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14 October 29th, 2014 Jeff Schroeder & Jordan Lloyd, and Donny Thompson,Talk Engagements and Halloween As Big Brother Invades The Bold and the Beautiful!

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Halloween comes to The Bold and the Beautiful on two episodes starting tomorrow Thursday, October 30th, and then on Halloween day itself on Friday, October 31st when the CBS soap opera treats viewers to a special fright night themed episode featuring 13 former Big Brother Houseguests!

During the episodes, series regulars Scott Clifton (Liam) and Ashleigh Brewer (Ivy) embark on a new romance while attending the annual Halloween party at Bikini Beach.  Lawrence Saint Victor (Carter) and costume clad “Big Brother 16” fan favorite Donny Thompson will also be there to celebrate the holiday.  In addition, Season 16 Houseguests: Amber Borzotra, Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Zach Rance, Caleb Reynolds,  Devin Shepard, Hayden Voss and past Big Brother favorites Jordan Lloyd, Rachel Reilly, Jeff Schroeder, Elissa Slater and Brendon Villegas will appear.  Throughout the Halloween-themed shows, Big Bro’s Donny will make multiple costume changes in an homage to the running story of his fellow Houseguests attempting to guess what his real occupation was during the past season of the reality competition series!

On-Air On-Soaps had the opportunity to sit down and chat with America’s Favorite Houseguest Donny Thompson, as well as real-life lovebirds  Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd! Interestingly enough, in real-life Donny became engaged to his sweetheart Kristine, and so too did Jeff and Jordan, and all this happened in the last month and a half!


So what did Donny think about being evicted? Being America’s Favorite houseguest?  No one figuring out he was a groundskeeper in real life … and his soap role on The Bold and the Beautiful?  Read on to find out!

Then, Jeff and Jordan share the behind the scenes  of their engagement which was five years in the making! And Jeff shares how the duo love to come back for Halloween episodes of B&B, and more! Below are some excerpts from our chitchat.



DONNY ON IF HE HAD ANY CONCEPT HOW POPULAR HE HAD BECOME ON BIG BROTHER:  I had no earthly idea.  I went into this house thinking I would be the oldest fella and they might target me early, because I was old and they did target me early, but it was not because I was old.   They thought I was a professor, or somebody I wasn’t.  I didn’t even know about it to start with – all the things everyone in the house thought I was.  I did not even know I was a target until Devin woke me up in the middle of the night, and told me I was the target! So when I got out of the Big Brother house, and I found out that America loved me, I was shocked because I really wasn’t verbal, and I really wasn’t loud, and I did not feel like stole the show or nuthin’.

DONNY ON HIS ENGAGEMENT:  I got engaged to Kristine and she wanted to go to Las Vegas the weekend following the Big Brother conclusion, and get married.  I hadn’t even seen my family following this experience.  So, I thought to go back home and tell everyone we got married would be weird.  But hey!  They put me on Big Brother for a reason, and I have persuaded her to wait a little bit, but we are engaged.


DONNY ON WHAT HE THOUGHT WHEN HE GOT A PART ON THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL:  I was thinking, Why me?  It was very emotional because I just had been evicted by my Team America buddies that early in the show, and it broke my heart that they would rather do a play, then to keep me to earn $5,000.

DONNY ON HIS ROLE ON THE HALLOWEEN EPISODES OF B&B: I am playing Mr. Liam Spencer’s employee, so there is a little office scene where I invited him to the Bikini Bar office party, and then there is the scene at the party.  When I met Scott Clifton, and we ran through a couple of lines together, I couldn’t remember my first line, as it was overwhelming!  I think when I got on set it was a bit more natural for me.



JEFF ON HOW HIS LONG-AWAITED ENGAGEMENT TO JORDAN PLAYED OUT:  When we recently got engaged, I wasn’t trying to steal thunder and step on any toes, but there was a little pressure from my fiancée. It has been five years and I had not proposed, but we weren’t rushing anything to be in front of the cameras, and we would go at our own pace.  Finally, now was the time! The producers always asked me if and when I was going to propose, and so I said this was the year.  I proposed on September 5th, and it aired on Sunday, September 7th. Jordan thought we were going to CBS to host a competition, and that is how I got her there. CBS went the whole nine yards, sent emails and said, “Here are your scripts” and what to wear, everything so she would not know what was going to happen.

JORDAN ON GIVING JEFF A HARD TIME ABOUT NOT GETTING ENGAGED PRIOR TO THE WEEK OF THE PROPOSAL:   I feel bad now, because the week before he proposed, I was like, “Listen! I am breaking up with you, if you don’t do anything.”  And, I thought he was cheating!  He changed the password on his iPad, his phone would ring and he would flip it over, and the day he went to get the ring he was like gone for four hours!  Then, I call my mom, and my mom already knows that Jeff is going to propose.  So there I am talking to her for about an hour going, “Mom, Jeff’s cheating! I know he is!”(Laughs) I felt so bad.


