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9 June 3rd, 2013 Joanna Johnson on Upcoming Return To B&B and New Series, The Fosters!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The Bold and the Beautiful’s Joanna Johnson (Karen) is one busy gal between her producing gigs for primetime shows while trying to squeeze in some time for her and Crystal Chappell to play some story as B&B’s first same-sex couple, Karen and Dani!

In a new interview from TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan, Johnson discusses what she deems “Her Gayest Year Ever”, since she is also writer and executive producer of ABC Family’s new series, The Fosters, (premiering Monday at 9/8CT) about two two lesbian parents, one played by former One Life to Live and Sunset Beach favorite, Sherri Saum.

Johnson says she is trying to find time for a return to the CBS soap amidst the launching of her new series!  Here are a few excerpts below:

Joanna on her year as executive producer, soap star and coming out publicly:  “It’s crazy, right? My world is so wild these days. (Laughs) I’m definitely calling this “My Gayest Year Ever”! It was just over a year ago that you and I sat down and did the interview for TV Guide Magazine where I came out publicly.  Then there was the lesbian storyline on B&B and then The Fosters shows up in my life. The same day my last show, Emily Owens, M.D., got cancelled I started getting emails from friends saying, ‘The Fosters is perfect for you!” They needed someone to help the creators, Peter Paige and Brad Bredeweg, run the show — and who better than me because this show is my life! I’m married to a woman and we have two adopted, multi-racial children. (Laughs) It’s the same story!”

Joanna on an imminent return to B&B:  “Brad Bell (EP and head writer, B&B) and I are talking about my returning for a really fun story in July when The Fosters has wrapped for the season. I really do miss B&B — both the people and the news. I went to the GLAAD awards a while back with Crystal Chappell and Linsey Godfrey (Caroline) and found out that Karen’s daughter has turned into a total badass crazy person since the last time I was on the show. I couldn’t believe it! [Laughs] Clearly, I need to come back. That girl needs some mothering!

So do you hope Joanna makes it back to film new episodes of B&B this summer? Will you check out The Fosters? Let us know!


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  1. Carbofan says:

    Hope to see lots of JJ & CC on B&B.


  2. blake says:

    That’s great, glad she will be back with Crystal Chappell!


  3. Mo says:

    I look forward to Joanna returning to B&B!


  4. Dee says:

    I can’t wait for JJ’s return. That also means more Crystal Chappell on my screen too :)


  5. lenafreed says:

    I have been waiting for this! I have continued to watch B&B even though they dropped this SL, just hoping JJ would find time to return.
    I am also looking forward to the premiere of The Fosters tonight on ABC Family. I loved Sherri Saum on OLTL.


  6. bc says:

    It’s too bad the actor that portrayed emmet on queer as folk is one of “the fosters” showrunners. That show was really racist. Its only Asian american char during its season1 was a japanese prostitute who could only speak japanese for 1 episode. While all of the chars were white of course and majority of them were rich. There was even an episode on season1 queer as folk w/c had its lead char bryan be w/ an African american. The kisses between them was only implied and never shown to the audience w/ how it was filmed. Yet bryan was shown being sexual w/ all of his numerous partners who were white. queer as folk season1 was very racist towards African americans and Asian americans. Now this actor from queer as folk is going to preach tolerance for gay and lesbian families thru “the fosters”. Yet his old show queer as folk had racist portrayals during season1 of African americans and Asian americans.


  7. bc says:

    Could “the fosters” get a lot of backlash like the cheerios commercial? The backlash for the cheerios commercial shows that there’s still a lot of hatred from white people towards racial minorities as a whole and especially towards racial minorities who are romantically paired w/ white people and have children w/ them. That was only a commercial and yet there was all this hatred towards it. The hatred towards the commercial is most probably bec white males get twice as angry when it’s a white woman with a racial minority man because of racism and misogyny. These white males who are angry at the cheerios commercial feel like those are “their women” and are threatened when these kind of relationships are portrayed. But what abt scandal’s high ratings and its pairing of fitz and olivia? It’s probably bec scandal already attracts an audience w/c already is not threatened and comfortable w/ racial minorities given that its lead is an African american female. But scandal’s drama is precisely abt an affair. There’s already an unflattering connotation to the relationship of fitz and olivia unlike cheerios commercial and “the fosters”. Obviously “the fosters” is going to push for gay marriage. But is it going to bash those that have traditional beliefs of marriage and call them homophobic? Yet the belief of traditional marriage is not the same as physically harming gays and throwing gay slurs? Of course “the fosters” is going to talk abt homophobia. But would it talk abt racism? Would it talk abt racism from the gay community bec 1 char is white and the other char is a woman of color portrayed by sherri saum? Racism from the gay and lesbian community is never discussed on tv shows w/ gay and lesbian chars.


    Mo replied

    I thought the Cheerios commercial was cute.


  8. Tim Roberts says:

    Keep the gaye storyline off the show. We all know what happened to As The World Turns and Guiding Light. I also didn’t like her as Caroline.


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