbered on that show. As for Jill she was a full character in her own right before becoming Mrs Chancellor’s aid and sleeping with Phillip her husband- so I don’t think they need to write out Jill, just because Katherine is gone. As for Esther, a few years back when they did a fake death of Katherine, Esther inherited half the house- don’t see why that can’t still be- causing conflict with Jill– plus Esther still has a connection to GC in her daughter Chloe and granddaughter. Or there are other rich residents that could take Esther as their maid if they wanted her to stay a maid. There are some characters that should not be recast and Katherine Chancellor is one of them– the character’s death will change the landscape of GC, but death in real life does that- so I think most fans will not want the role recast- and it doesn’t mean all the characters connected to her will no longer be necessary if she wasn’t recast


    cmaglaughlin replied

    “Most fans” can’t even name our Vice President(neither can he)! You don’t want the show to turn into a deluge of Katherine flashbacks, especially now where the drama between so many is coming to a head. Common sense would dictate who stays and who goes. I’ve been watching for 37 years. Because Jeanne played the character so well, she has set the bar high for anyone else to compare. But if you want to do a little teary eyed funeral and a few episodes to commemorate her passing instead of a living legacy of another carrying on Jeanne Cooper’s great contribution on a weekly basis, then pray for “no re-cast”, and she’ll be forgotten sooner than last week’s 15000 stock market high!

    Patrick replied

    the one way i liken a recast…. as ok…. is if they hire some other person from a R.I.P…. series..

    like Marj Dusay. Alexandra Spaulding, GL
    like Victoria Windham. Rachel Corey, AW
    like Elizabeth Hubbard. Lucinda Walsh, ATWT

    i’m sure there are more wonderful talents to consider

    with all due respect.

    Jeanne Cooper knows the ins and outs of the business.

  42. christine burr says:

    I can’t believe this, i just can’t. she was a staple in the show, like ice cream and cake at a birthday party. you must publish thewhole rsults. what was wrong. The show will never be the same. I will always cherish the show and her in it. I loved her like as if I was there as my Grandmother and I would have been honored to play a part in the soap. God Bless.


  43. Belle says:

    When I saw that scene of Mrs. C. I nevered dreamed that was her last appearence. What a preformance. Will miss you fine lady, and may you be at peace with your God.


  44. Mark Y says:

    I recognize the significant contribution Jeanne Cooper has made to daytime and she should be recognized for it. However, I’ve only watched Y&R for a few years and I am not so invested in her character. Except for one critical point – Katharine is Victor’s only friend. He turns on his wives, he turns on his kids, but not Kay. Victor needs Kay in his life to give him an opportunity at redemption after each dirty deed. In a world of characters coming and going, rising from the dead and recasts, please recast Kay.


    k/kay replied

    No Mark their are some characters that just can’t be replaced JC is KC check on you tube for some old scenes of Katherine I do not think even EB or anyone else would want a recast. When Douglas Watson/Mac Cory on AW died unexpectedly they just wrote in that he died while out of town. No actress would want to fill those shoes. RIP my lovely Jeanne!


  45. Charlie Bradley says:

    It was indeed heartbreaking to watch–every time I watch it I cry all over again. I hope that Y&R will address the passing of Jeanne Cooper with the passing of Katherine and not recast the character. NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE could EVER fill the shoes left behind by Jeanne Cooper! P.S. I also watched the video interview you did with her last year…I laughed and cried seeing it too!


  46. PAULA says:

    so heartbreaking heartwrenching beyond words that I cant even speak of, but I have a ? are they gonna keep her iconic opening on the show


  47. kathleen mary williams says:

    to jeanne coopers family so very very sorry you lost this great lady she could have been a priority movie star but chose my favorite soap. she should be on the hollywood walk she has passed her actions and chin line on to corbin i am not familiar with her other two children but i am sure they share some of their great ladies qualities also she is e so rare love her and will miss her i felt very strongly that she was trying to let her fans know that she may be goin on her heavenly journey. she had great foretho ught and such a beautiful voice sometimes in h er scenes it would like she was looking right at you love to all of you a fan since 1973 xoxoxoxoxox cadillac, michigan kitten, alias kitten on the keys xooxxoxo


