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9 February 18th, 2017 Jess Walton Featured In CBS Cares PSA For American Heart Association As Jill Learns Of Her Heart Condition


This week on The Young and the Restless, Jill Abbott Atkinson suffered a heart attack.

The warning signs were all there, but ignored.

It is a very common fact and reality that hits women suddenly.  For this story as we previously posted, Y&R partnered with the American Heart Association and gave venerable and beloved actress Jess Walton (Jill) the nod to be the vessel to tell this story on-air on the number one soap opera.

Following the episode that Jill learns what she now must live with a heart condition; a PSA from CBS Cares and the American Heart Association was played featuring Jess.  In addition, throughout the week there were several key touching and informational scenes between Jill and her on-screen son, Billy played by  Jason Thompson.

Watch the PSA here and then after the jump some of the scenes surrounding the aftermath of Jill’s heart attack after the jump. Let us know if you are enthusiastic that Y&R is again telling an important medical and social issue of our time in the comment section below and using the character of Jill in which to tell it.

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  1. Addison says:

    Jess Walton, if you’re listening, I love you and your brave performance was spot on.
    You are also finding your stride with your on screen son, Billy. I completely buy you two as mother and son.
    Bravo. I love to see good acting merge with good writing. These episodes reminded me of why I became hooked on soaps in the first place.
    Keep up the good work, Y&R!!!


  2. su0000 says:

    Having a heart attack during a blowout fight, over wrought, is not all that common..
    Most die in their sleep, in the kitchen, in the garden, or watching tv etc.

    What needed to be shown is WHAT TO DO;;
    Like encouraging to call the ambulance , what to do while waiting if conscious, show the importance of a life alert device for older and alone people.
    Show- to have an emergency call list on your refrigerator if living alone.
    Also– I’d believe not many soap watcher have a live in maid/cook to care for them when returning home. They would do much better to show just how in heck to manage the medications and fully care for oneself.

    We saw a rich woman whose family was were there in minutes to take her to the hospital, not close to most elderly in real life.
    It was soap opera heartattack.

    I’d bet their are woman, after seeing Jill’s meltdown heart attack, believe they have or have had 3 of the symptoms and are now worried over taco indigestion gas, but,
    they just might be in danger and should be checked out sooner than later..
    ((my father is a Cardiac Surgeon, I’m aware))

    Life and death medical advice should not be put in a soap, ever.
    I believe that, firmly.
    It never connects to real life, it’s for drama.


    su0000 replied

    One of the symptoms of certain classes of massive heart attack is an irresistible desire to defecate.
    So people head for the bathroom and die on throne.
    ((not mentioned but an ordinary symptom))
    take your phone to bathroom when feeling not right..


    Lou piikes replied

    My mom died on the throne while having a massive heart attack in a casino bathroom.

    Celia replied

    That’s exactly what happened to Elvis Presley, su.

    Violet Lemm replied

    Suoooo, your comment was very informative and Scarey, but honestly, as an older person, having indigestion ,etc. you can’t be expected to call the paramedics every time you have a stomach ache or have to have a B.M. So, how long do you wait before symptoms worsen and you drop dead? As far as Jill’s heart attack, a lot of us old or young, live alone and do not have the luxury of live in help, also do not even realize they are having an attack, until its too late.

    Celia replied

    Good one, su. Loved this post!!!!!


    Rose replied

    Su..It’s good to see your ” heart” showing as opposed to some of your previous comments. Maybe medical advise shouldn’t be put into a soap, but story telling still provides a great way to highlight med problems/”what to do”as you said, and get people thinking when an actual psa comes on. For me , better than a pharma ad which can be very ominous, and a turn off, as opposed to Jess. I’m more inclined to listen to her.


    Mo replied

    I don’t think of Jill as “elderly”.

    Anyway, I too would have preferred that Jill has the symptoms when doing nothing. That is what happened with me. But everyone is different and this is a soap so okay.


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