JEFF ON HOW HIS INITIAL BIG BROTHER EXPERIENCE HAS LED HIM TO FIND LOVE, BECOME A HOST, AND APPEAR ON THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: When I got on Big Brother, I wasn’t going on the show to find my future wife, which I found, and I thought nobody was watching this show, and then we got on The Bold and the Beautiful, and then things progressed to Amazing Race and then Big Brother, and then a bunch of shows I did on, and then we did a few together, and then now I am doing hosting for all of CBS Interactive and I love it.

JEFF ON WHAT HE AND JORDAN WILL BE DRESSED AS FOR THE HALLOWEEN EPISODES OF THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: I love costumes because the first time I got on The Bold and the Beautiful we had 80’s costumes and Jordan’s hair was all big!  I love getting in costume!  We don’t have a costume unfortunately this year, they just told us to be in beach wear.   Cody … I am sure …will have his shirt off, though! (Laughs)

Now below watch behind the scenes of the Big Brother invasion to The Bold and the Beautiful when they taped the Halloween episodes!  Then, let us know what you thought of Jeff and Jordan’s engagement story, Donny’s engagement story, and if you will be watching the CBS soap for all the trick or treat fun!

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  1. Marcie says:

    Loved the article about Jeff & Jordan’s engagement stories. Thanks so much Michael for sharing. Will you be posting any video of the interview, too?


  2. Rhonda Varney says:

    Loved Jeff and Jordan’s proposal…it was beautiful…Although I do not personally know these two I watched the love story five years ago when it began, and knew these two had something very special….I wish them all the happiness in the world…And of coarse I will be watching the Halloween shows I would never miss anything these two are on..


  3. Deena Jakes says:

    Donny was a pleasure to watch on BB and I’m happy for his engagement to Kristine. I have loved Jeff and Jordan since BB11 and am extremely happy for their engagement. They always handle themselves with class in whatever they do. They deserve much success and happiness. Can’t wait to see them on B & B again. Anytime I can watch them on tv or the web is a treat!!!


  4. Cheryllo1 says:

    Thanks so much for this article! I’ve loved Jeff and Jordan since they appeared on Big Brother. I’ve supported EVERYTHING they do. It’s so nice to hear about their engagement. I’ll definitely watch Bold and Beautiful Thursday and Friday to see Jeff and Jordan. Thanks so much for being so good to them! They’re one in a million!


  5. Peggy W. says:

    I have loved Jeff & Jordan’s love story since it began on BB11. We fans have been privileged to ‘watch’ them from time to time thanks to CBS and there are many of us who feel totally invested in them as a couple. Watching their engagement on air was wonderful as we saw them come full circle from meeting in that BB house to getting engaged there. We can’t help but hope their wedding will also be televised on CBS….but not in the BB House. LOL! Of course I will be watching the special Halloween episodes on Bold&Beautiful because I will again get to see Jeff and Jordan. I will ALWAYS be watching each and every time one or both of them are on air or on the web.


  6. Jo Durham says:

    Watched Big Brother 11 and became a Jeff & Jordan fan for life, they were so entertaining, sweet and comfortable in their skins. I think they are destined for big things, that will be my prayer for them.


  7. jenn eddins says:

    I love this couple and watched them fall in love and become engaged. They are so perfectly suited for one another. They are beautiful to look at, but more importantly, they have hearts of gold.


  8. Peggy says:

    Will be watching for sure! Love Jeff and Jordan.


  9. Mary says:

    What a great article about my favorite couple Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd!! I have watched Jeff an Jordan’s relationship grow and develop from the very beginning and it was so obvious to me as well as to many, that these two were destined to be together. I had tears in my eyes when Jeff proposed and I couldn’t be more happier for the two of them! These two are such good, decent, funny and genuine people who when put together in front of a camera, make TV magic happen! I just can’t get enough of them! That’s why I am soooooo excited about their return to the Bold And The Beautiful..It was way over due! Thank you Michael for the wonderful article about America’s Sweethearts. I hope you continue to share more with us!


  10. Peggy says:

    Will be watching to see my favorites, Jeff and Jordan! Love watching Donny


  11. Leigh says:

    Jeff and Jordan are so cute and genuine, which is so rare these days.


  12. Rhonda Johnson Burt says:

    Any show Jeff and Jordan are on, you can count me in!! I just love them to pieces! This is an added bonus with my favorite BB 16 player Donny! I’ll be watching and knowing me, I’ll keep it on my DVR for a l o n g time! Thanks Michael for this article! As Jeff would say, “I appreech!”


  13. MBmomof3 says:

    Sorry, but they were awful. I’ve just started to watch B&B (mostly for Sean Kanan & Rena Sofer) and if I hadn’t seen the show before I wouldn’t turn it on again after Thursday’s episode. Never got the appeal of Big Brother.


  14. Elite Advisors says:

    Heard of Big Brother…zero interest….I am obviously in the minority as I have no idea who these kids are and have no idea why they are on B&B…but glad some of the B&B fans get it…LOL… I do not. :)


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