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39 March 9th, 2013 Jonathan Jackson On If He Will Return For GH’s 50th: “We Tried, But We Weren’t Able To Make It Work!”


This afternoon, the cast and creators of the hit ABC Primetime soap, Nashville took part in the  30th anniversary of The Paley Center For Media’s Paleyfest 2013!   This year, as in previous years, Paleyfest 2013 offers seminars featuring the creative teams and the cast from many of primetime’s newest hits and returning favorites.

On-Air On-Soaps was there and got the opportunity to catch up with five-time Daytime Emmy winner, Jonathan Jackson (Ex-Lucky GH, now Avery, Nashville) to find out if Jonathan might be making a return to General Hospital in the coming month for the show’s 50th anniversary celebration, and what is going on with Avery on Nashville, who has gone from being a complete jealous jerk to possibly showing some signs of having a heart.   Here is what Jonathan had to say about it all  below!

Jonathan on if he will return for General Hospital’s 50th:  “We tried, even up to this point for the actual airing of the 50th anniversary, but we weren’t able to make it work.  I don’t know.  It’s still possible even within the year, but we certainly tried this time. “

Jonathan on how he perceives his ambitions musician Avery on Nashville at this juncture in the story: “The way I have tried to play the character, and I think this is Callie Khouri’s (Creator, Nashville) vision as well, is that he and others on the canvas are not black and white characters. Every character has layers, complexities, and levels.  So for me, even when Avery was behaving like a jerk, I was always trying to have this sense of conflict with him.  He’s not acting like this because it feels good to him; he is acting like this because he has these ambitions and conflicts.  The fact that when he was first tempted by his manager, he said, ‘No,’ then he came back and thought, ‘Hey, I did the right thing!’ However, then Scarlett (Clare Bowen) freaked out on him.  Then there was another moment where he was struggling with jealousy towards Scarlett because she was the one getting this big break, when he was the one who was working so hard. Then Avery came back to her and said, ‘I want you do this.  I want to be there for you in the studio.’  So there have been these moments, where he has shown selflessness and trying to do the right thing.  But at the end of the day, he has just not been able to follow through up to this point.  For me, as an actor, it’s been great.  I have that constant tension going on. I see Avery as a good soul who is lost and who doesn’t who he really is. ”

So soapers, are you upset that Jonathan will not be coming home as Lucky to join Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura (Genie Francis) and the Spencer clan for the big GH 5-0?  What do you think of Jonathan’s portrayal of Avery on Nashville?  Let us know!

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  1. jim says:

    I guess we cant always be so ‘lucky’. It would have been nice to see J.J. pay a brief visit 4 ghs 50th.


  2. Ces says:

    That’s too bad, would have been nice to have had him on … but then we’d probably never want him to leave :)


  3. leslie martin says:

    He is the only reason I watch Nashville. Yes, I am very disappointed he will not be able to return for the 50th. I have watched for 47 of those 50 years.


  4. Mandy says:

    No Jonathan deserves better, plus they ruined his character by ruining Lush, when there were lots of fan support! But the producers could not just say screw Lucky and Liz whom I used to love but had quit! It’s nice to see Jonathan moving on. Love him in Nashville.


  5. bc says:

    nashville is being broadcast around Asian countries. I haven’t read anything abt its foreign ratings though. Is nashville the highest rated among the musical soaps? racist glee’s lowest ratings were a paltry 5 million w/c is really pathetic considering how glee bleeds abt 9 million of idol’s ratings! glee has only beat grey’s anatomy when grey’s aired a repeat. While glee still failed against a person of interest repeat! Giggles. NBC’s whitewashed smash has dipped to a .9 rating for its 18-49 demo while its total ratings are 3 million and yet each episode costs 4 million dollars to make! Heck NBC’s total ratings are even lower than Latino american channel Univision. NBC is now the 5th ranked channel. revenge is even hitting 5 million ratings low. Scandal is the ratings winner among all the primetime soaps bec its 18-49 demo is the highest rated amongst all its competition. nashville though seems to get praise from “tv critics” primarily bec these “tv critics” seem to really love connie britton.


  6. Debbie Harris says:

    It would have been Great to have the old Spencer family together again with Luke, Laura, Lucky and Lulu all being in some scenes together. But, since Julie Berman has already filmed her last episodes,guess that wouldn’t be possible anymore. Sadly.


  7. CTwildheart says:



  8. Susannah says:

    It would be good to see him come back and repair the relationship he had with his children. I can’t believe the Lucky I loved since I was a teenager, would completely abandon his kids and not have any contact with them or their mother.
    I hope when he returns someday, even for a short visit, there are scenes with Elizabeth and the kids as well as the whole Spencer family, especially Laura.
    Until then I’ll enjoy seeing JJ on Nashville, he gives what could be a one-note character a lot of complexity and makes him interesting to watch.


