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15 November 17th, 2017 Jen Lilley Returns To Days of our Lives!

Photo Credit: NBC

More big returns coming up on NBC’s Days of our Lives! Jen Lilley has returned to the daytime drama reprising her role of Theresa Donovan.

Fans can look for Theresa to pop back up in story beginning in May of 2018, since DAYS tapes six months ahead.

In heavy emotional story, viewers last saw Theresa having to break the heart of Brady Black (Eric Martsolf) and leave her son, Tate, and hightail it out of Salem or else those she loved would be in grave danger.

Lilley was last seen on-air a year ago back in November of 2016.  Just how long Jen’s return this time has not been specified.

Soap Opera Digest broke the news of Lilley’s return.

Now that Kassie DePaiva is back on the canvas as Eve  Donovan, might the sisters fight over Brady Black? Hmmm. 

So, happy to hear Jen Lilley will be back on DAYS? Comment below!

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  1. Patrick says:

    you NEED a vixen, a shrew, a damsel, a biatch

    a wherewithal… hot to trot, go getter

    with no Nicole… and however long Sami duration

    I beg
    I pray
    that RC writing team… lean on.. tag… and let loose, the Donovan Women

    let these two stalwarts… become determined , allies, with a no holds barred sisterhood



    Celia replied

    Ohhh, yeahhh, Patrick….I have been praying for this to happen. ….but, if she and Brady come together as one, again? I will scream!!!!
    Brady is a screw-up, a spoiled brat, a holier-than-thou idiot….not that Theresa’s soul is sooo pristine , there are a few black stains in there, somewhere ( anima macchiata–tainted soul)….. she always fessed up to what she was and made no excuses. When she ‘changed’, she was genuine.
    Nonetheless, I would love some of that leftover spicy thinking work against or with Vivian. Imagine that?!?
    Welcome back Jenn.


  2. Jimh says:

    Hope her stay is long-love me some badass women-lol


  3. Iris Cohen says:

    This is such wonderful news! Jen Lilley is an amazing actress and person. I am so glad Days is welcoming her back. I hope it’s a contract role and the truth about Theresa’s departure comes to light. Brady needs to know. It would be also great to see Charles and Patsy back too as Shane and Kim. Days is back to being must see tv again. :)


    Andrew Hass replied

    I agree that Jen Lilley is an amazing actress and i’m happy she’s returning to Days.As for Theresa, i have a feeling she won’t be happy with the way Brady has been leading his life recently.So it may not be a happy reunion for Theresa and Brady.Plus i keep wondering if something happens to Tate and that leads to Theresa’s return.


  4. James R. Poissant says:

    Ron’s going to have tons of fun writing for her!!! It’s time we got Teresa back.


  5. damien says:

    hopefully we get to see her and ann millbauer raise hell together again! lol


  6. Rodd says:

    DAYS is lucky to have her back! Love her!


  7. Mary says:

    I’m so happy that Jen Lilley is coming back. I hope they do the story surrounding Theresa properly. First they need tell us all how Theresa gets away from the man from Mexico. Then the writers have to have Theresa explain, or try to explain, to Brady why she left.


  8. Mateo says:

    Short and sweet: thank you Ron Carlivati. If it weren’t for you all we would see is Kayla and Patch dancing disco down the yellow brick road while eating clam chowder from the diner. (while looking for his eye). Ron knows what makes people jump high and he has been slamming em hard. The characters he is bringing back are the ones who make the stories move. Not the characters that refuse to act their ages. Kayla and Patch are icons of Salem yes but let’s have them investigate things like Social Security fraud and the high cost of prune danish. Bringing back Eileen Davidson and Louise Sorel and Allison Sweeney and adding Tyler Christopher were genius moves. Add Chandler Massey and it’s a tasty kitchen for sure. I am enjoying the show again. It’s moving and it’s leaving vibrations on every page.


  9. Satan says:

    Good to see Theresa back. She resembles the spirit of the original Eve Donovan a lot more than the current impostor “Eve” does.


  10. xmascarol says:

    So glad to have her back.things can get really interesting with Theresa back.


  11. Mo says:

    Glad she’s coming back, but for how long?


  12. blake says:

    Great news! Hopefully Theresa is back for good, Brady needs her! I’m glad the actress returned, I’m sure having Ron C. as head writer made her want to come back. Dena was horrible.


  13. dan says:

    Glad she is back and hope she has a contract. I think she is very genuine on screen. I hope her story is good!


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