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10 February 22nd, 2012 Jess Walton inks new contract with The Young and the Restless!


Great news for daytime fans and in particular those of  CBS’s top sudser, The Young and the Restless!  Daytime Emmy winner, Jess Walton (Jill) whose contract had been up with the series, has decided to stay put!

A major factor in Jess’s decision to stay was the shows’ willingness to work with the actress during her move from California to Oregon, but according to her Facebook page, all has been worked out!

Walton stated, “The show has been very accommodating to me during this move to Oregon and I love them for it!”

We can’t imagine Y&R without Walton’s Jill, and glad we will see more of this amazing talent in the future!

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  1. toscanti says:

    AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!


  2. Christine (formerly known as Jenna) says:

    Yes, yes, yes!

    Now get “Jill” a man. Y&R screwed up royally by letting Tristan Rogers go. Colin and Jill were so good!


    gloria replied

    Agree! I loved Tristan Rogers in that part & had high hopes for him & Jill. They were great.


  3. lew says:

    Great, now write good story for her.


  4. Heather says:

    “We can’t imagine Y&R without Walton’s Jill, and glad we will see more of this amazing talent in the future!”

    I like Jess Walton. But Brenda Dickson was good and , to some extent, even better than Walton. But I wouldn’t imagine Dickson on Y&R today. The most recent picture I’ve seen from her made her look like a transsexual.


  5. Barbara says:

    That is a bad picture of Walton


  6. Brian Greene says:

    Big Congrats To Jess–Yay! :D


  7. Iakovos says:

    Yes, please give Jill a story that has her front and center and VITAL. Walton imbues Jill with more depth than writers give her or character credit for!


  8. Ted says:

    WONDERFUL news indeed. Y&R wouldn’t be the same without Jess!
    I’ve always admired her work! LOL…I even remember her on CAPITAL !….before Y&R !


  9. Jared says:

    Congratulations. I love me some JILL and Jess Walton, who happens to be one of the greatest soap recasts of all time. Note to MAB: Utilize your core cast. Debbie Morgan, Darnell Williams, Genie Francis et al are all great actors, but Y&R is historically (before you) a classic slow-moving melodrama, and it takes years and even decades to build strong characters with strong ties to the show. Stop the stunt casting, and stop forcing plot-driven dribble down our throats. Focus on the lives and antics of Victor, Nikki, Jill and all their children, etc, and the ratings will follow.


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