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14 April 6th, 2013 Jonathan Jackson’s Video Message Congratulating General Hospital on 50 Years!


Five-time Daytime Emmy winner, Jonathan Jackson has been sorely missed for General Hospital’s 50th anniversary celebration, since Lucky Spencer did not make an reappearance in Port Charles.  Jackson,who  is currently starring on ABC”s primetime musical drama Nashville as Avery Barkley, told On-Air On-Soaps recently about attempting a return for the golden anniversary of the soap opera, “We tried, even up to this point for the actual airing of the 50th anniversary, but we weren’t able to make it work.”

However yesterday, Jonathan posted his very own heartfelt congratulatory message for General Hospital on his band Enation’s You Tube page, where he discusses his humble beginnings on the show playing Tony Geary (Luke) and Genie Francis (Laura) son, and the journey he has taken because of GH.  Here is an excerpt of his video message below:

Jonathan Jackson:  “I was 11 years old when I started in 1993.  Being placed with Tony and Genie, it was just incredible. It was such a gift for me. I’ll carry their influence over me for the rest of my life. To the crew, to all the directors, and producers, and writers, hair and makeup and wardrobe…over the years,  General Hospital has been like a family to me and I’m so excited for everybody there to get to celebrate this incredible, incredible milestone.  And I want to send all my love to everybody there, and to all the fans who have watched over the years, thank you very much for being part of this incredible journey. I am just very humbled and grateful to be a part of it. So here’s to 50 more!”

Watch Jonathan congratulate GH with his own video message after the jump! Then let us know what you thought of it? And, if you wish Jonathan were back as Lucky for the celebration?


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  1. Jeanne says:

    You will be missed at the celebration at the GH Nurse’s Ball. You deserve to be there and at all the talk shows celebrating the 50 years. Best of luck on Nashville, but we miss you as “Lucky” and want you back.


  2. heidi says:

    Thanks Michael! He is such a sweet guy and seems very grateful for all opportunities. I was so hoping that he might have been one of Frank’s surprises and showed up with the Luke/Laura/Lulu/Ethan scenes. Maybe he still will…


    ces replied

    was so hoping he was under that sack and not Ethan. Now, that would have been a surprise!


  3. jimh says:

    JJ may not have made it for GHs 50th but id still welcome him or any vet back for future visits to Port Charles, anniversary or not!


  4. Emily says:

    As I’m reading this message from JJ, I’m watching him on the GH marathon and the Liz rape s/l. What a coincedence, fitting and appropriate. They say soaps is a great training ground for actors, like going to school, College for it. Well, if that’s so, then this storyline was the midterm and finals for it. JJ crying as he’s telling Luke what happened to Lucky and RH expressing her shock and disbelief. They were babies and yet showing such depth and range. Not to mention TG’s and JZ’s performances. Never gets old, watching those scenes…wow! Love Jonathan Jackson–talent galore, wish him always the best….


    Emily replied

    I mean what happened to Liz.


  5. Joan Faist says:

    Love Jonathan Jackson as Lucky. There has been no better acting team on Daytime TV than Anthony Geary and Jonathan Jackson. When these two were in a scene together it was pure magic to watch. Both of them wear their emotions on their face and speak volumes with their eyes. May GH be with us for many years to come. CONGRATS


  6. janet says:

    Of course we miss Lucky. he was one of the few characters I didn’t end up disliking. him . He did get a drug problem, but he was always Lucky. Sorry to see you couldn’t return but I am very happy he has a role on prime time. The only reason I even watch Nashville was because he is on it.


    ces replied

    such a talent!!! This guy should be on the big screen.


  7. Robbyrob says:

    What a great message! We all knew JJ has such fond memories of GH and quite the connection to Genie & Tony…which always brings so much more to their scenes. I hope when Nashville is on hiatus, JJ could come back for a few weeks to touch base as Lucky with Luke and the much missed Laura. I read that Frank Valentini wanted to create an environment that the actors would WANT to come back, even if it’s for just one day, a few weeks, or a new contract (paging Lynn Herring!). I think he has largely succeeded. During the 50th anniversary festivities, you could see the love, respect, and family connection these actors all shared together and continue to today. Having a producer like Frank and a headwriter like Ron, who actually cares about not only the history of the character, but the actor who played that legendary role…well, it’s like icing on the cake. Having this many vets return, however briefly, was very emotional for me. I quit watching GH full time during the Phelps years (the only saving grace for me was Patrick/Robin), I found myself getting realizing how much GH means to me. I teared up immediately when SoapNet replayed Stone seeing Robin for the last time. I teared up when the GH of today showed just a picture of Steve Hardy! Frank & Ron didn’t have to pay tribute to Amy Vining and Jessie Brewer during the NURSES Ball but they did…that’s how much I know my show is BACK! Sure, you can quibble about story points here & there, but the show is only solid footing again…you can tell that just by how much the actors want to come back and how impressed they are by both Frank and Ron. With budgets slashed across the board, how Frank got so many vets back at once is beyond incredible. ABC finally seems to have gotten some execs who have a brain…and not a moment too soon either…unfortunately for AMC and OLTL….at least on ABC. The threat of cancellation has galvanized the troops everywhere for all the soaps. With technology changing everyday and with the world so crazy, we all can take comfort in that GH is still here. See what happens when some much needed blood is pumped into the bleak heart that was once so thriving. I’m very proud to say how much I’m enjoying GH and a big thank you to EVERYONE involved in reminding us how much it still means to us all.


  8. Jan says:

    That was nice.


  9. ohyeahohyeah says:

    I love Jonathan…..

    I just wished that he would somehow make time in his schedule to VISIT GH on occasion, especially with Tyler Christopher (Nickolas) back, and Ethan. I would have JUST LOVED to see that family show with Lucky, Nickolas, Lulu, and Ethan with FINALLY, Luke and Laura……

    What a treasure of a photo that would be. I was also hoping to Jonathan would ” Pop Up ” for the Nurses Ball. I can’t believe he couldn’t find it in his schedule to slip away for a day or so.

    Please SHOW UP ON GENERAL HOPSITAL while the family is still in tack. People get old, they get dick, they retire, things happen. GENIE FRANCES is finally back, and
    ” what do you know?” their children are out of town (off the canvas).

    Jonathon,: As a child of the legendary Luke and Laura, I beg…….. you to come visit “often”, at lest twice a year, bc it would make sense and be good for the writing. Please Jonathan arrange it now, to visit when your show is on vacation, and we understand it doesn’t have to be a long visit. Just stopping through makes sense because of who you are to the show.

    Thanks for having the class to acknowledge GH 50th, along with, where you got your start,.

    God Bless You! Look Forward to seeing you visit AT LEAST 2x a year. 1 day or 2 days. We just need to see you!


  10. mary stevens says:

    I miss Lucky so much,but am starting to warm up to Avery,if only he can behave!!!Love JJ!!!


  11. liz jones says:

    jj you will be missed on general hospital.. ever since you left I have not watched gh. please come back


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