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29 June 6th, 2016 Jen Lilley Issues Statement And Confirms Her Exit From Days of our Lives!

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On Monday morning, Jen Lilley took to her Instagram account to offer up her side of the story and confirm she is no longer with NBC’s Days of our Lives.  Here is what Jen offered up in her statement below on how DAYS and her parted company, and the reasons why.

Jen Lilley statement: “It is with bittersweet sentiment that I find myself making this statement 6 months too soon.  First, I would like to say your comments, support, and well wishes regarding my recent departure from the iconic daytime drama, Days of Our Lives, have melted my heart.  Second, I have never enjoyed playing a character so much.  I absolutely love Theresa, and the idea of not playing her pains me. I once found a quote that perfectly describes her, ‘She’s a mess of gorgeous chaos, you can see it in her eyes.’ Exploring Theresa, from her insecurities to her strengths, from her tendency to deflect emotional anguish with comedy to her firecracker spirit has been pure joy.

I hate to dissatisfy our love for black and white explanations, but there’s no one to point your finger at here. Days of Our Lives and I are parting company on the best of terms. It came down to time and the sacrifices required to keep Theresa on the front burner. Given the demanding production schedule a soap requires, that just wasn’t possible with the other commitments and opportunities I wanted to pursue. As we all know in the world of soaps, good bye for now isn’t always good bye forever, who knows what the future has in store for Theresa.

I am taking time right now to be with my family, advance the charitable causes I believe in, and pursue additional career opportunities. While I’ve missed so many moments in my family’s lives back east, I have built a west coast family at Days of Our Lives, and they haven’t seen the last of me! I’ll be stopping by the set from time to time with baked goods and bear hugs. 

Lastly, cheer up! There are 6 more wonderful months of Theresa to enjoy. And I can honestly say that each month, the storyline gets better! My exit will have you on the edge of your seat, laughing, crying, cheering, screaming, clapping, and bewildered.  And to the Theresa’s out there: I love you, I love you, I love you. You are not alone. You are beautiful and worthy of love and happiness and joy and success! May my storyline over the next six months inspire you.”

So, what did you think of Jen’s statement?  Sad to see her go?  What do you think Theresa’s exit storyline will be? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. Jim Preston says:

    Good luck to her, she made Theresa an interesting character. However, I found her relationship with Brady to be a bit unbelievable at times. It seemed highly unlikely that Theresa could wack John over the head with a fireplace poker landing him in the hospital and then Brady married her anyway even though John is his father. Then again, of course, it IS a soap.
    Will they re-cast the character of Theresa or just write her out somehow? What about the baby that she and Brady share?


  2. Kimmy Cuthbert says:

    So sad to see her go, I wish her luck on her future projects


    nancy dillingham replied

    She’s a beautiful and talented actress–loved her singing also. Hope she gets to fulfill her dreams and goals.


  3. Janet Byrnes says:

    I am sorry but< I have never read anything like this before. The girl is full of herself. I think she reads her own press.And believes it. Sorry.


    Sheila replied

    Seriously? Jen Lilley is one of the best actors on DOOL. What she has brought to the show has for the most part kept it going. I’m not sure she is 100% truthful in why she has chosen to leave because I believe she is smart enough to see a sinking ship. Watching Theresa grow has been fun and Jen brought her to life. She may be many things but “full of herself” is not one. I suspect you are confused with reel and real.


    mark replied

    I know, really!


  4. Kaylie15 says:

    I don’t mean to sound like suzy skeptical, but if you have to point out that there’s no one to blame, there’s probably someone to blame. Given that Theresa is a Brady and a legacy character and not a Hernandez, I’m going to guess the person to blame’s name rhymes with Pena Piglely.


    nancy dillingham replied



  5. 4ever DAYS says:

    For all the people predicting the death of Theresa…The statement from Jen Lilley indicates something different. Theresa will most likely move away. I predict Theresa will be recast unless JL agrees to a return.


  6. Celia says:

    If there is a more ‘nefarious’ reason (lol), Jen is being very diplomatic. I sooo admire that in a person. Obviously, she does not want to burn any bridges.
    Good fortune to you, Jen. I will miss you so!!!! Follow your brain, girl!!


  7. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I really dont know what to think at the moment…sounds like she wanted to leave and it also sounds like she didnt…would have liked to had seen her with Chad…well, she could come back but will the show be with us a year from now?…show needs better lighting, taping 6 months in advance is absurd…brighten up the stories a bit…characters like Deimos, Philip and Summer should leave not Shaun and Belle…i have no problem with Rafe’s family but the show should never loose focus on the Hortons…Bill and Laura or Jen and Jack shouldve been the shows Matriarch and patriarch…Lucas is a Horton and should be featured if we are not going to ever again see Mike…Kayla and the Aussie doc-feels like Jen and Danial all over again-ugh!!!


  8. clh says:

    Basically it’s the same as any other actor/actress. They want to be able to do other outside projects, and the PTB don’t want to give them the time off. So that’s where the no one to blame comes from.

    I’m certain that some soap fans being how some soap fans can be, were looking for someone to blame on social media, which necessitated the statement. I didn’t see anything wrong with the statement at all, it was straight and to the point that they are parting on good terms, but there are always going to be people that look for a problem where there is none.