  48. Deborah says:

    Yes … Yes .. Yes … I knew when I saw it! The tears Jill was fighting back, Katerhine clearing her throat when Jill asked if she wanted help and her words to the fans “I think I can manage … Goodnight.” She alwasy said in interviews she looked to see if she was going up the stairs, because “I can’t come down any older!” and that always got a laugh. She also said, “you don’t want to go up the stairs in daytime, ’cause you might never come back down.” So when I saw that scene… I knew she was letting us know she was leaving. While she could have come back as a ghost, like John from time to time, I beleive she knew she would leave the show soon. Now forever. I pray Y&R does not recast her character. I hope they install a huge portrait of her over the fireplace at the Chancellor mansion, and I dearly hope they have a weeklong funeral with old memebrs of the cast recounting stories and flashbacks of her greatest scenes. She could have had a complication from her recent show surgery, and went in her sleep, but she was KATHERINE CHANCELLOR and deserves, we all do, a tribute befitting the Duchess of Daytime! God Love her, we do!


  49. JoAnn says:

    Agree the last sence with Jill next sence she passed in her sleep and have a grand old service. all the trimmings Tears, JoAnn


  50. Martha Peterson says:

    I have watched the show since I ways 15 years old and I am 63 now. I have always l loved watching Jeanne Cooper in the role of Katherine Chancelor.


    Martha Peterson replied

    She was a great lady off and on Y and R won’t be the same without her. I send my prayers to the cast of Y and R and to Ms. Coopers family and friend


    franzilla replied

    Your math is just a little off. If you started watching since the shows beginning and you were 15 at that time you would now be 55. Y&R has been on air for 40yrs.


  51. Jake says:

    Watching that scene last week gave me a feeling that Mrs. C was leaving the show. Now after hearing of her passing and watching the scene again – Wow, incredible. There’s no recast. There’s only one Catherine…..


  52. Patrick says:

    1.Give (someone) the courage or confidence to do something or to behave in a certain way.
    2.Cause (a piece of text) to appear in a bold typeface.

    encourage – hearten – nerve

    This is the one word i choose to celebrate Jeanne Cooper.

    She fully embodied her passion…be it professional…as a single mother… in her personal life… lauding people to take your place in this world.

    courageous… she’s spirited… she exposed her being. She triumphed this profession for decades… along with her brood… she faught… willed herself at/with.

    I can’t help but know… we’ve lost a pioneer… an advocate of sharing our lot. She believed with all her might that we’re all created with our own energies. she fought that we channel our energies with true conviction.

    I cried….

    God Bless you Jeanne Cooper… the Ms’.
    Thank you for sharing your spirit…. you understood most. you waited for us… and you likened with.


  53. Laura spitz says:

    I knew something was wrong with that scene, It was not just acting, it was pure worry and love , especially for Jess. Jeanne Cooper can not be replaced, she was the best!!


  54. loretta mckay says:

    yes I feel like Jill loved mrs. chancellor she will be so very much missed. god bless her.


  55. kathy calandrino says:

    I have watched this so many times and it allways makes me cry i knew that day that it was her last. You are in peace and pain free Mrs. C, I will miss you,

    My sympathy to the family and I am keeping you in my prayers. God Bless you all

    Your mother was a Queen to me.


  56. Missy says:

    That was such a remarkable moment. Two people who were for the most part at each others throats on a typical day, so tender at that time. It is as if they both knew it would be their final scene together. Jess had big tears in her eyes, and the hesitation on Katherine’s part says “yes, help me.” Jeanne and Katherine will be so sadly missed by so many. Y&R will not be the same.


  57. James says:

    That last scene between Jeanne and Jess was one of the best I have ever seen. I watched the show since I was a little boy and got to witness their relationship come full circle. I had a huge lump in my throat as I watched because I had a feeling it was her last. What a wonderful woman; rest in peace Ms. Cooper!

    I’ve read that they don’t plan to recast the role of Katherine and I would expect a huge funeral with the return of many past cast members. I will be shcoked if we don’t atleast see Brock, Mack, Nina, Chance, and possibly even Amber and Eric Forrester.


