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6 September 18th, 2010 Jon Lindstrom’s twitter pic of ATWT cast gathering in NYC to watch finale!

So remember this on-going question we asked over the last several weeks to many of the actors of As the World Turns, as to are they attending the cast and crew party/get-together to watch the finale? Some said they knew about it, and others did, sort of.  Well, it actually did occur yesterday in New York.  ATWT’s Jon Lindstrom (Craig) tweeted this pic out to everyone of the bittersweet gathering as they watched the show one last time.

Who can you spot in the pic?  We see: Julie Pinson, Chris Goutman, Noelle Beck, Lindstrom (not seen but taking the pic), and producer, Carole Shure.   On-Air On-Soaps is happy to find out that the cast, perhaps, got some closure, and got to share some laughs and tears watching the finale.

How cool!

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  1. Donna says:

    That looks like Anthony Herrarra right next to Julie Pinson on the far left side of the picture.


  2. Jan says:

    Michael, I noticed that Van mentioned in your latest interview with him, that he hadn’t been invited to this yet at the time….wonder if he ended up getting invited, since I can’t tell if he’s in the above photo?! Would be kind of considered bad form I would say, if he wasen’t invited…. :(


    Estelle replied

    Oh Jan, I’m sure Van was invited once the logistics were settled. The World Turns’ crew seemed very tight knit.


  3. Tom says:

    Colleen Zenk was interviewed by Daytime Confidential on Friday. She said she was trying to make it but was too late to make it but indicated Trent Dawson was there.


  4. Estelle says:

    I was wondering where Colleen was! Glad to see my other favorite there, Julie Pinson! They’re both amazing!


  5. Joan says:

    Nice ending very well done. Broke down when Dr. Bob picked up his name plate, what the show was about and said good night, then they showed the spinning glob. I turned turned to CBS today just to see what they have on. Price is Right. Guess they thought Y&R reruns would bomb. But I’m watching OLTL getting ready for Kim Zimmer to come on. Fair well cast and crew, hope you find more respect on a better network. RIP CBS.


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