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24 October 4th, 2016 Jennifer Gareis Makes A Return To The Bold and the Beautiful!

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Donna Logan is coming on to the canvas of The Bold and the Beautiful for a special occasion, according to Soap Opera Digest.  That means that actress Jennifer Gareis will reprise her role as Katie (Heather Tom) and Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) sexy sis!

Gareis will appear on the October 20th episode of the CBS Daytime sudser.  B&B viewers last saw Gareis back in 2015 during the second go-round nuptials of Bill (Don Diamont) and Katie.

Although B&B is being tight-lipped as to the event that brings Donna back to Los Angeles, word is that this time Gareis might be sticking around much longer than just a brief appearance.

So, what do you think brings Donna back to the canvas?  How would you like to see B&B utliize Jennifer Gareis in story? Who could be a love interest for Donna? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below!

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  1. B&BFAN says:

    She coming back either for Brill’s Wedding or Eric’s Funeral.


  2. jaybird369 says:

    G-R-E-A-T!!!!!!!!!! Now bring Donna back to the B&B canvas…PERMANENTLY!!!!!!!!!!

    Just saying……….


    soapqueenforever replied

    going to be interesting to see Donna and Quinn go at it. I hope they don’t make it short term just until Eric’s situation is cleared up. I always loved Donna. I miss her and Pam going at it. It would be interesting to see Donna and Pam tag team Quinn


    dante williams replied

    I would LOVE to see that, former enemies teaming up for a very good reason, someone they both love is clearly in danger!

  3. holly says:

    Very happy; I love Donna.


    PennySoap replied



  4. Angelique says:

    This is just awesome news!!! Want Donna to
    Return and get her honeybear back! Jennifer is such
    Great actress she should be back as one of the Logan
    Sisters. She could help her sisters.GIVE HER A
    STORYLINE BB please!


  5. blake says:

    Good, donna needs to be on B&B for good!!! they could definitely use her.


  6. Iakovos says:

    I am not sure there is much to do with the Donna Logan Forrester character. I think her romance/marriage with Eric — though solid B&B history — was dumb plotting from the beginning. I would prefer a focus on the Forresters, Felicia and Thorne anyone? It is still core family folks but we would get a fresh perspective on life in the fast fashion line.

    And does anyone else think Eric’s illness came on way too quickly? Does anyone write a simmering story anymore (not to be confused with an endless aimless story a la any triangle/quadrangle involving Liam and Steffy and their relations).


  7. Linda Forrest says:

    Maybe when Eric wakes up he won’t remember Quinn but believe he’s still married to Donna.


  8. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I like her. However, I’d rather see the return on a permanent basis of Thorne and Felicia Forrester.


  9. James R. Poissant says:

    It’s about damned time!!! I was wondering about Donna and why she hasn’t been used. She was able to carry story back in the day so i couldn’t figure out why she was back burnered. glad she is coming home.


  10. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I have never felt connected to her in the role of Donna, and felt as if the Brooke/Bill affair would’ve been spicier had it been Donna instead of Brooke. And following her recent Y&R returns, I’d love for her to return more so as Grace, instead.


  11. JustSaying says:

    My wild, wild guess…

    Eric’s dead. He will relapse from his brain hemorrhaging, be comatose for awhile and then Ridge will take him off of life support. Then Quinn finds out that she has power of attorney and sues the hell out of Ridge.

    It’s been nice knowing you Eric. But please prove me wrong. Please, please, please!!!


  12. Mark Y says:

    Excellent. Love the character and Jennifer


  13. Patrick says:

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  14. Patrick says:

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  15. Mo says:

    YAY! I hope it’s for more than one day. Donna has been sorely missed.


  16. dante williams says:

    What a welcome return! I have been waiting for Donna to return for a while, Eric’s condition alone is more than enough reason for her to stay, but the state of her sisters’ relationship shows me there is a definite need for her on the canvas. I can’t see any person the show needs more right now. She fits in all the spaces the show desperately needs filled up, and she may give Quinn a great nemesis, besides Steffy and Ridge, lol, but this may be competition for Eric. Donna was bright spot in Eric’s life in my opinion, basically anyone who wasn’t Sheila or Quinn is a bright spot. I miss all the Logan sisters hanging out and talking and laughing, she was the glue that held the Logans together, and she has never went after any of her sister’s men while they weren’t available, so she leads by example in my eyes. What she and Eric had was sweet and funny and can’t be duplicated, and I would love to see that flame reignited again. Or, they could take Donna in a new direction with a new man, or someone who is ALWAYS controversial: Deacon, or even Carter, unless she thinks it’s too weird being with her son’s adoptive brother, but that never stopped the rest of the canvas from doing whatever. I hope she’s staying permanently, because she’s been gone for too long for no reason at all, and she guarantees we see less of the stupid Liam/Steffy/Wyatt/Ivy junk that has needed to go for quite some time now.


  17. dante williams says:

    I’m going to say this once time, they better leave Eric alone. The show is better with him than without, plus he and Brooke are the only Originals left! I’m not trying to see a repeat of John and Gloria from Y&R years ago where they just decided to kill him off for no good reason. I know B&B can do better for Eric and the rest of the cast then kill him off, unless it’s John Mccook’s choice.


    soapqueenforever replied

    I agree with both of your comments dante Eric was always one of favorites as well. I am hope they don’t kill him off, to make Ridge the head of the family. Who by the way is acting like a pompus ass right now. I never cared for him as Ridge. But right now he is to arrogant for my taste. I was hoping for Donna to come back over the summer when Brooke and Katie were going at it over Bill. I hope she stays longer thean Brooke’s wedding. I to am so over the Liam, Steffie, Wyatt garbage. Enough is enough already. Steffie is getting on my nerves as well with her my grandfather this and my grandfather that crap. With what their doing to the old guy now will put right back in that bed when he wakes up again. As the saying goes, tune in tomorrow!!!


    k/kay replied

    John McCook is loved on that show he is not going anywhere Brad would be a idiot he is a underrated actor he looked so handsome in his white tux he should be front and center always.

  18. Ghlover says:

    I think Donna should return long term and should be paired with Bill. Eric and Brooke should reunite and so should Ridge and Katie.


  19. Joyce says:

    I do not want to see Eric and Quinn seprated,they bring out the Best in each other.As for Donna let her go after Bill and Brooke back with the monster man Ridge.Steffy back with Liam Katie with the New Doctor that is suppose to be coming in.As for Zenda say Good bye to Nicole,if she has another baby for Rick and Maya.


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