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17 June 11th, 2016 Jonathan Jackson Posts Special Message to Nashies: CMT Acknowledges Fans Helped Make Nashville’s Fifth Season A Reality!

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Friday was a great day for #Nashies with the vocal fans of Nashville, received the news that their soap is continuing on for its fifth season on CMT, with the following day episodes being made available online at Hulu.

Former General Hospital favorite and one of the main stars of Nashville, Jonathan Jackson (Avery) took to Twitter with a special thank you to the fans for helping keeping the series alive and now their efforts are paying off.  (See video below) Jackson posted along with his video message: “Thank you, #Nashies #NashvillesBack”

In the official press release from CMT on the series pick-up, Brian Phillips, president of the network noted: “The wave of love and appreciation they have unleashed for Nashville has been overwhelming. Nashville is a perfect addition to our evolving line-up of big music specials, documentaries, and original series.  We see our fans and ourselves in this show and we will treasure it like no other network. Nashville belongs on CMT.”

Connie Britton (Rayna) was also credited the fans for Nashville’s upcoming fifth season, when she told ETOnline: ” Look, that was an example of fans being really enthusiastic and we really owe that all to the fans. The same (happened) with Friday Night Lights and Nashville is experiencing the same good fortune.”

Glad to see Jonathan will be back as Avery on the upcoming fifth season of Nashville? Watch his video ‘thank you’ after the jump, and then weigh-in on how the fans brought back the music city drama!


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  1. Paula says:

    I am so thrilled Nashville will be returning! YEAH!!!!! Great show, storyline and actors, glad to know you all are returning.


    Ken replied

    There’s a reason why Michael Fairman is as respected in the soap industry as an alley cat and it’s because of things like this: his constant ass-kissing of homophobic douche Jonathan Jackson.

    As a gay man, he should be ashamed of himself a thousand times over, especially on a weekend like this.


    Richard replied

    Jonathan Jackson is homoohobic?? Oh wow, I have never heard that!! Details??

    JK replied


  2. Evelyn says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you CMT! Yes Nashville belongs on CMT!♥️


  3. Jeanne Gravley says:

    This is AWSOME news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled!! Thank you CMT for being so SMART to pick up this wonderful show with such talented stars.


  4. Kelly says:

    YAY!!!! Thrilled to know all Nashville fans can continue to watch this great show!! Big thanks to CMT!! Yes, Nashville DOES belong on CMT❤️


  5. Judy L says:

    Wonderful news …… Love the show


  6. Melissa says:

    Oh, yay! I’ll definitely be watching.


  7. diane says:

    I love Nashville!! I sure was going to miss it and the characters. So glad CMY picked it up!!


  8. Penny says:

    Very, Very Happy! I’ll be sure to watch!


  9. Jane says:

    Still say he’s wasting his talent there.


    rebecca1 replied

    He’s not wasting his talent there. This phenomenal show has over six million viewers. Jonathan lives in Nashvillie, has his own band and acts. He gets to have it all on this show; he’s one of the main characters AND he gets to play music. I’d say he’s living his dream.


  10. ADAM says:

    Awesome news CMT gain is ABC lost- what dumb butts! Cannot wait to see the show this fall !!!!


  11. brian says:

    Happy for all the fans that their show continues. I does make me wonder whats up with ABC. They give us great shows ( AMC & OLTL) and then cancel them. Nashville is the latest prove of this. I feel so many viewers must watch online or other ways that ABC thinks their show are less popular than they really are. Still dreaming of a proper retunn of OLTL but we all know dreams hardly come true.


    nellie replied

    There is so many of us dreamers out there but ABC no longer has a connection to their audience. Shame on them.


  12. nellie says:

    Jonatham Jackson is an excellent actor and performer. Thrilled to see Nashville lives on.


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