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6 March 28th, 2014 Jeff Branson To Appear in Lifetime’s ZOE GONE This Saturday!


Missing Daytime Emmy winner Jeff Branson from his roles as Ronan Malloy on The Young and the Restless or Shayne Lewis on Guiding Light?

Well, tomorrow night, Branson is co-starring in a new Lifetime movie entitled Zoe Gone which airs at 8PMEST on Lifetime!

According to CBS Soaps In Depth, who spoke with the talented Branson,”It ‘s about Jennifer, a 16-year-old girl who has a baby (Zoe) with the support of her boyfriend, but the pressure is too much for him and he runs away. Her mother is a divorcée who’s got a boyfriend, which is where I come in.  He’s the guy who wanted the woman, but not necessarily the child, but took on the role of helping to raise her anyway. But when his gal becomes a grandmother, that wasn’t in his plan. There are some moments of him not understanding and lashing out a bit.”

Later Baby Zoe goes missing! “That kicks in the young lady’s maternal instincts,” Branson relates. “Then the storyline becomes about finding the baby and Jennifer proving to herself the mother that she can be.”

There is more on the horizon for Branson with upcoming roles in Perception and NCIS, but the question remains, will Y&R ever bring back Jeff to Genoa City?  He might make a good on-screen romantic partner for Cady McClain’s upcoming recast of Kelly!  Thoughts?  Comment below!

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  1. Mama says:

    Whew! That was a close one. For a moment there I was scared I was going to read that Ronan was coming back to Genoa City to help Jack grieve over Ol’ Red.

    And the tremendous love between she and Jack. Yawn.


    Kim Huck replied

    Love and miss Ronan


    Kim Huck replied

    Ronan would be great if they let Amber or Drucilla come back. All three need to come back


    Ella Brown replied

    Id love for Ronan to come back and have a relationship with New Kelly or Hilary. I never like him with that Phyllis. He was a great . Thanks for the article and news on the show he will be in. I think Chloe was excellent with Chance or Ronan also. To bad she is leaving she is a sweet and sad for her she lost Dee Dee.


  2. Mary SF says:

    Love the actor but his character on Y&R was badly handled– so unless they can define the character better, give him a solid story with some legs Ronan is better off canvas than on. I could see them bringing him back for a short stint as a means to usher Chloe off the show. She could run off with him, leaving Kevin and all her sad memories behind. But I highly doubt either a long or short stint is in the cards. I think Ronan and his family, Nina and Chance are a thing of the past, or until new management and writers come in.

    As for Kelly, I think they already said she will be paired with Jack — don’t know if they ever planning on recasting Phyllis but right now it looks like Kelly is evolving into leading lady status, filling the void of the strong, but flawed woman that Phyllis once had.


    Monica Junge replied

    Mary, I agree w/everything you wrote regarding Nina and her sons. Also I think Cady could have replaced Phyllis but replacing Kelly tells me she’s taking that status Phyllis had. Cady is such a winning actress.


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