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34 February 6th, 2013 John Stamos Visited General Hospital Yesterday! Is The Return Of Blackie Parrish Imminent?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

As General Hospital keeps bringing back the oldies but goodies of its 80′s hey day, another major star was apparently spotted at the set of the ABC soap yesterday and it was none other than John Stamos!

Stamos who got his start on GH as Blackie Parrish, was seen in this very cute picture with long time pal Kin Shriner, who is already back to work on GH as Scotty Baldwin! When Stamos posted the Instagram photo he related, “Visiting my buddy kin shriner (scotty baldwin) at my old stomping grounds –GH.”

In light of Jack Wagner’s (Frisco) return interview yesterday on Access Hollywood Live, where he admits he would love it if it can be worked out that he as Frisco could sing at the shows 50th Anniversary on-screen event, The Nurses’ Ball, it was Frisco who sang with Blackie’s band, where Blackie was the drummer!

Would you be thrilled if John Stamos could make a brief guest appearance for GH’s 50th on-screen shindig?  Let us know!

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  1. aria says:

    hell yeah, and bring Demi Moore along too.


    brian replied

    Yes… she started her career here as Jackie Templeton !!! This was just after Luke & Laura’s wedding, and Genie Frances left the show for the first time, disappearing off “The Haunted Star” and Jackie’s sister, Laura Templeton was the “new fake Laura”

    I remember this like yesterday.


    paula thomas replied

    hell, yeah, II. loving all these returns. it’s like the GH I first loved to watch. too bad Elizabeth Taylor can’t return.!!!

    paula replied

    I agree with aria, its been wayyyyyyyy too long for blackies return, why hell no one even mentions him anymore


  2. jim says:

    I could be wrong but wasnt Blackie Parrish serving time for a crime he didnt commit.? I dont recall him being released. How could he preform at nurses ball if still in prison?


    Jenni replied

    Blackie was sentence to two years for second degree manslaughter in 1984. In 1987 when Dusty came on the show played by Shaun Cassidy, he mentioned meeting Blackie in prison and Blackie was released. Blackie has not been mention since.


    jim replied

    Thanks Jenni. I didnt wach much of GH when Shaun Cassidy was on. I kinda remember him now that you mentioned. In the late 80s to late last year i watched off and on if certain stories interest me. Now im a regular viewer again who hates to miss an episode.

    brian replied

    Gees…. I forgot all about Shaun Cassidy being on the show ! Bring him back with Rick Springfield, then Jack Wagner and John Stamos would have one hell-of-a teen bop band !

    Jenni replied

    Would Love that. I was a huge Shaun Cassidy fan growing up and was over the moon when he joined GH for his short story. Also I am a huge fan of Jack Wagner, Rick Springfield and John Stamos and would be a dream come true to see them on camera at the same time.

  3. Veronica says:

    Yes!! Please bring Blackie back!!


  4. ray schichtel says:

    Absolutely!! I remember the old Rift-Raft and the band practicing in an old apartment. Great memories. That would be a great way to honor that part of GH, Friscos introduction w/ Blackies band.


  5. Tali Smith says:

    Bring’em back – love them all!! And Aria has an awesome idea!!!


  6. robert says:

    I would love for a John Stamos apperance, but because of his busy schedule, I don’t know.


  7. Diane O says:

    Riff Raff at the Nurses Ball? Yes, please!!


    ces replied



  8. LisaK says:

    Loving all the returns of characters…..bring them all back…the more the merrier I say! Keep the memories flowing! The good ole days were indeed…the ” good ole days” keep it going…I’m addicted once again to this GH!


  9. Christy says:

    well, yeah, duh! :-)

    how long was blackie supposed to be in jail? wasn’t it 20 years– so he would have been out for a while.

    so when will Tiff and Sean show up?

    and Robert needs to wake up… speak Robert, speak!

    gee will Robin make it back to the ball on time?


    MK replied

    It was actually only susposed to be 6 mo and then to a half-way house. In 1987, Blackie’s cell mate, Dusty Walker (Shaun Cassidy) looked up Frisco and that was the only mention. In 1992, John Stamos played John Stamos.


  10. mo says:

    Even if he’s just visiting, it’s nice. Nice he’s still friends with Kin and remembers where he got his start.