  58. Stephanie schneider says:

    It is not easy to let go of anyone who is passing.
    Especially one like Mrs J (Mrs Chancellor) It is as if our own family member has left us.
    We must continue to remember she has gone home to a “perfect healing & to be with God”.
    WE are human & that is why we are so sad in the loss.Let us lift the family up in that special way & to allow them to heal & may all of our thoughts & prayers & remembrance help them in their loss too.
    As I have said before..Mrs C was everything to everyone! (mom-sis-boss-grand lady-she was my nana- But most of all she is now “In the hands of God & the Angels”.
    I can’t think of a replacement now…I feel it just wouldn’t be acceptable to allow someone else to take the place of the Duchess.
    She was the one & only Duchess!!!!
    I pray that she is given the most beautiful send off.
    After all that is what any family member wants to see….is the best for her.
    This could be a wonderful time to allow Nickki to know she was a daughter to the duchess.
    I’ve cried several times during this past week, & I truely believe she was like my very own family. Lord make a room for this wonderful woman we called friend-mom-and even more.
    She will not be forgotten by us!


  59. Donna Newman says:

    My guess is that she could be replaced by replaced my Michele Learned..(mom of old Waltons show)..if not they will replace her with someone else..Lots of characters came and went over the years. The 2 basic ones that stayed were Her Jeanne Copper and Eric Braeden-Victor

    The show people should regroup and get totally new people to allow new people to be on TV <:)


  60. Bonnie Meyer says:

    I feel as though a member of my family died. What a gal to have acted right until the end. I will miss her and hope they have a wonderful tribute to her.


  61. tracy-e says:

    she ireplaceable they cant replace her on the show jeanne was y&r i had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago and she was every bit the lady youd think she was rest in peace mrs c youll be dearly missed


  62. Dottie says:

    To the family of Jeanne Cooper what a great lady. To her children my deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother. To Jess and the young and restless family, i watched her last episode. We should respect whatever decision is made about her tv character. What did she want?


  63. Janis says:

    Jeanne Cooper has been a part of my life for 40 years, I am very sad and feel that I’ve lost a family member. My deepest condolences to her family and tv “family”. I too hope they honor her by not recasting, but letting Katherine go gracefully.


  64. Janet Cosby says:

    To Family & Friends,
    Soo sorry for your loss.
    Knew her through Young & Restless.
    But LOVED her. big loss for all that loved her.


  65. Tami Larkins says:

    I have watched Jeanne and my Y&R family since I was 16. I am now 53 and will miss her face, her smile and her strength as part of my day. Thank you for all the great things you did and represented to your fans…Sleep in peace Dutchess.


  66. acccording2denus says:

    She is The Greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  67. M. Lewis says:

    I will really miss Katherine on the show. Her strength and spirit cannot be mattched. She was the “glue” on the show. Everyone paused when Katherine was around. What a Classy Lady.


  68. Nate Castro says:

    I just saw the final scene. You could not have asked for a more fitting moment. Don’t touch it and leave it and the character as is! Fate created this scene and could not have been more perfect! DO NOT mess it up with some cheesy ending! Let it be! :)


  69. Isabel says:

    I was just surfing the net when I found out that Ms Jeanne Cooper passed away. What a shock. I used to watch Young & Restless and she was my favourite actress. I still watch periodically but surf the net more to fiind out what’s happening to the actors amd actresses of different shows I like. I agree with a lot of the people on this blog you cannot recast Ms Cooper, there is no one who can take her place no matter how good they are. She was an icon of the show, she made that part hers and she was excellent at it. The last parting of her and Jill is very poignant to what once was their relationship and to the end of an elegant lady that Ms Cooper was.


  70. Lori says:

    I have watched this over and over. What a beautiful touching scene. Please, let this be what it is for these two and for us, a beautiful respectable perfect ending for an icon. Go on peace mrs. C


  71. Roma Brooks says:

    I live in South Australia, Australia and haven’t been able to watch Young & Restless since it was taken off free to air television. During the years I was able to watch I did enjoy Jeanne Cooper in her role. I thought she was a very good actress. My sympathies go to all her family. It is just so sad.


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