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30 February 23rd, 2013 Jill Larson Posts Message On Start Of Production Of All My Children: “Feels Like A New Beginning, Soap Opera Style!”


Jill Larson has posted a very special and heartfelt message to her fans and followers on her facebook page where she shares some of her personal thoughts and excitement at seeing that production of new episodes of All My Children is just a few days away.   Larson, who plays Opal Gardner, related that the whole experience of seeing the new studio, the sets being built, seeing all friends from the crew and production associates, and new dressing rooms, really hit home that this is really happening!

Here is Jill’s post:  “I  just want to share with all of you some of my thoughts and experiences from the last few days. There is something quite miraculous about this whole thing. Some of you have likened it to the resurrections of characters who have been killed off and it’s true. But whereas my job as an actor was to feign amazement for something that is rather hard to believe in in real life, this experience is a gradual realization that this is indeed happening…in real life!

Like several people I’ve talked with since we started hearing about this project, we’ve wondered what it could be like… it’s for the internet, afterall, we associate the internet with homemade videos and stuff made on a shoestring, how will this be for our shows, will they look anything like what we saw when they were on a broadcast network? There is a certain trepidation and of course risk when trying something completely new.

But when I walked into the new studio on Thursday I knew right away that something big was happening, something I could recognize as professional quality, even though it’s all still just being built. But there are real dressing rooms, real offices, a REAL studio floor with sets and a props room, set decorators, it hit me THIS IS REAL, this will happen and it will be good!

THEN I started seeing so many familiar faces, people we were forced to leave behind when we moved to LA. I thought of our last night in NY, our “party” if you could call it that, saying goodbye to people we’d worked with for decades, feeling guilty and worried for them and their families as they stayed behind without work, figuring we’d never be together again, possibly never even see them again. And then, there they were! Howie and Penny and Fritz and Sonya, Jason and Brenden, Maggie and Jim. And our directors, Steven and Conal, Angela and Chris, and of course our visionary leaders, Ginger Smith and Agnes. We all just kept looking at each other saying, “I can’t believe this is happening!”

Going to LA was presented as a last desperate attempt to save our show. It required sacrifice, eliminating, deprivation and hardship. This feels like a true New Beginning, in true soap opera style. It feels exciting, expansive and full of possibility. It feels like a miracle!!  -Jill”

OK soapers, we all fought long and hard … but AMC is on its way back!  Give yourselves a hig- five and share your thoughts on Jill’s post!

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  1. su0000 says:

    :) :)
    No how big or small, miracles are real and they do happen..

    Want proof; watch 2 doomed soaps that were to be gone forever with no hope of ever seeing them again, return from from the dead..
    And now, in all their glory, they live on !!!

    ((returning from the dead in true soap opera style!!))


  2. Llanviewer717 says:

    Thank you for this information. I have also been concerned about the quality of what we are going to see on these Internet shows. I am very happy to know that a professional is impressed with the facilities she has seen and the crew she will be working with.

    I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been without the good citizens of Llanview, PA for too long.


  3. DrKidNurse says:

    Penny and Howie and Steven and Conal – SOOOO excited. Great people, and they LOVE that show. This is good…. very good :-)


  4. Bruce says:

    So happy!!


  5. Lisa J. says:

    Isn’t it Marvelous?!!!! It truly is a wonderful miracle! One many of us have prayed daily for from the first moment we heard they would be cancelled. Many of us grieved heavily as if losing loved ones all at once. But our prayers were answered and a miracle has been given! With all of the horrible things that can happen in life, it’s just so sweet to have something you cherish go your way. I for one am very thankful to our Lord for hearing our prayers and sending this miracle our way! I’m also thankful to Prospect Park, Agnes and everyone else involved who were so dedicated to keep fighting for our dream. God Bless you all! And thank you Michael for keeping us all in the loop every step of the way! You are a Peach!


  6. Scott Paquin says:

    Just amazing!!!!


  7. jim says:

    I cant wait…hope PP gives you, Micheal, a sneak peek clip to show us of AMC and OLTLs first episode, before they air the complete version, as a teaser for us fans to view as a thank you gift 4 us waiting so long 2 see these two return.


  8. toscanti says:

    The only one missing is Brian Frons! Just joking, I do wonder what his useless self is doing theses days; hopefully unemployed.


  9. Darla Decker says:

    Wow I can’t believe we all did it. The fan fought long and hard in some way or another and it happened , something thats never been done before, we brought back our soaps. I am so excited, its hard to put into words. It was a great loss for me to lose my soaps, they were my second family and I cried when they aired the last show of AMC and OLTL. thinking I would never see all the wonderful charactors and actors again. Thanks for all the wonderful posts Jill Larson, you are a wonderful person and actress!! A very devoted soap fan!!


  10. Paula Bianchi says:

    I’m so happy for all of you, Jill. Looking forward to seeing my Pine Valley families again. Now break a leg :)


  11. CTwildheart says:

    Jill Larson is a class act. :)


  12. Jolie says:

    I am so excited for this! I can not believe that Tomorrow the Director for AMC says “ACTION”!! And the 11th the Director for OLTL says “ACTION” Thank you PP and Agnes Nixon for never giving up and bringing our beloved shows back to life!!! Can’t wait to find out the first air date…..


