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28 October 23rd, 2012 Jess Walton Posts Message On Her Return To Y&R!


Fans who have eagerly been waiting to see Daytime Emmy winner, Jess Walton (Jill Abbott) make her return to the number one soap, The Young and the Restless, will not have to wait much longer!

According to Walton’s facebook page she related to her fans, colleagues, and followers: “Hi everybody! Well, I have taped about 8 episodes on the show that will start airing around the beginning of November! It is so good to be working with my dear friends again and hopefully we will be doing this back and forth thing commuting from Oregon for quite awhile to come.”

What we hear is that Walton’s return on-air will be on the November 2nd episode, so circle your calendars as Jill is back!

So soapers, what storyline would you like to see the new Y&R regime hand to the talented Walton?  Let us know?

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  1. ashlee says:

    Why is this being treated like a special guest star return? Unless someone lied earlier in the year, Jess was just taking a six month vacation to be a grandma…then she would return. It was never stated that she was fired or quit…now the story seems different. In any case, it will be good to have Jill back…I hope it is something dramatic and juicy as Jill is a core character and has ties to everyone. I hope it is a permanent return.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Let’s keep in mind: when Jess left it was under Maria’s control and storyboard. Now she’s on Jill and Josh’s storyboard, which may leave Jill’s destiny in difference. Plus, Jess is continuing to continue commuting, so they have to accommodate that as well.


    Devoted Fan replied

    ashlee, That’s exactly what I have been thinking as I have been reading similar comments.


    Elizabeth replied

    Totally agree. If this is news, then there is more to this that’s being glossed over or not being said. I mean, obviously there is something happening here behind the scenes that spelled out means that Jess is keeping her job. So, come out and say so.


    jimmy replied

    Glad to see Jill return I love Neil and Jack back working together. Jill is great with Kay. Victor needs to retire for good. I love Sharon and Adam back they are hot. I can’t wait for Drucilla to return to pay Phyllis back for throwing her off a cliff and Neil needs his women back


    Chloe replied

    OMG, all these peeps wanting/waiting on Drucilla’s return…ain’t gonna happen!!!

  2. Christine says:

    Anything with Tristan Rogers! They had chemistry off the charts, but I doubt it will happen. :-(


    Devoted Fan replied

    No please do not pair her with another or former loser (Colin).


    Jill & Colin replied

    Colin was Jill’s best pairing.

    Winona replied

    Devoted Fan, I simply meant TRISTAN ROGERS. I do not care WHO he plays – Colin or Mr. Greenjeans – as long as he and Jess Walton are together – they were so good.

    dap replied

    Love Jill & Colin. I really hope TR returns as well.


    Devoted Fan replied

    “Jill and Colin”, I thought her best pairing was with Larry Wharton actually.

    Mattie replied

    Colin and Jill were great together. Humor, serious stuff, all of it great. If JG ignores that chemistry, what a waste.

  3. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I’m sure she’s in cahoots with Colin with blackmailing Genevieve, prompting her leave! I’m happy that Jill is returning to Genoa City, I’ve missed her and Katherine’s bickering.


    EventsDiva replied



  4. Bart says:

    Jill needs to come back and head up Chancellor Industries now that Neil will be going over to Jabot. She needs to come back guns a-blazing and ready to take charge like the strong woman she once was before LML & MAB ruined her. With any luck, new HW Josh Griffith can undo the silly “Lauren & Jill are sisters” connection.

    I for one am just glad Jess is back!!


    Christine replied

    The story was silly, but I did like the friendship she shared with Lauren and Michael because of the story.


  5. Jill & Colin says:

    Anything with Tristan Rogers & Jess Walton. Colin and Jill are missed!


    anna freeman replied

    Glad Jess is back really hope Tristan will be joining her soon. Love these two together.


  6. Iakovos says:

    Welcome home, Jess Walton and Jill Abbott! As she left after some major goings-on, I would like to see a new refreshed and restored Jill return to Genoa City. I want her to have a major story of her own. Not a desperate quickie marriage. Not a silly business deal. I want her to reconnect with her family, and let’s confirm and solidify those family ties, please. A Fenmore? Really? Why?


  7. Mary SF says:

    To be honest I haven’t missed the character Jill being on the canvas. Maybe it was because MAB’s team changed the character so much that I felt the real Jill disappeared a long time ago. I disliked the the whole Jill is Lauren’s half sister idea. It was an insult to the show’s history and one I’m sure if William Bell Sr. was still around would never have happened. But I’m all about the storyline, so as long as JW is writing a good storyline for Jill then I will welcome her back, but if her storyline is as dull as it was in MAB’s time, then Jill is better off in the Outback.


  8. Kay says:

    Storyline? Big duh here. Of Course we need Colin back with Jill.


  9. TruthTeller says:

    This is what i think sould happen: Lauren gets sick, very sick. She needs a blood transfusion so Jill goes to the hospital to save her “sister”…. the doctors reveals there is now way that Jill and Lauren could be sisters. Lauren dies. Michael falls for Avery, Fen goes nuts and wild and out of controland Jill finds out who she is. :)


    Mary SF replied

    I’m all for finding a way to undo Jill’s ties to the Fenmores. As for Lauren, if the character were to die, she deserves a really dramatic exit. This is a woman who survived being buried alive, sweep out to sea, nurmerous kidnappings and torments, it would be anticlimaxtic if some germ/sickness did her in. I did see some chemistry between the characters Micheal and Avery, but the moment has passed I think because it looks they will be pairing her with Nick. I think Fen getting super rebellious and wild is plausible because Lauren has overprotected him all his life from crazy Shelia and Daisy- something in him should snap. As for Jill — to me she is and always will be a Foster, not a Chancellor, not a Fenmore, but a Foster.


  10. Jared says:

    Such good news! I remember when Jess Walton first took over the role after Brenda Dickson departed the show, and I knew from her first scene that she would be the ultimate Jill. I just wish that MAB had not undone the Catherine/Jill mother/daughter story, which was one of the greatest stories of Y&R’s beautiful character-driven history. This re-writing of the past was such a rip off, and we were left with Catherine’s suddenly son, Tucker, who, in my opinion, is a waste of a character and air time. I hope that Josh Griffith can give Jess the story she deserves and propel this character back to front burner/center stage.


  11. Charles says:

    I was also under the thought/belief that when she left the canvas, she was visiting Phillip in Australia……she is one of the best assets of the show. They must be crazy to not to write a decent story for her!!!!!! The new team is giving us hints, but the show is in utter chaos……still just look at the writing ………and now more new actors……long son of our famous FBI agent, Nina ‘s son???????burning Victors ranch……a drunken Sharon ……she is s total mess, now Adam back to save her from herself …..enough! !!!!!!!!!I am not watching the show after December …..till the fallout of this current disaterous writing and story ends….and the dust settles……..


  12. ethel says:

    “about eight episodes taped & hopefully we will be doing this back this back and forth thing commuting from oregon for quite a while to come”??? that does not sound like a permanent return to me………..ijs


    ethel replied

    forgot to say i am so glad to see jess back on the canvass………..


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