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27 November 14th, 2013 Jill Larson Posts Message On All My Children Not Moving Forward “At This Time”!


Jill Larson (Opal Gardner), who throughout the online revival of All My Children  has been a wonderful participant in social media to get the word out, and connect with enduring fans of the iconic soap, came forward today on her facebook page with a message confirming the show is not returning, but also that she got a call saying it was not moving forward “at this time” with a a slight crack left in the door to keep it open!  Larson also addresses why she feels Prospect Park chose to remain mum about the situation!

Larson posted: “Greetings all, well I finally got the official call, saying PP is not going forward with AMC “at this time”, left the door open a crack, hmmm! As disappointing as that news is, it was not a surprise. Just as they did the first time, PP chose to remain silent regarding their activities, and now that I’ve had some experience with them, I do believe that it was because Jeff just kept on beating the bushes trying to raise the money, never willing to cry uncle. I am sad for all of us, from Jeff to all of you, but gosh I’m grateful for the chance we had to make something new and wonderful from our beloved shows. Maybe when more fans are computer-savvy, and go online for content as a regular habit, investors will feel comfortable putting money into what was a grand experiment, perhaps ahead of its time, and only time will tell. Take care of yourselves, my lovelies, sending love to you all! Jill Larson.”

What do you think about what Jill was told by Prospect Park?   And, what do you think about Jill’s heartfelt statement?  Comment below!

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  1. Joshua says:

    She hit the nail right on the head with her mark about people still not being computer savvy. And that’s the problem: People THOUGHT they had to watch these shows on their computers.

    When all they had to do was go to Wal Mart and buy a Roku. Bring it home, install it and watch their soaps on their TV whenever they wanted.

    So many folks were complaining that they wanted to watch the shows on their TVs but they were too lazy to go that extra mile and purchase the good ol’ Roku (which is beyond addictive beyond getting soaps on TV!)


    Bryon replied

    Thank you!! It’s nice to see computer literate people who understand the new wave of technology. Buy the Roku box and stream it to your TV, it looks the same and it was in HD so it looked very nice on my TV.


    SUSAN M. replied

    What exactly is a Roku?


    Joshua replied

    It’s a little box that costs as low as $40 to $60. Hook it up to your TV and connect it through your PC using an ethernet cord and you can watch HuluPLUS content, NetFlix content and even YouTube videos on your TV. You are in charge of whatever you want to watch on your TV, whenever you want and for as how many times as you want.

    While most people are watching old soaps on YouTube on their tiny little computers, I am laying in bed watching them on YouTube on my TV. You use the remote control as a keyboard.

    Had more people been given tutorials over these, Prospect Park just might have had success.

  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I knew it was about the money…and they have found an investor…their lawsuit…lol. I watched online…Oltl wasnt well written and AMC was ok but neither of them was addictive enough to keep me a fan…i still would like to see them return…if possible!!!


    SUSAN M. replied

    They were at their best when they were on the t.v. I would like to see them return also if possible but maybe on another cable channel on the television this time..


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Susan M…i agree with you…online viewing may be the future but for now these shows would be better on a cable channel…one that gets more viewers than OWN and shown in daytime afternoon like 3 or 4 and repeated in the evening…

  3. Matt says:

    My theory is that PP does not want to call either of the shows “cancelled” because it might somehow invalidate their crazy lawsuit.


    Patrick replied

    Great point Matt! I don’t kno all the legal terms but there is definetly something to your point! I am glad that PP tried however. Th lawsuit by the way was a great way to mk headlines!


    Matt replied

    They could have spent all that time and effort on writing and acting lessons, but the whole exercise was to make the guys behind PP rich.

  4. Diane Dunn says:

    I didn’t watch much programming online UNTIL I started watching AMC and OLTL on Hulu Plus. Now, I watch programming there, on Amazon Prime and online through the actual networks on both my laptop and Kindle Fire HD. (note these are things I PAY for). So … thanks to PP I (at age 55) became more internet savvy. I truly hope something can be put together showcasing our favorite actors. I mused the idea of “PIneview” , a compilation of AMC and OLTL – after Debbie Morgan posted. “if only” . I do hope the actors find new work to keep them satisfied both emotionally and financially. I will continue to follow those, who like Jill, have been smart to be active online so we can keep in touch. I will miss the eccentric Opal – thank you to Jill for many years of memories.


  5. su0000 says:

    That is true, not many fans know how to navigate the internet and huge numbers didn’t even know what HuLu was lol ..
    They know how to do e-mail and post lol (not all, but many have zero computer skills)

    I believe when this nasty lawsuit is over and hopefully PP comes out of it with more than enough money to bring our soaps back, they will..
    Also, if they get 93 million I feel they will have the means to take the soaps to Cable TV (and still use internet, also)

    PP are NOT quitters and the soaps have been their babies since they acquired them, they have struggled and suffered to bring them back to life, PP will not let them go and PP will fight for the 2 soaps to air ..



