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16 August 31st, 2012 Jon Hensley On His B&B Return: “I have always wanted to work with Katherine Kelly Lang!”

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Now that Ronn Moss (Ridge) had left the building at The Bold and the Beautiful, and we know Brad Bell, the head honcho of B&B, has previewed there could be a new love interest for Brooke in the making, could it be former As the World Turns heartthrob, Jon Hensley?

Hensley who has appeared on B&B as Dr. Meade reported back to work on the CBS soap on August 20th, and while his air dates are not yet set or released, Jon spoke with Soap Opera Digest in their latest issue (on newsstands now) that he would welcome the opportunity to work with Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) as her new leading man!

Hensley stated, “I’ve know Kelly for a long time.  I’ve always wanted to work with her, but I knew it wasn’t a possibility because of Ronn.   Now that that’s dissolved somewhat, that door has opened.  It would be nice, even if it’s just for a few weeks.  Nobody mentioned that to me yet, because I don’t think anybody thought it was an option.  So we’ll see! I think it would be great!”

So soapers, what would you think of Hensley and Lang on-screen pairing?  We kind of dig it!

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  1. susan says:

    Love the idea! I love Jon and she is my fav actress so how cool would that be!


  2. EDDIE EMMONS says:

    Hmmmm….not sure there would be chemistry there.


  3. Scott says:

    It’s obvious that this is the new pairing that Brad has planned for Katherine’s Brooke Logan! And I could support it as long as he doesn’t go and sleep with Hunter’s Taylor!


  4. mo says:

    Should be great!


  5. Iakovos says:

    I pray it is written well if this is to be. If we go by recent practice, there will be a simple misunderstanding that will separate Ridge and Brooke and within moments of that, Brooke will be smitten with the doctor. Of course, the doctor will have a date with Taylor that will go only OK but enough to make Brooke angry and eager to keep the dcotor for herself. By the end of the second week, Brooke and the doctor will marry, leaving Taylor angry. That will incite something in Steffy who will try to steal the doctor for herself (this during a moment of Liam-Hope marriage). Steffy will fail but Brooke already will have her union with the doctor annulled… *sigh*


  6. Charella says:

    I would to see Jon and KKL work together!


  7. Jolanda Da Thesta says:

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh love you Jon Hensley


  8. toscanti says:



  9. Ann says:

    Jon needs a job so….


  10. Justin says:

    I haven’t watched the show much, but I never missed ATWT for 30 years. I would love to see him and Martha Byrne and Maura West on B & B. But I’m sure regular viewers would not. I may check it out though if he were on it. I never liked Ronn Moss much anyway…although I do like KKL.


  11. Torrey says:

    Does this mean that we will finally get a break from what has become the Hope/Liam/Steffy show? I am so sick of tuning in and seeing that stupid expression on Liam’s face……uh, did I do something wrong? It is sooooo past time for TPTB over and B&B to focus on someone else.


    kay/kay replied

    Prepare yourself Torrey to be disappointed in an interview in SOD it is still all about the teeneyboppers. He is going to make the show more like One Tree Hill, and rumor also has it he already has Moss’s replacement picked out he as much as said so.


  12. gloria says:

    LOVE IT!!! Bring it on. But yes, leave Taylor OUT of it. Enough of the “sharing”


  13. Dwayne says:

    Why do I get the feeling it will be Brooke and Steffy fighting over the doctor and NOT Brooke and Taylor?


  14. Kris says:

    I didn’t know Ronn Moss was leaving what a geat loss for B&B. However, I think this would be a fatastic parring. How can you go wrong? When you put two of the most talented, not to mention hotest actors on daytime TV together? I think anything or anyone that can get Brooke to stop fixating on Hope’s love life and start focusing on her own for at least five episodes is a wonderful thing and I say, go for it! I’m not like some viewers who say they’re tierd of seeing so much of the show being devoted to the Hope, Liam, and Steffy triagle, What I am tired of is the fact that every other adult seems think it is their right to take sids, have and voice thier opinion infatically, and give really bad unsolicted and endles advice, Yes, I think it will be a refreshig change for Brooke to have her own romatic delima’s for a while. I think it will be very intrigng and intesting for viewer’s to watch and see how this romance unfolds, provided, the pacing is slow enough for the viewers to watch it evolve over time. I want to be made to feel like they’ve had to go through a lot to be together and I’ve been rooting for them to be together thoghout their entire relationship. I don’t want to see them just hop into bed together after two dates. I want to feel like I’m watching a meaningful romance develop. Soap writers in general, seem to have forgotton why fans love soaps in the first place. It’s the romance and the desire to fight to be together against all the odds to be together no matter who or what stands in thier way. Today, a lot of soaps are boring to watch because it’s just about people hopping into bed together without the romace or family history to show why it makes since for them to be together. That’s what draws viewrs in and makes them watch for years on end to see if their favorite will be together. The sex is just colminaton of their finally finding their way back togethr again until tommorow when they face their next obsical. It was never supposed to be the main point of the story. If I could tell Brad Bell or any soap writter for that matter, one thing it would tell them to bring back romance and family history. The reason so many have fallen away from whatching soaps is not just because cable and the internet have given them so many options. It’s because soaps aren’t what used to be. That’s why people choose other options. I’m excitd about all the possibillttites that could arise from brining two actor’s like Katherine Kelly Lang & Jon Hensly caliber together. I know you have an uphill battle because a lot Brigge hate the idea of Brooke being with anyone elese but Rige but only because you wrote a great romantic love story for them and viewers are invested in them as a couple. If you do that for this new paring people will love them too given time. Please work your magic Brad Bell I know you can do it.Your father did it and you can to, Bridge is proff of that. Just keep romance & family at the forefront of B&B.


  15. Sherry says:

    It just seems a little odd to me since it’s been shown that Steffy has known Dr. Meade for a long time (that was shown in Aspen). I’m not saying Steffy and Dr. Meade should get together, but come on, another male character falling for Brooke. I can believe Brooke falling for another man, even right after she marries Ridge, because Brooke always finds an excuse for doing what she does, but this instant love that all male characters have for the Logans is really a joke.

    Of course Jon Hensley would want to be paired with someone who is front-and-center every day so why wouldn’t he want to be paired with KKLang. It still doesn’t bring balance to the show, something that has been lacking for years.


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