  13. ghfan4evr says:

    People like Jill and Michal Fairman have been our constant source of what’s going on. Michael with his informative interviews and his honesty in his writing. And Jill Larson (who I LOVE) with her messages and video posts, keeping us in the loop and giving us that visual proof that we can see with our own eyes, has made this such an incredible journey to be on. I have finally let it sink in that “this is really happening”.


  14. Kathy says:

    Joined Hulu. Watching Downton Abby while I am waiting.


  15. Shirley Miller says:

    I am one AMC fan who agrees with Jill and is soooo very happy that AMC is being rebooted and will be shown on the Internet … which will be a new experience for the stars and the fans. What a wonderful day it will be when we can all see AMC once more …. and with our favorite stars on board. Hooray and Good Luck to All !!!!!!!


  16. Nancy Wizner says:

    Jill Larson is an amazing person. Anyone can tell just by reading her words. I can just imagine the feeling she had in walking into that studio for the first time. It really was a very long and hard fight, and one well won! It’ll be fantastic to see all our old friends again. Looking so forward to it! Congrats to all!


  17. Anita from Louisiana~ says:

    I will be soooo happy to see all the “gal pals” back on the set…Opal, of all people, I’ve missed all of you. AMC was always my one and only soap I ever watched. Heck, I still have recordings from back in 1994 and up. Love you all…


  18. nell brooks says:

    i was just admirring how the RIP is gone besides All My Childten and One Life to live


  19. darlene smith says:

    Hi Jill, I am so happy AMC is coming back I hope i get to watch it but I don’t have what they are saying you can watch it on so I really hope they go to a channel on cable. Once again I cait wait to see my favorite daytime show.


  20. Carol Smith says:

    Can’t wait, I am so excited for the return.
    Internet, live, TV, I don’t care as long as AMC is BACK!!!!


  21. Sharon says:

    Cannot wait to see All my Children again. Just really need to know where to go and how to be able to start again. Air date where to go on the internet and if as they say it might hit cable also. Us older fans are as internet savy as the youngin’s but if I can find it I will watch it any way I can. Hope to be seeing a lot of the old cast, but hope they don’t take it 5 years into the future (a year could work), but like I said any way is GREAT!!!


  22. Cela says:

    Jill….we are so happy to know that you will be coming back to AMC & happy AMC & OLTL are both coming back. I too cried when i saw the last show of AMC & OLTL…..i was just sick to my stomach & angry when my clients would watch the REPLACEMENT programs…& i’d just get up & leave the room as it was their home. I prayed & prayed & hoped & hoped & wrote & wrote & did everything it took to get the soaps back on TV. And now we can all be grateful that its finally happening. Be happy & know all of you deserve this!!!


  23. Peggy Anderson says:

    God Bless you Jill Larson, I loved your insight and your kind words about coming back to the show. I’m so happy you will be coming back, you went to Southwest High School with my sister, Julie Burglund, and she has told me you are just the nicest person, happy and friendly. I have been praying for this miracle for All My Children to come back, I had watched it for 40 years, and I truly was grieving over the loss. Now my heart feels happy, and I want to thank everyone who has made this possible. I am so looking forward to seeing “Opal” again.


  24. Vicki Middlebrook says:

    I’m thrilled that Opal is going to be part of this great show. I’ve watched it since I was 25 and I’m 64 now, so I am a big fan!! I dreamed about being an actress when I was young and always thought it would be so super to be an actress on AMC. Opal provides the show with a lot of humor and I love her dearly. I’m looking forward to watching all my favorites. When AMC left TV, I felt like I had lost my best friend, but I’m getting my best friend back, and it’s a wonderful feeling!!


  25. Lisa says:


    When will we know where to tune it to see these wonderful shows again?????

    Please let us knew when and where as soon as possible so we don’t miss a thing….

    Yeah!!!!!! Bring it on


  26. Sharon says:

    GREAT Love the show I can not wait for it to be back. Keep us informed.


  27. Rose marie De Anda says:

    i have had been watching ALL MY CHILREN SINE THE 70,S while station in germanyIi had a friend tape them and sent them to me ., Now I won be able to see the soap or tape them, if im not around to see all my children when it is showing. also why can u not show it on live t.v ? i don’t have HuLU so i guess i won’t be able to watch it. I was very sad when they took it off t.v. now i’ll be sad again knowing it will be showing and I wont be aable to see it :( :( :.


  28. Frances says:

    I’m so excited!!!!!! Can’t wait to see everyone again!


  29. Kande Merriman says:

    This is a true miracle I’m so excited can’t wait . I just hope I can figure out how to watch it on computer. Please let us know when you start showing it on computer!!


  30. Sandy says:

    Who doesn’t love Opal? We all do!! It’s so great to hear any little tidbit regarding AMC. Would absolutely love to know how things are going with the show since production began on Monday. I keep searching everywhere on the Internet for some updates but not having a lot of luck. Perhaps they want us all to be surprised and are deliberately keeping things on the down and low. I can hardly contain my excitement over actually seeing the first episode . They can’t start soon enough for me and it’s absolutely amazing that we are getting our wonderful show back. I am looking forward to seeing so many familiar faces that we have all grown to love and hopefully many more will come back to the AMC family.


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