  6. Wendelyn Sullivan says:

    I feel bad for the cast and the crew and for us fans. They gave us hope that we got our beloved show back, watched them from Phil and Tara days…Was thrilled that it was online and although it was changed a little. I still kept tuning in, and watching it..When they said that they were cutting back the shows. That worried me, but fine, it was still on, so I was willing to take whatever I could get, and then when they said it was done for the season. That seemed weird to me, because Soaps don’t take breaks.. unless it is a holiday, or was preempted for some special news reports or something. like that, but still I was willing to wait until it returned, and now they are saying that it is canceled. This just makes me sad… and upset. AMC is more than just a Soap to me, they are like a family to me.. An extended family.. To say they are gone, again. Seems to be sort of cruel to the fans… who loved all these characters so much…


  7. AbbyS. says:

    If you read the amended complaint, or any of the articles about the amended complaint, it’s pretty clear that Prospect Park doesn’t want out of the soap opera business. They want the license extended and they want the license fees to be cancelled, and they want alot of money to make up for all they claim ABC cost them, but it’s really to keep their operations going. So this comment from Jill Larson isn’t a surprise. Cady McClain also talked about how this version of AMC won’t be on anymore. I can’t guess as to whether they’re right or mostly right or if they’ll win or if they’ll settle. But if we do see AMC and OLTL again, it may very well be from Prospect Park after all. I’m not a fan of how Prospect Park has handled things but if they intend to put AMC back on if they win or can get some money from ABC, I’ll happily be on their side in this fight.


    angelo italian cute boy replied

    prospect park can kiss my cute hot ass. they are flakes liars and have no balls, to make a statement. rip oltl and amc.


    jaybird369 replied

    Angelo…dude…I totally agree!!!!! Prospect Park BLOWS!!!!! Assholes.

  8. Annie says:

    Team #ProspectPark!


  9. Rodd says:

    I guess what I don’t understand, when they talk about the money, is why are there other shows like “Venice” and “The Bay” that star many soap vets running on the net and are successful? What is the difference between the shows? Is it the production model or what? Can someone help me understand why AMC and OLTL couldn’t have been based on the successful models out there?


    su0000 replied

    Each episode of Season is 6-10 minutes long,
    while episodes from subsequent seasons run approximately 15 minutes
    with only 12 episodes a season..
    And requires a paid subscription.

    PP was bring tv to the web, a whole different format etc ..


    su0000 replied

    ahh haa I was using voice to type (Dragon) and I have an accent, it doesn’t work well .. :)

  10. Jim Grant says:

    We do NOT know what the future holds for ALL MY CHILDREN. It may come back as a one hour a week show, It may come back as a half hour program, it may get picked up by another production company, we just don’t know. I’m deeply saddened, not to say that I thought the On-line versions of the show were the best but I think they showed promise overall and just needed to find their proper footing.
    Thank you to Jill Larson for her sincere comments and for hinting that there is every possibility that they can return. Cady McClain has also said “hope Springs eternal” that they will be back and Debbi Morgan has said “we never know what’s in God’s plan” so, if three of the most iconic actors from the show can be optimistic, I don’t see why we can’t partake in some positive thinking.


  11. Kate says:

    Love Jill Larson. She was so cute as Opal. I am 61 and never watched anything online. PP got me watching online. I got Hulu Plus and love it. My husband got Netflicks. It is PP that got us online and we each have an iPad. So you can teach an old dog new tricks….just not quickly! I hope PP wins.


  12. Iakovos says:

    Never say never, but God knows this seems like the end now. I am tiring of all the hype and snipe. Remaining positive though! I am grateful for the second chance we got, and cherish my AMC memories from the long-running original incarnation. It is a series that had hallmarks of solid entertainment, good storytelling, and social awareness. The handling of its end is a sad note in its history as are the doubts and questions regarding any comebacks.

    Is there anyone cooler than Jill Larson?!?!!? As an amateur actor, I look to her as an example of grace, class, talent, and commitment to craft. It was wonderful to see her at the start of AMC 2.0. I hope we shall see her again on television, quality movies, and on New York and regional stages.


  13. jas says:

    What do I think??? Well, I think Jill Larson was probably the very best of the best on AMC. She livened up every scene she was in, was totally believable (she really took me away and made me feel like I was standing right there in every scene she was in). She is a very classy lady and extremely articulate. I thought her comments were gracious and thoughtful. Typically, I do not watch network TV (and definitely NEVER ABC), and have no premium cable channels. But somehow, I do hope that my path crosses on TV with Ms. Larson in the near future and many times following that. I will, of course, miss ‘my AMC’ and my other favorite actors on the show, but she is the one at the very top of the ‘miss’ list. God bless you JL and I hope only good comes your way. Everything in life happens for a reason! May only good things follow you!


    Jim Grant replied

    Yes, I second that emotion, Jill Larson as Opal is one of the characters I will absolutely miss the most – I could care less who plays Petey (no offense to the most recent actor) but Jill’s Opal to me is irreplaceable.


  14. Lew S says:

    Classy lady


  15. Matt says:

    Hoping that Debbi Morgan shows up on GH as TJ’s no-account mother, but she’s just booked a cable show so she may be on to bigger and better things.


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