  11. Iakovos says:

    I do seem to recall Blackie’s wrongful imprisonment and writers seemed to drop the ball. What is difficult is there are very few characters around with whom he had interaction 25 or so years ago and… well… do we care? As much as I like John Stamos and eat Greek yogurt hoping to conjure him, if there is a return, I would want it to be meaningful to story, not just an odd insertion of something of long ago. Guess we shall see, huh?


  12. jim says:

    What about Jeff Webber, Noah Drake, Joe Kelly, Sean and Tiffany?


  13. heidi says:

    Yes…. would love to see him back for awhile! This is getting to be so much fun with all of our faves from the past… keep them coming! Go GH!!!


  14. Nancy (Save Thesoaps) says:

    I would be thrilled beyond all thrillization if Blackie played at the Nurses Ball, he can stick around as long as he likes!!


  15. MBmomof3 says:

    I think John Stamos has gotten even hotter with age. Oh my, is it hot in here?

    GH & ABC seem to be pulling out all the stops for the 50th. As they should. So exciting!


  16. Cathy Fink says:

    I would absolutely LOVE it if John Stamos woould make an appearance on GH….pleeeeaSE let it happen.


  17. Blake says:

    it’s great that he’s still friends with Kin! It would be awesome if he could be there for the anniversary. And Demi Moore also if she’d come!


  18. MikeT says:

    I would love to see Demi Moore return as Jackie Templeton !!


  19. bc says:

    nope to anything from john stamos. he guested on glee w/c is 1 of the most racist tv shows towards Asian americans. they named both the Asian chars as chang bec it’s some kinda racist joke where all Asian americans are monolithic. like they couldn’t use some other name. then the racist coach character used to call them Asian and other Asian to further degrade them bec not calling the Asian american chars by their names is a form of humor for glee. then they had cohen chang mention that she didn’t wanna eat a chinese salas w/ chicken feet but would rather eat a “normal” salad. how racist was that joke? would the glee writers ever have a char say they would prefer something “normal” and imply that anything lgbt related is abnormal? of course not bec that would be homophobic. glee loves to lecture people on homophobia and lgbt bullying and gay suicide. and yet the huffington post has reported that more than 50% of Asian american students are bullied w/c makes them the most bullied group. while the Office of Minority Health (OMH) and National Asian Women’s Health Organization (NAWHO) has reported that suicide is the fifth leading cause of death among Asian americans compared to the ninth leading cause of death for white americans and that 16% of Asian american women have contemplated suicide compared with 13% of other Americans and that Asian American girls ages 15 to early 20s die from suicide at a higher rate than all other groups. but hollywood wouldn’t care abt creating storylines abt suicide among Asian americans and bullying Asian american students bec they’re too busy bashing Asian americans thru their portrayals and lacjk of representation. it took glee until season 3 to create an episode for the Asian american male char portrayed by harry shum and the female Asian american char portrayed by ushkowitz. and yet the episode for ushkowitz had her char bump her head and think she was white rachel! the only way glee would have an episode around ushkowitz is if her char thought she was a white woman! how racist was that episode? but nothing is worse than what glee did when matt bomer guested. blayne is portrayed by darren who is a part Asian american actor. but they cast his brother w/ matt bomer who is white. could glee not have cast a part Asian american actor considering how they get very little opportunities and there are very little Asian american representations? glee proclaims to be abt diveristy and tolerance and against gay bullying. yet glee bashes Asian americans thru whitewashing a char! and of course stamos guests on “the new normal” w/c is portrays ellen barkin’s char as someone backwards and yet “tolerant” hollywood is completely racist towards Asian americans.


  20. lisa says:

    I thought Blackie Parrish was dead !?


  21. KDreamr says:

    Bring all the cast can not have a future with out them u have killed all the soap shows keep gh running ……in only gh fashion throw brenda back with sonny,,lois n her husband and jax too…u keep killing stars off try keeping them..the hospital is the show the nursing staff was the best…even the blonde who never kept a secret….


  22. CTwildheart says:

    Even if it’s just with his band to perform at the Nurse’s Ball! YES!


  23. Helise says:

    I tweeted Frank Valentini on Twitter for Blackie Parrish aka John Stamos to come back to the show! I’ve followed John’s career since 1982 on General Hospital till now on The New Normal. John Stamos playing drums, guitar or singing would be heaven in my ears on GH!


  24. JasonWho? says:




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