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12 January 12th, 2013 Jordi Vilasuso Joins The Cast Of All My Children Reboot!

Photo Credit: Marc Cartwright

More casting news from Prospect Park’s revival of All My Children!   Heartthrob Jordi Vilasuso revealed he has now signed on to bring Dr. Griffin Castillo to the online version of Pine Valley.

Vilasuso stated on his facebook page:  ” Can’t wait to start AMC reboot! Looking forward to getting Castillos back in action. Thx WGA for joining. Thx for all your love and support!”

So with the addition of Vilasuso, he joins previously announced cast members: Lindsay Hartley, Vincent Irizarry, Debbi Morgan, and Darnell Williams!  Yes indeed,  looks like the hospital will have to be a set on the new AMC, right?

Are you happy Jordi has signed on? Let us know!

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  1. Brian Tripp says:

    Jordi is one of my faves and certainly a favorite of the “newer” cast members of AMC. I was really starting to like him with Kendall too but of course I love Zach. I had not realized that 4 of the 5 cast members who have already signed on are doctors! They have more docs on AMC then they do on GH lol!


  2. su0000 says:

    I like it..
    AMC is starting to take shape.. Excited to watch AMC, once again..
    I plan on giving AMC time to grow and not complain from the git-go ..
    It will take time to develop into its’ new era ..
    total support from me; no complaining :)


  3. Max says:

    I am thrilled at the momentum we’re seeing with such great talent joining up again with our beloved soaps! Thank God for answered prayers! The return of these shows is bringing joy to so many…


  4. Elhu says:

    Excellent news!!!! I am thrilled with Jordi’s signing, as well as each of the other four cast members who have already signed on for the AMC reboot. There is major star power there already, which is great, and I wish all of those who have signed on, lots of good luck. I look forward to enjoying both AMC and OLTL again. Keep those great actors and actresses coming!!!


  5. Zoe says:

    He is OK, as are the ones already committed. But if there are no Martins, it won’t be All My Children. And Erica, of course.


  6. boes says:

    I’m glad to see this. AMC needs its vets, for sure, but it also needs to invest in solid actors of the younger generation to take the story forward. He and Lindsay Hartley are very hopeful signs that PP is doing just that.

    Now, get MEK on board, and Cady, please.

    And let’s see Peter Courtlandt, either the old one they let go or a TALENTED recast. And never let the name or memory of “Caleb Courtlandt” darken the streets of Pine Valley ever again.


  7. B.J. says:

    Happy about Jordi, but even moreso about Lindsay and Vincent. That’s a family I really want to see take shape! Little brother is just a nice addition. ;)


  8. Gracie says:

    I am hoping that some of my fvs come back. Tad, my ll time fav. I like Ryal and Greenlee but hope it is not just them and the Slaters again. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see them too just not all the time. Tad and Dixie, Ruth and Joe (as often as they can) Cara. Jake and his family, But Tad\< I wanna see my Tad!!!!


  9. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    This is exciting! I loved Griff as a character, and he really did get jipped on his love life. Hopefully Rebecca Budig can return and be paired with her. Possibly, maybe even someone new?


  10. Lynne says:

    I am very happy that Jordi signed on for all my children. He was a great actor and well missed. Very happy.


  11. Skater Boy says:

    I have to say without Tad and Erica as lengendary characters this isn’t really AMC. David is a huge part now. focussin on Cara and her brother smacks of eye candy but while internet focusses on young viewers if AMC wants to capitalize on their branding Lucci and kniht are key even if they are recurring roles.. EVeryone will have their opinion as to who they like or want but love or hate them MEK and SL are pivotol to AMC. Otherwise it really isn’t AMC :(


  12. Christy says:

    nice looking guy! He reminds me of Javier Morga from OLTL (Tico Sante)


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