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16 January 14th, 2014 Josh Duhamel Calls Out Radar Online For Report That He is Driving A Wedge Between Wife Fergie And The Black Eyed Peas!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Radar Online, the same folks who have been bringing you the Y&R Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) interview on the Michael Muhney (Adam Newman) dismissal and who today posted another item about the Muhney situation, is getting some pushback today from none other than former All My Children favorite and Daytime Emmy winner turned motion picture star, Josh Duhamel (Ex-Leo)!

The site reported that Duhamel is trying to apparently “drive a wedge” between his wife Fergie and the band she sings, records, and performs with The Black Eyed Peas!  Radar reported their source revealed: “Josh is pushing hard for Fergie to make a much cleaner and clearer break from The Black Eyed Peas so she can re-invent herself as a solo artist without the looming specter of influencing every creative decision she makes.”

Once Duhamel heard aboutand saw the report, the actor took to his own facebook page and made the following declaration to the fans of Josh, Fergie, and The Black Eyed Peas:  “Don’t believe this bullshit. Not true.”

So, what do you think about Josh’s stance calling out the entertainment news and gossip site for their item on his wife and their assertion he wants her to go only after her solo career only at this point in time?  Let us know!

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  1. Rod says:

    GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!’


  2. johnny says:

    I love josh, good for him for standing up for himself. i love his wife as well. both of them are talented. radar online is bs.


    SZima replied

    I don’t know how reliable ROL is…or isn’t…but I’m glad Josh is calling them on their bullshit. Maybe if some of these “stars” who have false stories written about them would start taking these publications to court, they would stop the slander.


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Who cares…to much serious stuff going on in the world to bother with this.


    jennifer replied

    wow, you sound very miserable. lol. why? bother to comment, if you dont care.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    This was an error…it was actually meant for a different topic which i misplaced here(thought it was a different subject)…i was on the phone at the time with my doctors office while reading these…by the way i am misreable but not for the reason you may think! I have the flu and was in bed typing this! I happened to like Fergie!!! Didnt realize it was a mistake until i couldnt find it where i originally thought i had typed it!!! No big deal!!!

    Sharon replied

    Jimh(leave it to beaver hope you feel better soon


  4. Johnny says:

    I just have a funny Josh Duhamel story to relay. In 2001, I was a VIP guest of the late, lamented Soap Opera Weekly magazine at the Daytime Emmys at Radio City Music Hall. Being a VIP guest entitled me to use the same backstage washrooms as the actors and press. I was walking to the washroom, and Josh was ahead of me. He was clearly quite intoxicated, and he walked right past the mens bathroom and walked into the women’s. A couple seconds later he came scurrying out. He patted me on the shoulder and said “I totally went into the wrong bathroom!!” Then he burst out laughing and went into the cofrrect one. Ah…memories…LOL.


    Mary SF replied

    And if TMZ or Radar Online had been around back then, they would had photos of him entering a women’s washroom and reported he was sexual pervert trying to get a glimpse of some ladies parts or maybe a secret transsexual. And that is the trouble with gossip sites, they can take the most innocent situation and turn into something vile.


    Johnny replied

    Exactly Mary!! And thats why I posted a funny but true story about him to show that not all people who asssociate with these poeple are out for blood!

    gino replied

    lol. too funny. josh is one hot hot man. too bad, he is not gay. fergie is one lucky lady. thats ok, my boyfriend is goodlooking too lol.


    Johnny replied

    Too bad?? I am glad he is not gay. He is from North Dakota where gay is as foreign as normal is in Hollywood!

  5. terry says:

    Radar online is nothing more then gossip site . They posted on Y&R . if Sony /Cbs placed a gag order on Muhney mouth. Then why are the rest of the cast still giving interviews. I was told by a fellow Muhney fan on twitter. that all the hate tweets are from a single individual using multiple / new and old twitter account uggh. to harass the actors from the series.


  6. wolfsmistress says:

    While Josh has his silly moments (I knew him in college, he worked with my sister at Applebee’s & he entertained my kids the whole evening we were there), he’s a very serious person who loves his wife, their son and the things they do. He’s VERY proud of Fergie and her career (heck, he was enthralled with her singing before he met her onset of Las Vegas, where he asked her out & they’ve been together since), and there’s no way he’d come between her and the guys in “The Peas.” He knows each has their own dream of solo careers (Will. I. Am. already has a couple albums), so while he may encourage her to seek her own solo album, he’d never PUSH her to end the Blackeyed Peas group just so she could go solo! He’s not the type do “screw your neighbor” like that! WAAAY too nice of a guy! I don’t believe this one, and I’m glad he told Radar Online off for it!


  7. CTwildheart says:

    IF he said anything like that, it was in support of Fergie and NOT a slam at The Peas. And I applaud him for believing in and supporting his wife. IF he did not say anything like that, then I applaud him for standing up for himself.

    Seriously, he is a nice guy with a good heart according to all who know him. Shut the F up tmz!


  8. Sharon says:

    He did right speak up for his wife Radar online lies just like Tmz


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