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21 March 22nd, 2013 Josh Duhamel Raves About AMC’s Jill Larson & Why She Is Inspiration For His New Project!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Now here’s an exciting quote for a woman we all know in love in the world of daytime soap operas!  Daytime Emmy winner and motion picture star, Josh Duhamel (Ex-Leo AMC) had nothing but praise and raves for his former All My Children cast mate Jill Larson who is reprising her one-of-a-kind role as Opal Gardner in Prospect Park’s  reboot of the series!

In an interview with, Duhamel told reporter, Jessica Radloff about Larson, “She is one of my favorite people! Jill is part of the reason that inspired this show that I’m trying to develop. It’s based on my years on All My Children and the contrast with people of who they are on-screen and who they are in real life. And it goes both ways. Some people are despicable on-screen and then the most genuinely kind people off-screen. Jill is one of those people. She’s just the kindest person ever.”

What do you think of Duhamel’s raves about Larson? Are you interested to see his new project that is in the works based on  his time with All My Children?  Let us know!

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  1. jim says:

    I met her years ago…she is one of the most kindest persons iv ever met…wish there were more people in the world like her.


  2. Keith Baughman says:

    I agree with Josh. I’ve met Jill and she’s so kind and sweet. Just a lovely lady.


  3. Dorothy Ann says:

    Jill is a lovely lady and great actor. Josh is a class act too. Two of my favorites from AMC


  4. Renee says:

    I’ve never met either of them, but have heard wonderful things about Jill the entire time she has been on AMC. I really think this is a great idea that Josh has and can’t wait to see it.


  5. Dinah says:

    I’ll so proud of Josh always bring up his time on AMC


    Dez replied

    Yes! I was just thinking the same thing. He’s a class act. I like the way he always quite fondly claims his connection to AMC. Unlike so many they pretend they never crossed the soap airwaves. Such as Demi Moore who spent considerable time on GH. Also Tchina Arnold (Pam from Martin)was on Ryan’s Hope for some years. Many more I can think of. AMC is iconic and Josh knows it. I’m looking forward to his new show. Totally! It sounds very interesting.


  6. Terry says:

    I love Jill Larson and I love Josh Duhamel and I’m VERY interested to see his new project that he says he’s developing. Sounds Quite interesting. Love them both


  7. Joanne McCabe says:

    That is great what Josh Duhamel said about Jill Larson I also think she is such a nice person and yes I’d love to see what Josh is putting together for the show he is about to get together of the people of All My Children!!!!!!


  8. Lew S says:

    Doesn’t surprise me. She seems like a cool lady.


  9. Llanviewer717 says:

    I’ve admired Jill’s work since as days as Ursula on OLTL. She is absolutely perfect as Opal. I’m so glad she’s still with AMC.


  10. Kim says:

    Love both Jill and Josh. I am always ready to see them!
    Glad that Opal will be back with AMC.
    Will be interested in Josh’s new project too!


  11. Cathy says:

    Nice idea but I never remember Opal being despicable.


    Derek replied

    He doesn’t mean she was. He was just making a point that sometimes characters are very different than the actors who play them and Jill is very different from opal.


  12. jane says:

    Opal was never despicable!


    Liz Arnold replied

    The original Opal was despicable. She won an Emmy for all her misdeeds. Jill Larson’s Opal is not what I would call despicable. She has had her share of schemes gone wrong, back in the day.

    I am very intrigued and want to hear/see more about Josh’s project. It’s definitely something I plan to check out. I love him for being proud about his AMC roots. He seems like such a sweetheart.


    Mitchell1660 replied

    She was never despicable, but let’s face it, Opal started out thinking only about Opal. The character grew into the wonderful lady we love now, thanks to Jill Larsen’s acting.


  13. su0000 says:

    Yes, Jill is a sweetheart..

    But- nobody ever says a soap actor is a bad person, and one might be a nasty person in real life.. they all can’t be a sweetheart like Jill . lol ..


  14. Carole Anderson says:

    Anything Josh does interests me. He is awesome, and it is so good to know how much he respects Jill Larson. Can’t wait for AMC to return, and see what Josh has going…..


  15. Johnny says:

    I love Jill Larson as Opal since she took the role over in late 1989 (!) – Time does move on, doesn’t it. The original concept of Opal was introduced as Jenny Gardner’s mom, a self-serving, vulgar and abusive parent but with a hint of sadness under the facade played at that time by Dorothy Lyman.
    When the character resurfaced as played by Jill she became more lovable and also brought humor to the show especially alongside Michael E. Knight as Tad.
    I am really glad that Jill is returning for the AMC reboot – what would Pine Valley
    be without Opal at the Chicken Shack or the Glamorama!


  16. SoulKirk says:

    I was fortunate enough to talk with Josh at the rise of his “AMC” light. Sincere, great, down to earth, funny, intelligent, and supercool. Hoping he’s still that way after moving from NYC to LA and film fame. Re: Jill Larson. Never met her but she’s certainly well-respected by me and her industry and everyone she meets, seemingly. Josh, contact me! LOL. Def interested in his project, even sounds like a little something I’ve been working on for awhile. (Mine isn’t “AMC” specific of course.) ~ @SoulKirk


  17. terp0709 says:

    I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Larson last September – she was a part of the 25th anniversary staged reading of STEEL MAGNOLIAS. Poised, charming, funny, and absolutely a treat to work with!


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