    I wish her lots of luck, and if the character is needed that much that she couldn’t be given the time off that she needs, then I expect it will be recast.


  9. jacque says:

    Good Luck to Jen, wish her the best.


  10. Mateo says:

    To me it says a lot when talented actors leave a show. There is chaos happening at DAYS as far as the writing and production of the show. The stories are either lost in the 80′s or so boring that no one cares WHAT happens. Theresa Donovan was a spark in this show. She was catty, bitchy, funny and tender all at the same time. She added life but when they paired her with Brady they killed all of the spark. Then she became a sap. The whole story with her competing against Summer was a joke because the character of Summer was awful and ridiculous. Exactly how many babies did Maggie have that she forgot about? Next thing we know we will hear about how Maggie was a teenager and kidnapped by the Manson family and forced to be impregnated with all of his family’s future children. They already have the commune with Joey there. Watch him bring back half a dozen of Maggie’s forgotten “children”. I will miss Theresa as a good character with a lot of talent from Jen Lilley. I hope she finds work somewhere that she can show off her acting chops. DAYS is shooting straight towards cancellation with their current stories. They can bring back all the old characters they want and try to make Jack come back from the dead and have Bo whisper in ghost form to Hope and Patch ride a motorcycle to take Kayla to the Flock Of Seagulls concert at the club but it will still be a bad experience. This show is proof positive that you can not live in the past. I don’t know anything about Ms Higley’s direction for story but I do know that what she is sending forth now is embarrassing. If I hear John mumble any more about how rough his upbringing was I will puke. He is nearly seventy, time to move on and drink his metamucil.


  11. fginaspy says:

    My thought of the article and Jen was ” What a beautiful Soul.” There have been rumors since last year that JL wanted to leave DOOL to pursue other projects. Thus her leaving was no surprise to me. Did the Head Writer hasten the exit? Maybe so. I don’t watch the show with regularity so I am not invested.

    I’m a fan of JL from her filling in for Kirsten Storms on GH. I wish she was available to do the same this time around. However, I can understand if JL needs downtime with her real family back east. Good luck to Jen Lilley. She is truly talented.


  12. SoftJohn says:

    Too bad! She made a great Teresa, and a great Maxie on GH! If the GH production team waited one more day, she would have return as Maxie. Meanwhile, Molly will do a good job!


  13. Mister Media says:

    I’m sorry to see her go. She should pursue a career in comedies. She was hilarious on the old MTV series, Disaster Date.


  14. James R. Poissant says:

    I am going to miss Theresa. Jen made the character a blast to watch so I will miss the actress as well. I hope to see her in something else soon.


  15. janet kiley says:

    good lucky jen Lilly theresa was the best part of days if it wasn’t for you i would of stop watching long ago you did a great job i will miss you where every you go i wish you well many will follow you were ever you go next come back and see us know and then you had more fans following you then you know bye bye !


  16. toscanti says:

    Perhaps she could be the temporary replacement “Maxie Jones” on GH, she’s done it before and quite successfully I might add.


  17. Jamesj75 says:

    I am very sorry to see Jen Lilley leave DOOL. She has been a solid bright spot in her role since day 1. My favorite dynamic was her interactions with Anne Milbauer. There haven’t been enough of them. They are terrific together!

    Best of luck to you, Jen!


    Celia replied

    Oh, I agree, James. Those two should be on stage as a comedic duo. Anne and Jen are magic together.


    Jamesj75 replied

    Thanks, Celia! You’re right about them being on stage as a comedic duo. At least we have their rap video…

  18. blake says:

    You can’t blame Jen Lilley, like so many beloved actors she’s leaving for greener pastures. Days is back to being a mess again, they hired Dena Higley back, and she is a disaster. And Days’ ratings are at an ALL TIME LOW, the future of Days is not looking good.


  19. Ray says:

    Best of luck to one of daytime’s most beautiful performers.


  20. Jay Trotter says:

    GH needs to quietly maintain some form of a relationship with JL in case KS ever decides to leave in a few years. JL was a very good as Temp Maxie for a full year on GH, despite fan outrage that she sadly decided to read, and honestly I was sad to see JL leave. I have always loved KS as Maxie and was happy to see her back but it was bittersweet feeling. JL did a solid job on the show as Temp Maxie so I never understood the insane amount hate on the internet that she said lead to to crying herself to sleep.


  21. MBmomof3 says:

    I am so going to miss Jen Lilley. Loved her character in her scenes with Ann Milbauer or Jennifer Horton most of all. Theresa and Chad would have been a great duo. Hope she returns at some point.

    Wishing you all the best, Jen. You have a bright future ahead of you!


  22. Patricia Nolan-Hall (Caftan Woman) says:

    Lovely actress who is a joy to watch. She’s a shining light in the noir village of Salem these days. I hope the exit storyline is everything Jen believes it to be. And hope beyond hope that the writing team finds some sort of solid footing – and soon!


  23. Laura says:

    I never saw any chemistry between Brady and Theresa and IMO, Theresa ruined Brady. But, I do want to wish Jen Lilley the best!


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