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19 October 3rd, 2017 John Stamos Inspired 80′s Soap Drama Being Developed By Amazon!

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Soap fans remember back in 2016 the news that former General Hospital star, John Stamos (Ex-Blackie Parrish) was developing a series based on the uber-popular 80′s in the world of daytime drama along with producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron.

When it was announced, many also knew that GH favorite Kimberly McCullough (Robin) was already working on a series based on her experiences in the 80′s in the soap world called, “Hey Day”.

Now comes word from Deadline, that the Stamos creative vehicle  being developed by Amazon as a drama series.  Written by Adam Stein (Damages), the drama is described as “Boogie Nights in the soap world.” It will explore the colorful and volatile world of daytime drama as it tracks the journey of an 18-year-old Orange County kid suddenly thrust into the limelight of Los Angeles in the early-80s, when he is anointed the Next Big Thing on America’s most popular soap.

The series is obviously inspired by the experiences of Stamos, whose acting career was launched in 1982 when, at the age of 18, he landed his role on GH.

Stamos executive produces alongside Stein, Zadan and Meron, while Zadan/Meron Prods.’ Mark Nicholson will co-executive produce. This is the latest collaboration for Stamos, Zadan & Meron who previously teamed to produce the Emmy-nominated miniseries Beach Boys: An American Family and the TV movie, Martin and Lewis.

So, what do you think about Stamos’ upcoming soapy series in development? Comment below.

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  1. InTheLigt says:

    If this is the way we have to “get back” the classic soaps, with this behind-the-scenes edge…why not? However, there’s nothing like the original classic soaps! Good for Stamos!


  2. Karen Clark says:

    I love John Stamos. Every time someone in PC goes to prison, I wonder if they ever meet up with Blackie Parrish.


    Steve replied

    Or Steven Lars Webber or Matt Hunter.


  3. Jimh says:

    Have to really see it to make a truthful comment…


  4. Jovin says:

    I’m surprised Stamos doesn’t want to play the 18 year old version of himself! LOL. This sounds mildly interesting, but only if they get into what REALLY went down, not just a bunch of Hollywood cliches about what people think happened. Those are very superficial. I think anything that keeps the soap format viable and in the news, why not go for it?


  5. Sly says:

    Okay, now he wants to use his “GH” experience to get viewers.

    Where was he for the “GH 50th” anniversary?

    He was on a talk show and claimed he had a scheduling conflict. I don’t buy it. It almost felt to me that he was a “little” embarrassed to admit that he came from a soap. GH was turning 50 that year and they got a lot of advertisement from ABC TV. He had all year to squeeze in a 60 second cameo. That’s all, not a lot. He didn’t need a whole storyline. Just a brief appearance would have been enough of a thank you to GH and the fans who would have loved to have seen Blackie Parrish again.

    That’s just my opinion.

    I won’t be watching his show however, I will support Kimberly all the way.


    Francesca Bruno replied

    I agree, Sly. Everything has a dollar sign.
    I loved Blackie in my younger years, but none of us can go back to what once was.
    Good luck.


    Timmm replied

    Frank Valentini is not one to welcome back old GH vets. He has his own agenda trying to get his buddies from OLTL on GH. Have you seen GH lately? Half of the scenes involve his friends or characters he created and gets paid more from!


    Steve replied

    Here are the veteran characters that Frank has welcomed back and employs (with various degrees of screentime):

    + increased airtime for Monica

  6. Alan says:

    Stein wasn’t the creator of DAMAGES but this show could work if he pursues that show’s twisty, dark storytelling punctuated with scenes from the soap that mirror the real lives of the actors. If it just makes a joke of the soaps then I’ll pass.


  7. Lou piikes says:

    John Stamos didn’t want a 60 second cameo, he wanted a storyline.


    Steve replied

    Blackie was such a minor character in the annals of GH history. Bobbie and Scotty are the only ones that might remember him. His main connections, Rick Webber and Amy Vining are long gone. A cameo and a song would have been appropriate.

    I would have loved a Jackie Templeton appearance, but that wasn’t going to happen


    gh'er replied

    I agree, a cameo would have been more than enough.

    Timmm replied

    He was buddies with Luke to.

    JMER replied

    It’s true. While I would’ve loved to see him play drums with Frisco singing for nostalgia, there isn’t much more to explore with his character. Jack Wagner became a much bigger star than him on the show and had a SuperCouple pairing, fleshed out character.

    You didn’t see Rick Springfield demanding that he be given a storyline. He just came on, sang his song and caroused at the Ball.

    It’ll be hard to convince this classic GH fan to seriously consider watching his project. I’ll happily wait for Kimberly to release hers whenever that is.

  8. Timmm says:

    Blackie is the ONLY GH character to be sentenced to prison for 30 years and serve the whole 30! I imagine if he slit his wife’s throat and mutilated her friend who was only returning a pair of glasses to her he would have never gone to jail! Sometimes soaps ARE better than real life!


    davlestev1 replied

    HILARIOUS. The more you know…cue rainbow. LOL.


  9. Patrick says:

    this bothers me – John Stamos – is, not – a staple of; nor is he a veteran and regarded for

    if he doesn’t hire actors from this genre. I will not care

    he’s Mr. full house and beats the drums – WOW

    is that enough?


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