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9 August 15th, 2012 Jon Hensley Returns to The Bold and the Beautiful! Could Dr. Meade Be A Potential Love Interest for Brooke?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

As the World Turns fan favorite, Jon Hensley is returning to tape more episodes of Dr. Meade on The Bold and the Beautiful!  The actor announced today on his Twitter page, when he tweeted,  “Hi All.  B&B has invited me back for a few more episodes, I shoot them next week! No details yet!”

Now with Ronn Moss (Ridge) exiting the series, and Brad Bell (EP and Head Writer, B&B)  in his recent interview with TV Guide teasing that there will be a new man in Brooke’s orbit soon, could Jon Hensley as Dr. Meade be that man?

What would you think of seeing Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Jon Hensley together on a screen as a romantic duo?   And if not Brooke, who do you think Dr. Meade should be involved with on B&B?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Sophie says:

    Oh gawd, I hope not. They got rid of Nick, when JW and KKL have AMAZING chemistry!!!! Bricky all the way! What about Deacon? KKL and SK are smoking hot too.


  2. Matt says:

    I thought of this yesterday and posted elsewhere on the site. I LOVE the idea. They would make a super hot couple — BUT I’d like to see Brooke pursued by two hot guys at once, both very different from each other, because two is a relationship and three is a STORYLINE! Wouldn’t have to be as manic as Steffy-Liam-Hope, though, just two guys that each bring out something different in Brooke. Maybe a guy who makes her feel secure (Dr. Meade) and someone who makes her feel young, carefree (rugged, free-spirited cowboy). Maybe Dr. Meade could be a cowboy at heart when he’s not taking care of patients? Holden, I mean, Jon Hensley could pull this off in his sleep — and give Brooke the “gounding” she will need after Ridge goes “off the grid”!


  3. tommy says:

    Rather see him paired with Thomas.


    Mickey replied

    Very good idea! Storylines with only heterosexual human beings in L.A. are very old-fashioned :P


  4. Iakovos says:

    Does someone like Brooke, so wrapped up in Ridge for 25 years, really go to a new man in the blink of an eye? (Well, as Brooke is written so often… yes.) BUT…

    I would love to see Brooke having an epiphany of sorts. If this is the end of Ridge and Brooke, then maybe she can have a renaissance of sorts, tear herself down to the foundation and rebuild herself as a woman with fight and independence… and then maybe entertain romance. There are so many stories that can be told to that end. The endless bedhopping and years of wasted wanting could evolve into a new approach for Brooke that could have strong and lasting effect on the other Logans and Forresters. Or perhaps introduce audiences to something new and refreshing.


    Matt replied

    Iakovos, we often agree — and I feel a character (Brooke, in this case) can do all the things you suggested and still have romance w/o “bedhopping”. BTW, not to say you implied otherwise, but there is a difference between romance and bedhopping. I’m sure Brooke will not be dumped by Ridge and jump head first into a new relationship, at least I hope not. I was just saying this morning that I hate some soaps are about basically two things: M&M. Murders and Marriages. B&B is about “serial” marriages, of late, but NOT every relationship has to end in marriage or should necessarily (Hope & Liam!) Older soaps (UK/Aussie and some US) dealt with people’s day-to-day lives and relationships, and it WASN’T ALL marriage and mayhem. I like to see how people live and react to what’s going on around them … all soaps would benefit from more characters and less hand puppets that act out any fool plot the writers concoct (can you say Ricky? Daisy? Poor ruined Sharon?) … Y&R not only has multiple marriages (some ending almost before they’ve started) but also has one murder after another, usually before the last one is solved (some haven’t been solved!), thank goodness B&B has not gone there. Other fans don’t always understand why I defend (some) of B&B’s writing, that’s why. It actually could be worse, but it definitely could be better. Ridge “dropping out” can have a ripple effect across B&B and actually help the quality of the show. Hoping it will because: Much of the true power of daytime soaps has been lost in repetitive storytelling.


  5. TnT 2.0 Forever says:

    I don’t care for the storyline but I would love to see Jon Hensley on my TV screen again.


  6. Scott says:

    I would agree to this, as long as Jon Hensley’s character is pulled into Taylor/Bridget, etc. I don’t want him to become the next Ridge, Jon is above that as an actor. I want him to portray the right characters for him.


  7. Carina Tiotuico says:

    I think John Hensley will be a hot shut together with Brooke but also with Steffy!
    Probably Brooke is pregnant with Ridge and Dr. M. WILL BE THE FATHER OF THE CHILD!….WOULD BE AMAZING!


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