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18 November 4th, 2014 Jeffrey Christopher Todd Cast As Ashley’s Lab Tech Tobias On The Young and the Restless!


Things will certainly be picking up in Ashley’s  (Eileen Davidson) fragrance lab in Genoa City!  Awhile back, we reported that The Young and the Restless put out a casting call for a quirky, yet underhanded lab tech, named Tobias!  Well, the number one soap has found their man in actor Jeffrey Christopher Todd!

According to CBS Soaps In Depth, Todd has been cast as the new guy who will mix it up with Ashley and perhaps previously announced Gwen, when he begins airing in his recurring role on December 5th!

Todd has appeared in Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place and ABC Family’s Switched At Birth among other numerous film, television and stage credits.

So, ready for some Tobias on Y&R?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    He looks somewhat like CD who played Chad at Days and probably couldve done well in that part but d.g.m.w. i do like nuChad who is Dimera-ish…sorry to slightly get off topic…he’ll probably be interested in Summer???


    PV Jr. replied

    I like nuChad (Billy Flynn) too. He reminds me of a young Nicolas Cage. No one can replace James Scott, but Billy Flynn, if given the correct scene partner, will help fill the void.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    PV, he does look like N.C.,…i didnt notice at first til you mentioned it and when i checked him out again i did notice the resembalance!!!

    Harry replied

    Jim, I am hoping he would be interested in Mariah. I honestly find Summer to be incredibly boring despite the infinite ongoing speculation about her paternity.
    I like the kid’s looks–he is handsome without being cookie cutter perfect–he’s unique looking.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    It could happen, Harry…but i actually like Kevin with Mariah…instant chemistry…jmo!!!

  2. Reagan says:

    I kind of wanted Bradford (Spinelli, GH) but figured it would be a no go. Too many were expecting it and upset that Jill was bringing over GH people like Burton. As an actor, I would think Bradford would want to try different types of roles. Not familiar with this guy, which for me personally gives me a “blah” as there are so many out of work soap actors that I like. Having said that, he looks cute and I can’t judge him or the role till I see it. Hope YR doesn’t keep going the direction of Days w/ the new characters, but maybe this one will turn out good.


  3. Timmm says:

    I guess if Gwen is quirky it could be a cute romance but other than that he probably wont have a major impact on the show.


  4. Johnny says:

    This guy is very cute and boyish, just like me. But I am way cuter and I have full lips and a nice smile. Hope this new dude can act, I wish him the very best in his new soap role.


  5. Mark says:

    I hear wedding bells for him and Kevin !!!!!!


  6. Patrick says:

    I’m disappointed to read that Trent Dawson, ex-Henry from ATWT didn’t get it….

    he would have been PERFECT with Ashley…. light, comedic, turn for turn he’d a brung it

    I could have imagined him even with Gloria !!!! LOL
    and Ashley
    and Victoria

    just studly with comical : daresay HE did romance BIG with Babs…

    speaking of ATWT : ex-Meg… starred in Salem yesterday ( DAYS)…. she looked smoking HOT with Daniel Cosgrove’ Aiden


    Mark replied

    Smeg doesn’t do anything for me not on ATWT and not on days


  7. su0000 says:

    Y&R.. It is being recreated, into what??
    Gwen, Todd , Joe , Sage , and ..?
    not to mention;
    Maureen, new Kelly, Austin
    New Billy, New Phyllis, New Adam ..
    New head writer Pratt ..

    I hardly realize Y&R– this past year has been horrible..


    Harry replied

    GH is being recreated into what?
    New: Sabrina, Brittney Rosalie, Jordan, Dr. O, Madeline, Nina, Ava, Kiki, Silas, mini characters such as Spencer, Cameron , Emma and Josselyn.
    Recasts: Jason and Franco
    I hardly recognize GH.

    Su00, I am not saying your complaint is without merit, but I am saying you seem to be employing a double standard. When folks complained about GH’s bloated cast you defended it again and again by saying that change is good, that it’s exciting, and that the veterans needed a break. And Y&R has not been horrible–it is getting better. Certainly there is room for improvement on both Y&R and GH.


  8. Alan says:

    Hey Y&R — you know what would be super cool? If you wrote story for the core characters instead of bringing on more new people.

    Just sayin’…


  9. Mary SF says:

    Perhaps he will be involved in selling lab secrets to Jabot competition– or better yet use the new fragrance to attract girls who scorned him in the past to like him.


  10. mrsnoahdrake says:

    I had also expected to hear that Bradford Anderson would get the role being a FOJ and a close friend of Steve Burton’s.
    Yes, way too many characters on Y&R.
    This used to be the show that kept its vets and had them front and center.


  11. Mark says:

    I like the guy who plays noah why can’t he be Ashley’s lab guy he needs a real story all he does is recap it’s too bad he’s cute too


  12. davlestev1 says:

    Y&R’s Brad(GH)..A new character that’s most likely gay and a bit skeevie…the question is…who will he go after??? And why does he look like Daniel?? Did Daniel go off and Daisy cut his face up and he had reconstructive surgery and lost his memory??? LOL!!!


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