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2 March 3rd, 2010 John Callahan back to DAYS!

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Soap Opera Digest is confirming that John Callahan will reprise the role of evil Dr. Richard Baker on Days of our Lives on April 22.  The doc was presumed dead, but it looks like he is very much alive! According to reports it’s not necessarily Nicole who he will be crossing paths with this time around! Stay tuned.

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  1. Polly says:

    Excellent! I loved Doc Baker’s character (someone had to be the reality check on Nicole’s baby-napping!) I wondered why they’d written the “finger wiggle” last time I saw him after being “killed”. Thanks writers!


    nona replied

    I’m guessing he’s coming back to help transition A. Zucker (Nicole) back into the show. She should be coming off maternity sometime soon. He’ll end up doing something to get her out of the rest of her jail time — because what else would his character be needed for?

    It would be really fun if he did an underhanded baby/switch sale 20 years ago and it was Melanie making Carley and Dainel’s girl really … Mia! Then Melanie’s real parents could be Kim and Shane and they could come back to Salem. Now wouldn’t that be fun? Even better that would make Melanie and Philip cousins … making her get an annulment (notice how the marriage can still be annulled as she’s been in the hospital the entire time?) and run to Nathan. But wait there’s more … Nathan’s mom Melissa also had a fling with Daniel and, yep, Daniel’s Nathan’s father, too! Then Chloe get’s fed up with her boyfriend’s gaggle of kids while Stephanie is in misery because her parents have vanished and Nathan left her … so they grow real close and DOOL has their first lesbian relationship. EJ by then has bought a large boat naming it Cruise of Deception II, kidnapping Sami and their 3 little kids (leaving Will to repeat history and eventually date-rape Gabi and get sent to Juvie.) Sami gives into to her true feelings and she and EJ get married on the boat (EJ’s plan the entire time.) While they are on their boat trip, they run into Jack and Jennifer and they all come back to Salem to go to the sad funeral of Mrs. H.

    I would also have Bo struck by lightning wiping out his memory of the last ten years, he grows his hair out again, gets a motorcycle and takes the love of his life – Hope – back to Louisiana to relive there most romantic memories.

    Nicole marries Gus thinking he’s rich, Vivian chases her around trying to kill her because she’s jealous. Vivian later dyes her hair and gets extensions and designs an alter ego – Elouise – who backhands Kate out of her company, and then kills her. Victor is so happy he marries Vivian and Elouise in one ceremony.

    For no particular reason, a killing spree happens in Salem … first goes Arianna, the Rafe, then Gabi, then Gus. Adrienne and Justin squabble contantly, mostly because Adrienne has a big secret – she had an affair, had a baby, had the baby adopted and he’s in Salem! Uh oh, she had the affair with – yep – Daniel! And their son was … Chad! Making Mia and Chad siblings (better Grace isn’t around to deal with that!) But Chad figured this out already and was taking his agression out on Salem as … the serial killer.

    Too easy. :)


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