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21 January 9th, 2013 Jon Lindstrom Returning To General Hospital!

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Looks like everyone loves Lucy Coe on General Hospital? Or, do they?  News this morning out of ABC Soaps In Depth has another fan favorite returning to the ABC soap! Jon Lindstrom is on his way back as Kevin Collins just in time for February Sweeps!

GH headwriter Ron Carlivati revealed what brings Kevin back to the series, and what has happened with Lucy and Kevin’s relationship:  “The last we knew, it was implied at Lila’s memorial that Lucy had reconciled with Kevin, and that they were together.  And we did see a picture of him on her desk at CoeCoe Cosmetics.  So the big question is, where is he and why hasn’t she mentioned him? Lucy gets herself into a pretty major jam during February sweeps and, when that happens, she receives a surprise visitor. That is Kevin. When he arrives, you’ll find out why you haven’t seen him yet, why she hasn’t mentioned him and what is the status of their relationship.”

For those wondering just how long Lindstrom will be a part of the General Hospital canvas this time, apparently, mum’s  the word from ABC at this point in time.  

What do you think of Lindstrom heading back to GH? Would you like to see lots of Kevin and Lucy antics and romance?  Let us know!

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  1. Ces says:

    Um… more actors coming to GH? It’s been like 2 weeks since we’ve seen Anna & Robert. There is such a thing is an overinflated cast! I love them all but ..


    MBmomof3 replied

    It is almost an embarassment of riches. I too am concerned about the size of the cast and the fact that we haven’t seen Anna, Robert & Luke, in how long? But I do love my vets!


    Ces replied

    Yep. I love the cast and there are only a few actors I’d let go (Britt, Sabrina, Kate/Connie, maybe Johnny, Molly, Christina) but there are just SO many on there that are awesome! I think Luke will finalllly be on today’s episode. I’m just loving this show though..

    Jules replied

    EXACTLY my problem. Great so beloved characters are returning. It means NOTHING when the show is so heavily bloated with so many others and so much else that after the allure of the return happens, they just mysteriously vanish for weeks on end before their disappearance is explained by another character. What good will the characters returning be when other “big returns” are sacrificed because of it, ones we were supposed to be super excited about when they were announced as returning? Too many eggs in the basket won’t make a meal, it will just mean lots of broken eggs.


    Ces replied

    Very well said. It breaks up the continuity of the storyline to have weeks in between before we get back to them. Anna is supposed to be a Police Commissioner and yet she never even shows up for work. Has time stood still? Will Robert still be in the same state of mind? Will Anna still be wearing the same clothing?
    Like I’ve said before, just because an actor is available doesn’t mean we should bring em’ all to GH. Of course, I’d be willing to lose a few for Genie Francis :)

    The_HugoBoss replied

    Characters don’t have to be on every single day! Anna just had a HUGE storyline. And with the return of Robin, we know she has another HUGE storyline coming up. Finola was probably on set filming a lot the last few months. Maybe they’ve written her so little recently to keep the actor from feeling overworked.

    And I think sometimes we choose to blame the writers and producers, but we have to keep in mind, the actors, especially the veterans, have certain things they ask for. And time off they request every so often. I’ve seen people complain about Luke still being gone, but that’s not on GH. That’s on Tony. And his yearly vacations. When they brought Robert back to help Anna, he even mentioned in an interview on here with Michael how his initial scripts said “Luke”. And they went back and changed scenes to make them work for Robert.

    I think we as fans just sometimes need to remember we don’t always know the entire story of goings on behind the scenes. And should just be grateful the show’s ratings are going up. The show is flowing better. We are getting returns that people have wished for for years now. It’s not the Sonny/Carly/Jason/Sam show featuring a bunch of other talented actors as extras every day. And that if they want the show to remain entertaining, they probably have to pace out certain ideas for characters as to help them not become boring or even moreso, so they don’t feel forced down our throats everyday.

    I think GH currently needs to take the title of #1 Soap from Y&R as of lately. lol. Or either Ron and Frank should just be put in charge of ALL daytime dramas. ;-p


    Judith replied

    All well said Hugo Boss! Amazing how some fans are so quick to point fingers at the writers and producers. I agree. We should be grateful GH has been rejuvinated. It’s been years since I watched on a daily basis and can’t wait for the next day’s episode. The show is so far removed from the old Sonny/Jason/Sam show with all of the dark, violent storylines and I for one am so happy! I don’t even miss “Jason” and I agree with a previous blogger, I can do without, Britt, Christina, Connie/Kate and who’s Sabrina?

    Ces replied

    I undertand that Tony goes to Amsterdam most of the year so I get that, but the cast is still HUGE and needs to be downsized a wee bit. When I see an entire episode surrounding Ellie, Sabrina, Britt and Christina I cringe. Why are these people getting so much airtime? That’s basically my point .. I know they need to move story along, esp Ellie, but the others to me are filler.

    I don’t blame the writers but I do blame whoever keeps bringing more characters on.

  2. MBmomof3 says:

    I would love to see more Lucy and Kevin. The gear up to the big 5-0 has been nothing short of amazing to this long-time soap fan! Nice that ABC/D finally got a clue about how to treat their fanbase.


  3. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    I’m so excited that Kevin is coming back. Goodness knows that Kate/Connie needs a decent shrink since Ewen turned out to be a sort of bad guy. Perhaps Todd, Starr, Johnny, Carly, Maxie and Patrick could also end up on the good doctor’s couch.


  4. tim says:

    It would be fun to see Jon play both Kevin and Ryan again.If I remember right,Ryan’s body was never recovered from the fire,and with Felecia back together with Mack,it would make for interesting story lines.


  5. Gail says:

    F A N T A S T I C. !!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Michael says:

    You would never see these vets with the train wreck that Bob Guza and Jill Phelps turned General Hospital into when they were in charge.


    Lawrence replied

    I agree


  7. Christine says:

    I’m glad Kevin Lindstrom and “Doc” are coming back.

    Who says new and old can’t mix and play together? I just love that the veterans are being incorporated whether it is for a short time or contract.


  8. heidi says:

    Should be fun!


  9. Barb says:

    Great news but the show is getting way overcrowded. Time for a spin-off.


  10. yup says:

    the more LUCY the better!!!

    BUT she was in Love with Thornheart at the end PC, Not Kevin,


  11. Lawrence says:

    If Jill Farren Phelps were still producing, we would forget what the word vet means. Be grateful that there are major returns for the big anniversary.


    aria replied

    totally agree, she probably would of bypass the anniversary altogether, thnk god she’s gone from GH.


  12. Teresa says:

    Love it that so many actors are returning for the BIG anniversary. Congrats to GH.


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