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37 April 9th, 2013 Jen Lilley Joins The Cast of Days Of Our Lives! But … Who Is She Playing?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Some fantastic news for Jen Lilley fans, and those who admired her work as the replacement Maxie Jones on General Hospital, while Kirsten Storms was out ill and on leave from the series!  Soap Opera Digest revealed this morning that Lilley is actually now over at Days of our Lives, where she has been shooting scenes at the NBC for over a month!

This top secret scenario has the talented Lilley in a role that SOD can’t giveaway much relating,   We can’t reveal her character, we can say she will have ties to the canvas and is not a recast”

Jen took her Twitter account to also confirm the news, “Yes! It’s officially announced! Man it was hard not to tell you guys.”   Lilley followed that up with a tweet that her DAYS cast mate Greg Vaughan (Eric) almost spilled the beans stating, “When the awesome & well intended @greg_vaughan tweeted the news, I literally choked on some cheerios I was enjoying, then muttered omgomgomg”

So are you excited to hear that Jen Lilley will be back on daytime?  And, who do you think she will be playing in Salem when we finally see her make it to air?  Weigh-in!

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  1. 10261991des says:

    Not sure ..I’m new to that show,but so happy to see that she has another roll! She is very sweet!


  2. ricardo says:

    Jen lilley is a wonderful actress. belle black would have been s great recast for jenn.


  3. Mary SF says:

    At first based on her photo I thought she might be a recast of Nicole’s sister or Belle Black. But since you said she wasn’t a recast- I’m not sure. If this was Y&R I would say she was a SORAS Faith who will have a thing for Dylan- but since this is Days I would venture she is either
    a) another Stefano’s unknown or adopted children
    b) Hope and John’s love child when they were Gina and Pawn
    c) Bill Horton had another daughter while in Africa and she is Jenn’s half sister.


  4. Sheryl Postin says:

    Great to hear , whoever she plays I’m sure she will be fantastic. Good luck Jen can wait to see you .


    Sheryl Postin replied

    I mean can’t wait to see you.


  5. Be77 says:

    She now has two soaps in common with Thaao Penghlis, her BOOK OF ESTHER co-star. I’m looking forward to seeing her on air. Now if they could just get Victoria Rowell in as a recast Lexie DiMera Carver (like Sony would ever allow that…I can dream, can’t I?) I’d be in Heaven. Here’s hoping they write her well from the get-go, lest she suffer the fate of Sarah Brown, who was winning as an actress, but poorly defined and thus eventually cut. BTW, she would have been a great Belle, but I would have been sad for Martha Madison who worked her heinie off to win over Kirsten Storms fans the first go round.


  6. richard says:

    Belle Black wouldve been great!!!! I’m gonna guess that she’s a DiMera, but Kristen’s daughter who she birthed while she was in captivity!!!!!


  7. BTripp says:

    This might make me watch the show again. I am just hoping that she is Jeanie Donovan (Kim and Shane’s daughter) or maybe an ex or Rafe or EJ.


  8. jim says:

    Kristen and Johns unknown daughter?


    jimh replied

    I suggested she be Kristens daughter with John because once Brady finds out Kristen used him, Kristen will need someone else to use to get closer to John otherwise there isnt nothing else she could do to come between John and Marlena! By the way John and Marlena, two characters i onced enjoyed, are written very poorly and it has made them stale and boring…that needs to change fast!


    Patrick replied

    I know…

    well said…

    what if she gave birth whilst in captivity?

    oh… it’s not appropriate… unseemly…. lustful…. improper…

    relevant that Kristen should be without Brady….

    even, i have to adhere… give in….

    sometime… down the road…. her ….”men are the weaker sex” game on … will circumvent her ways and means.

    i hope she finds a way outa this… to uphold her character.

    Bring Shane back! let him do an FBI profile on her and linger in her web….


  9. Robert says:

    I hope Belle Black. It would be funny that she takes over two roles that Kristen Storm played.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    It isn’t a recast.


    cr replied

    If she was not recast, why are they trying had the fact what character she is playing

    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    I don’t think they’re hiding anything. It’s obvious revealing her character gives away potential storyline.

    car replied

    Not if she is new character revealing the story want matter at all. Revealing her character name if she is new. How will we know who she attached to.

  10. Mo says:

    Interested to know who she plays. Since it’s a new character, have no clue. Why so secretive though? Maybe she works at the strip club with Cam.


  11. TMJ says:

    Does Sonny have any sisters?


  12. Jennifer G. says:

    1) a new love interest for Brady once he dumps Kristen??
    2) someone that will fall in love with Daniel??
    3) a love interest for Chad which will make Abigail jealous and try to get back with Chad??


  13. Jules says:

    Looking forward to her addition to my favourite soap! I liked her a lot, but she was never Maxie to me. I think she’ll do great in a new role on DOOL.


  14. Matt says:

    I hope she’s Jeanie Donovan. Maybe it will bring Kim and Shane back.


  15. john says:

    i wish she was the new bella


  16. Amy says:

    I think she will be Carrie!!


    shawn replied

    Absolutely too young to play Carrie


  17. Troy Turner says:

    I absolutely adore Jen, for many reasons. DAYS picked up an MVP here. Whatever role she plays, if they give her good stuff, she’ll jump in with both feet


  18. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I’m so over the moon happy for Jen Lilley that she’s returning to daytime. DAYS is genius for hiring her, and I’m happy she’s getting an original role of her own to mold and create! Congrats Jen! Cannot wait to join you on this marvelous journey!


  19. MK says:

    Hoping for Belle, even though I she was great as Maxie.


  20. Ashlee says:

    Ties to the canvas but not a recast? Then there‘s no point in speculating because she could be ANYONE. Had it been a recast, I could have seen her playing Melanie.


  21. Kim says:

    I bet she is John and Kristen’s daughter…


  22. Laurel says:

    Who cares…. I think she was a total drama queen about getting support for herslf at GH and the video goodbye. She should have kept a low profile after Kirsten resumed her own role…. she’s a big whiner!


  23. Patrick says:

    I have to totally… agree…. I hope she’s the daughter of Kimberly and Shane…!

    major coupe if this happens….

    and yeah, till we see her on screen…

    I loved her as Maxie….

    but, one can’t help but pine for Kimberly and Shane….

    it’s getting near summer… so… you could see her intertwined with Abby and Chad…

    A Horton… A Brady… and a DiMera.


  24. kinni says:

    I really don’t understand how this soap stays on the air, the story lines or so one-sided it’s ridiculous. They only care about pleasing certain people.


  25. Ryan says:

    I think she will be Jeanie Donovan. She is a Brady and has never been cast as an adult. Plus there were spoilers not long ago saying there were two characters from two prominent families coming on. One was a vet which we found out was Laura Horton. The other was a younger character that hasn’t been mentioned in years. Here’s hoping and that we get more Kim & Shane appearances!


  26. cr says:

    I hope she is a horton


  27. Dmitri says:

    I think she is the new role of Keara Baldwin


  28. michael.guerrieri says:

    Jen liley will play nicole doughter


  29. Crownedjewel says:

    Is she related to Susan Seaforth Hayes? She looks just like her when she was younger.


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