  9. Margot says:

    It would’ve been nice if he was there for the 50th. I’ve always liked him. Cest la vie.


  10. Sharon says:

    It would have been very special to have him on screen even for a day with both Luke and Laura back and before JMB’s playing Lulu ends. Sigh.


  11. Susanne says:

    Devastated not to be seeing my favorite acting trio of all time (Francis, Geary and Jackson) on the small screen together for GH’s 50th. The triple L’s are GH! Mr. Jackson is the only reason I watch Nashville. Love his portrayal of Avery. I am so happy for JJ’s primetime success and wish him all the best… but I will forever miss the perfect casting that was/is him as Ms. Francis’ Laura, and Mr. Geary’s Luke’s…. son!!!! ABC do what you need to do to reunite the family Spencer one more time in honor of GH’s 50th!!!!!


  12. aria says:

    The shows new regime has done more then we could ever dream of, the fact that so many veterans are returning is a miracle to begin with.. This under the previous regime would of been non existent. So we really can’t expect for everyone to return, and who knows we might be surprise. still not everyone returning has to do it for the shows 50th, hope the show continues to bring people back througout the whole year.


    Gillian replied

    Well said, Aria. So true. Perhaps JJ will return of Nashville is cancelled? If not, I hope they recast Lucky at some point down the road. Lucky, Nickolas, Lulu and Ethan are all part of the Spencer/Cassadine GH legacy and should be on the canvas, even if temporarily.


  13. Daisy says:

    He’s moved on to nightime. I highly doubt he would come back for a cameo. I think he was miscast in Nashville. And Greg Vaughn has moved on to DOOL, so no Lucky.


    Bianca replied

    I kind of agree that JJ was a bit miscast on Nashville, he should have been Gunnar. I mean, I understand why Avery would be an interesting character for him to portray, and stretch his acting muscles with, but Avery is such an isolated and unlikable character (the tableau outside of Deacon’s party was a perfect metaphor) that his scenes take me more and more out of the show’s “action.” I keep waiting for the writers to start integrating him into the other characters’ lives, but if they don’t do it by the end of this season, I just don’t see the point of keeping the character around.


  14. Patrick says:

    for sentimental reasons… ie: with Laura back… and seeing a reunion… would have been loving….

    ie: Lucky… with JJ… was so dark, gothic, in to himself… that… I always liked Greg Vaughn better….

    so… he came back to GH because of the regime… and JJ left on his accord… so… i am not missing his character… too much.

    and i’ll stand in line and give back…. Luke and Lucky were golden.


  15. Michele says:

    Disappointing news . I was hoping for a Spencer family reunion. It would be great to see Genie Francis and Jonathan Jackson acting together again, would of watched Gh for that. I like others, watch Nashville because of Jonathan Jackson and think he does a fantastic job showing his character’s conflict . He just such a good actor. Oh and I ‘m enjoying Avery’s music.


  16. Brian Tripp says:

    I think this could be Cartini trying to surprise us and that JJ will be there for the GH50. They did the same thing with Trevor St John on the last episode of OLTL. Everyone was interviewing him and he said that he couldn’t make it work (with a straight face) and then he was in the very last scene of the ABC TV broadcast. So I am not giving up yet and I think we will be lucky and get some Lucky!


  17. heidi says:

    I was so hoping he would be able to come back for the anniversary. Too bad they couldn’t work it out. For the anniversary we really need Jonathan back and not a recast… there are so many flashbacks and history there it just would not be the same with a recast. Lucky is an important character and it would be great to have him back someday! I really am happy for Jonathan’s success and wish him the best but was hoping like Tony that he would be able to come back a few times a year at the least. Would love to see him and his family have more moments.


  18. Jan says:

    He is one special actor I remember him when he was small and there he was in scenes with Luck’s Tony Geary. I used to watch GH on and off with grandma.
    Well some things just don’t work out and it’s always nice to asked and then depending on story line’s.
    Did it make sense, like in the Patrick/Marty /Cole story on OLTL at the end.


  19. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I’m happy about this. Jonathan Jackson was not Lucky for me. I enjoyed Greg Vaughn much more. I’d actually be happy with a recast of maybe Jon Prescott, etc. I think they need to find a better and stronger Lucky Spencer. And then pair him back with Sam (Kelly Monaco).


