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11 February 25th, 2013 Jordi Vilasuso Posts Video Of Touring New All My Children Dressing Rooms!


So, here we go! Some more very cool video coming out of Stamford Connecticut, the new home to Pine Valley! This time the clip is from Paos Revolution’s and All My Children star, Jordi Vilasuso who is returning to the show as Dr. Griffin Castillo! Well, at least we hope he is still a doctor!

Jordi took this video perusing the set-up and the building of the new dressing rooms for the Prospect Park reboot of AMC, which starts with signage that says, ” Welcome (Back) All My Children!”  Then, Jordi shows us dressing room #8 which will be his, and he ends his little tour with, “I love being back on All My Children!

After the jump, take a look as dreams become a reality through the efforts of Prospect Park, and the enduring fans who have really willed this series to return!


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  1. jim says:

    OK, ive seen the sets, the dressing rooms, and read who is and who isnt returning. All this teasing is killing me. I cant wait to see the show b4 i age another 5 years, lol, because thats how long its starting to feel no matter how closer the air date keeps getting. Thats how anxious i am to see it.


  2. Robert says:

    So excited this is officially happening!


  3. michael says:

    I am sooooooooooooo fricken excited OMGosh there is a GOD! I can hardly wait I live in Canada I just hope it will be aired here as well as down south!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. JT says:

    Just a note to Fairman, all the promotion in the world will not make Burton seem like a hot talent. GH is so much better without Jason and Y&R now is well unwatchable for me since JFP threw out so much talent for such mediocrity


  5. jim says:

    On GH, will Steve interupt Heather and Olivia, and its his mother Heather who stabs her own son to death?


    Patrick replied

    ??? woah….

    I’ll be dissapointed if they write-off Olivia with Steve…..

    Now, that Kate is back…. it’s lovely to see the two cousins…. Kate and Olivia, being friends, familial, having fun…. sharing… etc…


    jim replied

    But what if Steve dies. Olivia, who had Dante by Sonny, turns to Sonny in her grief and they have an affair. This could end her frienship with cousin Kate and bring out the Connie in Kate as well. I kinda feel it could happen.

  6. Johnny says:

    Great video – I think that was nice of Jordi to share that with us – pretty cool to see where the actors will have their dressing rooms. That will be a popular hot spot in
    Connecticut these days ~


  7. Lisa J. says:

    I agree, that was very nice of Jordi to show us the dressing rooms. I can tell how excited he is to be a part of this and to be back to work. It was cute because he was like a kid in a candy shop. Everyone is so happy about this, but it’s super nice to see the actors enthused as well! Can’t wait!


  8. jas says:

    This is so pathetic. Looks like rank amateur home video of a person taking pics of a house they are interested in buying – in a low cost neighborhood. This poor guy is so desperate to be a “key” player that he will do anything to get noticed. As you may have guessed, this guy was NOT a favorite of mine on AMC. Very weak voice and a not very strong character. I’m sorry to be so harsh but he is one of the reasons I will not be viewing this awful re-boot!


  9. Ted Olson says:

    Jordi was hardly even a PART of the reboot – very, very confusing. I think he had like three scenes as Dr. C.
    I thought he would at least be there (His character I mean) to lend some moral support to his sister.


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