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25 January 3rd, 2014 Jen Lilley and Meredith Scott Lynn Present “The Days Of Our Lives Rap” With Very Special Guests!


Got to hand it to the talented and hilarious ladies of Days of our Lives, Jen Lilley (Theresa) and Meredith Scott Lynn (Anne), who conceived, executed, and starred in this musical video romp, The Days of our Lives Rap!

Jen and Meredith go all gansta-rap on us in this video with musical samplings of Justin Timberlake’s “Sexy Back” an 50 Cent’s’ “In Da Club”!  And they give an update and story recap of some of the most memorable storylines and moments from the past year and up to today!

Special guests include: Alison Sweeney (Sami), and many of the behind-the-scenes personnel at DAYS studio at NBC!

After the jump watch Jen and Meredith perform The Days of our Lives Rap and let us know what part was the funniest to you?

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  1. Jayx says:

    That was great!


  2. Mark says:



  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Days Anne needs a backstory…to tell the real reason why she hates the Horton family…there has got to be more than simply jealousy. I like to think that Anne is really Annie Peters…daughter of Susan Martin and Eric Peters(these 1970s Days characters had a daughter named Annie who was named after Erics mother…originally Susan was married to Erics brother Greg and Susan originally believed Eric had raped her when they met in a park ect. ect.) Well, i like to believe Anne is their grown up daughter Annie…before arriving in Salem, Annies father Eric was operated on by Dr. Bill Horton(off camera in another town) and Eric died during surgery. Annie was very close to her father and was devastated by his death…she wanted revenge. She and Bill never met…she blamed him for her fathers death so she decided to take her grudge out on Bill’s family…she moved to Salem calling herself Anne and gets a job at the hospital where she decides to destroy the Hortons good name at the hospital and in Salem. And because Jen is the daughter of Bill and works at the hospital, Anne/Annie decides to begin her revenge by going after the daughter of the man she believes is responsible for her fathers death!!! just an idea!!!


    4everDAYS replied

    This is the truth: I also thought she should be the daughter of Susan Martin. I was not watching all those years ago, but I do know a lot about the history. I’ve seen pictures of the actress and know she was on GH also and AW. Anne resembles her. I would not be surprised if this comes to fruition!

    Send some writing samples to Corday Productions!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I watched Days from the beginning. Denise Alexander played Susan on Days, Lesly on GH and Mary on AW in the 1980s…When Susan left Days for GH actress Bennye Gatteys played Susan…the late Stanley Kamel played Eric but i believe he didnt originate the role…i could be wrong!!! Loving Days at the moment…

    Mo replied

    She hates Jen because she thinks Jen gets away with stuff because she’s a Horton. Truth be told, Jen does seem to leave work a lot.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I know that part but Anne still needs a backstory…there has got to be more than just hating Jen because she’s a Horton and gets away with stuff…something like i suggested would make her more interesting by tieing her in to the shows rich history, especially if she was the daughter of Susan Martin who was once a rival of a Horton…Julie Olsen-Banning- Anderson-Williams-Williams! With their often confrontations at the hospital you’d think both would be fired by now even if Jen is a Horton…lol

  4. Jen Lilley says:

    Thanks for posting Michael! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad this made you giggle :)


    4everDAYS replied

    I love your work, Jen!!! I love Theresa and I’m hoping Charlotte Ross comes back as Eve!!! I also loved your scenes with your DAYS parents!!! Are you allowed to tell us anything regarding Theresa’s future?

    You ladies rocked it!!!


    Patrick replied

    well said @4

    Theresa and Anne are a welcome respite for humor… till the collectively talon their feline claws and clamp the beasts


    I love their humor… the effervescent quality they reel

    stimuli through the roof….

    I so hope.. DOOL fleshes out, both their characters… PLEASE bring back Charlotte Ross … as Eve… and it’s a MUST to parlay, how effective and heart simmering love for Shane and Kimberly… must have and must see this family

    @JimH “you” rock it.. bring it on home…. I’m impressed with your take, that Anne could be connected to DAYS past… in such a big way… ie: that Anne could be… and should be… the daughter of Susan Martin

    Impressive what you and others.. bring to our canvas…

    LOL… love this 5th soapee

    these ladies I LOVE

    Patrick replied

    I love how the writers are still “foreplaying” JJ and Theresa

    LOL I love that they are big “dogging” each other… feast or famine… push and pull… stimulating two HOT!

    they don’t even have to do “IT”

    just watching these actors trade and dance and interplay is dazzling enuf!

    like I said… JJ: “don’t abondon Ms Jeanne Theresa Donovan”

  5. Tom84 says:

    What a classic! Haha! I’ll bet they had a lot of fun penning that!


  6. barbara says:

    loved it ,so cool


  7. 4everDAYS says:

    That was wild! I love it!!! Everybody should see the great job they did!!!!!


  8. Jessica says:

    25 year DOOL fan here, and that rap was awesome! You all rocked it! I really enjoyed it and seeing all the people behind the scenes. Great job to all, fabulous show day after day. Keep up the great work on the show. I love it!!


    Patrick replied

    “…Great job to all, fabulous show day after day.”

    isn’t it though

    DAY after DAY delivers

    even in the advent… exit of Eileen Davidson… Kristen… the show is still feasting

    altho… once again… Mr. Sanctity, our lord and saviour was at it again… messing with the FUN … that Eric Martsolf gets to reel… ( Daniel do goody, calls him out, with Eric and Nicole pulling strings) he has plugged along… after Madison… in a big way… and he’s sexy doing it

    the one thing that crossed my mind… was for Nicole…

    I was crying… for her… when Eric.. not knowing what he was doing.. had Nicole in a choke hold… and Eric snapped out of it… and we couldn’t believe it

    what is this? is Nicole the shitz on… put upon… “father” Eric disses her.. by not believing… and look at Brady.. for the habit he bears… is holding her against her will.

    I was torn for her… the two men in her life.. not saying they take her for granted… just hoped this was her time.. to put her foot down.. as a women shes loved them both… and to give HER… she deserves their undying love. this women… will get her time… her man… and god she’d better… with child.

    love Salem’ites


    Patrick replied

    sorry got.. the real name, Eric, and character Brady mixed

    Patrick replied

    one last plug, for Nicole.

    from supporting to lead actress nomination

    this just fleshes out her character… more avenues… let her land a man and prospect of child

    she carries a show and she’s good on DAYS

    Days really does have a lot of hot women… to go with the HOT specimen

  9. Omar says:

    I love the actress Jen Linney and she was awesome in GH..That said, I CANNOT STAND the character she plays or her performance of that character on DOOL..Its actually one of the few bad things about the show…BTW, the rap was really cool!!


  10. Michael says:

    That was f######g awesome! I love Days!


  11. utah says:

    Im into soapy love…. I LOVE THIS and I LOVE DAYS OF OUR LIVES… this is awesome.


  12. Mo says:

    That was really fun. Great job everyone!


  13. Patrick says:

    ” I LOVE Days”

    “I love, love, love DOOL”

    I love thee “actors’ who shine… individually, cohesively, and gell – TOGETHER

    the threads intricately, weaved amidst the whole cast is expert these DAYS

    I love the dark, theatrical, well written, one act, two act, mixing in with all they can
    together… DAYS Production FIRES on ALL cylinders

    I couldnt be happier

    LOVE being in Salem




  14. Patty Sprague says:

    That was the best thing I have ever seen! Great job!


  15. Gmbenet says:

    This video was nice because I could understand most of the words they were saying. Usually I can’t understand the rap lyrics. I also enjoyed the behind-the-scenes aspect of the video. Funny parts: dancing. Over all I give it an A.


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