    Cartini replied

    I agree. Greg was better, hotter with Rebbeca and Kelly. Greg’s Lucky would also work better now opposite Sean and Rebecca


  20. claudiakurzyna says:

    I am disappointed that JJ was not able to make an appearance with the rest ofthe Spencer clan for GH’s 50th. He will certainly be missed. But I do enoy his Avery every week on Nashville!


    GHFan replied

    Nashville gives him hardly any airtime!!! 3 mins an episode is barely a role. I FF the whole show and just watch him and I am a JJ fan. Gotta say I am extremely disappointed! :(


  21. Gigi says:

    That’s a shame. But understandable they couldn’t make it work. Hope we see Lucky later in the year. AND NO RECASTS FOR ME! Hated both of ‘em, lol.


  22. Joshua says:

    Thank God Jonathan Jackson won’t ever be coming back. Maybe the born-again Christian (or whatever) can continue backing his favorite political candidate, Mike Huckabee and they can both continue their crusades against gay people.


    Jeannine replied

    You really should keep your negative opinions to yourself…especially since you don’t know what you’re talking about.


  23. Doe says:

    Jonathan Jackson has always been a great actor. We can’t take that away from him. TPTB at GH may have a surprise for the JJ fans, so don’t write him off yet. I like Nashville and think it will be around for a while. Yes, it would have been nice to reunite the Spencer clan, but show business can be cruel sometimes. We don’t know how long Genie Francis will stay. They all go where the work is and we can’t blame them.


  24. Gigi says:

    JJ is now an Orthodox Christian — he’s distanced himself from that charismatic born again group he used to belong to. Also, he hasn’t backed any right-wingers since Huckabee. In fact while his brother and father were very public in supporting Newt Gingrich and then Romney this cycle (ew) he stayed out of it completely. And the only thing he’s said about LGBT people in recent years was in answer to a gay fan, reassuring him that of course Enation would welcome LGBT fans. #themoreyouknow


  25. BornSoapStar says:

    Hallelujah! No more St. Schmucky on GH. JJ is a great actor. Loving him on Nashville, but the character of Lucky Spencer was destroyed over the years (yes, blame the horrible writing) and there is nothing redeemable about him. Won’t miss him not returning…then again I quit watching GH altogether.


  26. Deanna says:

    I am very disappointed to read that Jonathan Jackson won’t be coming back for the 50th. I was really hoping that somehow they could have him come back and work things out with Liz and be a part of Cam and Aiden’s life. Also be back with Luke, Laura, Ethan , Nik and Lulu.I still feel that the writers ruined the whole Spencer family when they had Nik and Liz get together and had Luke kill Jake.


  27. Barbara t loves One life to live says:

    To me, The real Lucky is Greg Vaughn. And he can’t come back because he is on Days, I am loving him there to, He is a good actor.


  28. Phyllis says:

    It would be nice for sentimental reasons but his character is a hypocrite that ignores his recast history while pretending to be a saint. Which I could forgive lots of recast histories are constantly ignored, and characters that do horrible things are portrayed as angels (Laura, love her but no offense) but his worst sin is crying like a leaky faucet. Even in scenes that he clearly wasn’t supposed to.


  29. janet says:

    I only watch Nashville because JJ is on it. I don’t see the problem, he is never on Nashville.ABC could bring him back for a day. he needs to see his family. Children and parents.
    As for his politics,hooray for him. Not everyone likes the people in the while house right now.They always seem to have their hands in my pocket.


  30. JANICE J HERREN says:

    I am very upset that they can’t work something out! The Spencers all together again would be so awsome. I have been watching since 1972, and lucky was such a great character I feel like I grew up with him. Let’s face it he had the coolest dad and bravest mom. Please keep trying to make even a short visit happen. Thanks J


  31. Janie says:

    Very bummed…his whole family is there….not even one episode calling home….ughhhh!


  32. Peggy says:

    I wanted Jonathan to come back on General Hospital is he was my favorite on that show. I have watched GH for 36 years now and he has been my absolute favorite. He was so cute growing up on there. When ever they show scenes looking back as Lucky grew up, it is so amazing. He is an awesome actor and what he done with that part. The other actors who took over that part are great actors but they had a tough act to follow. No one was Lucky like he was. I hope he comes back someday.


  33. Terry says:

    It was fine. Thankfully Ethan stepped in to part that Lucky more then likely would of played in yesterday’s episode. Seeing Ethan was a surprise.


  34. jess says:

    man i was sad that lucky was not back for the 50th but idc i just want to see lucky back on gh even for a little bit bc i dont want liz to end up with aj or nikolas bc lucky is elizabeth’s one and only like she is his and jonathan is the best lucky even though i jacob and greg were amazing as lucky too


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