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17 September 22nd, 2014 Josh Henderson Previews Tonight’s TNT DALLAS Season Finale: “For The First Time Nearly Every Character Is In Danger!”


After a mind-blowing season of twists and turns, betrayals, seductions, blackmail, and skullduggery, TNT’s Dallas third season comes to a close tonight with its two-hour season finale beginning at9PMET/8CT!  But as has been promoted …  one Ewing will die! But who will it be? And how will it happen?

According to series star Josh Henderson (John Ross), who spoke to TV Line: “We won’t all make it out alive. For the first time, nearly every character is in danger all at once. The stakes have never been higher.”

Henderson also reveals that John Ross finally wants to repair the damage he has done to the Ewing family and their name, but is it too late? Josh shared: “He makes a big decision in the finale, a dangerous one, because he wants to do right. He wants to right his wrongs and make a big move, and that’s exactly what he does in the finale.”

The titles of the two-part episode finale are “Endgame” and “Brave New World”.  The fate of Dallas for a fourth season is yet to be revealed as the numbers have not been killer, so let’s hope this isn’t the “endgame” tonight!

So will you be watching the two-hour season finale to support your soap?  We asked last week, and we will ask one last time before tonight’s big episodes: Which Ewing will die?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. phyllis says:

    love this show. the writers are doing a great job. give us another season and more


    phyllis replied

    do not run the show (dallas) against football on monday night


  2. Shelly says:

    Season finale already?? Uggh. What will I watch on Monday night. I love Dallas and I hope it gets renewed. I don’t see Ann or Christopher being killed off. Bobby has already lost Pam and April. John Ross will live; Sue Ellen would never get sober again if she lost him right after JR.


  3. richard says:

    I cannot wait for this!!! I hope it’s Anne that dies!!!!!!!!!


  4. Mary SF says:

    Why oh why does TNT and Bravo in Canada put this show on Monday nights, one of the busiest nights for television? It did great as a summer series with no competition– I would have left it there for a few years to build an audience before moving it.

    I would also ditch the whole split season nonsense. This show doesn’t have enough episodes to warrant a split season–that long pause from the fire to the resolution in August, didn’t create suspense, it just cause people to forget about it.

    And now there is going to be this cliffhanger ending for season three and we don’t know if there is going to be a season four– not helping the cause people–


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I lost interest in Dallas for that reason…too few episodes and the long split between seasons!!!


    Momma replied

    Amen. The original “Dallas” even on a short season, delivered 24-26 episodes per season.

    What does “Dallas 2.0″ deliver? 10? 12?

    I feel sorry for folks that think this remake is the bomb. It’s not.

  5. Charday says:

    Can’t wait! DALLAS has taken off the last half of season three. Let’s hope season four renewal is right around the corner?!?!?


  6. Beth says:

    I loved the original Dallas, and I’ve enjoyed alot of this reboot up till this season, but I have to say, the show is now off the rails. So many people are dying, or almost dying, at the hands of this villain or that one, all of whom are interchangeable. Allies in one scene are enemies in the next. I’ve stopped following all the betrayals, alliances and corporate takeovers or attempted takeovers because there are too many of them in any one episode. The show is a hot mess. I saw tonight’s episodes and I’m not that surprised at who appears to have died, and I can’t say that I’ll miss this particular Ewing, but I don’t see why any of the main characters had to die or appear to have died in order to generate ratings. Decent writing and acting that isn’t over the top (memo to Judith Light: tone it down) will save the day. And why on earth Dallas decided to drop a very hot couple like John Ross and Pamela so that they can make him evil incarnate and her more trampy, and so that Emma can be redeemed, I’ll never know. Emma is a useless character and I can’t forget how rotten she’s been since she came on the show. This is what I mean by bad writing and misplaced priorities. The show had so much potential and then it throws out what works and keeps what doesn’t. No wonder its future is at stake. It makes me very sad.


    Marilyn P replied

    I agree with you 100%. The writers are way off the beam on this. The acting is good, but the plot lines stink for the most part. I began to really like Ryland after learning he was working with the CIA, thought the writers could really run with that ball, but they fumbled with that potential story line. I liked the idea Of John Ross and Christopher working together in the beginning- with some minor riffs here and there, but nothing even remotely close to that ever came about. What’s wrong with making the business, bigger and better by working together – showing some things in a positive light – instead they want to put the entire show in the gutter. Miss Ellie would be disgusted.


  7. tom says:

    watch every dallas show of the old dallas fo years my wife and i and watch all the new dallas shows with, o my god emoitions , please dont stop now.


  8. Heath says:

    I have enjoyed the new Dallas. I watched the first Dallas growing up and remembering when JR got shot. I think Bobby makes the show because it seems to make it feel like the original. I miss JR but I think he would be proud to see the show continue. I hope Josh is not dead. That would be stupid!
    I liked the show so much the last time I was in Dallas I went South Fork! Neat place. Good luck for forth season.


  9. Shelly says:

    Not my choice of the person to die, but did he really? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to see him come back from the dead…..also, Elaina is pregnant, but maybe not Joaquin’s baby…remember she had sex with John Ross also with the same diaphragm that had holes….hmmmmm…..something to think about till next season. How many episodes did this season have? It seemed like 5 or 6….really? I like the new Dallas, but doesn’t compare to the “old” Dallas..just sayin :)


  10. Linda says:

    Best season finale ever,always a fan hooked on the old and now the new ,love John Ross.


  11. Carrie says:

    John Ross just moved the “JR Ewing ” Legacy into the stratosphere. What a performance. Gone is the boyish persona . no more sneaking, playing second or standing in shadows. This guy can hold his own. The scene in Mexico with the gun to his head is spunk , charisma , and bravado his Father never had. The set up of who is the father of Elena’s baby will pit John Ross against the very worldly, suave Nicholas … that will require a disciplined set of skills and wit …
    Very disappointed in Pamela, turning stupid like her father , which is why he always lost at every turn….
    There are so many incredible plots and twists that can unfold and expand… Great Cast… my bet will always be on John Ross, he is his father’s son, now he is “worse” . You gotta Love it .


  12. Mary hanson says:

    LOVE the series LOVE the actors and actress . We actually like this serious better than the old one.
    Most action,more puzzles to figure out,love Bobby !!! please continue ASAP


  13. Ann Endrss says:

    What are you people thinking killing off Christopher. Bobby is old, I wanted to see Christopher and John Ross become the new Bobby and JR. Bummer. Christopher was a lot easier on the eye than Bobby. You should have killed him or Sue Ellen off.


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