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26 July 15th, 2013 Joshua Morrow Welcomes Back Camyrn Grimes to The Young and the Restless!


Awww, you got to love seeing Camyrn Grimes (Cassie) and Joshua Morrow (Nick) together anywhere, anyhow!

Camyrn has returned to The Young and the Restless as a vision of Sharon Newman’s (played by Sharon Case), who sees and talks to her deceased daughter through troubled times.  And boy what trouble times are ahead after today’s reveal that Sharon switched Summer’s paternity test, and Nick is really her daughter!

Joshua Morrow ,who had so many wonderful scenes with a young Camryn Grimes interviews her in this video and comments on what a young woman she has become from the little girl he remembers, to which Grimes respond, she is 23 years old now!

When Morrow asks Camyrn what fans can expect to see from Cassie now, she reveals, “She is a projection of Sharon’s mind. and helping her though a tough time.”

Watch this super cute video from featuring Morrow and Grimes after the jump! Then, let us know if you are happy that Cassie will be back on the canvas in this very unique way?

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  1. su0000 says:

    Sharon switched Summer’s paternity test, and Nick is really her daughter!
    That is so stupid! lol
    it is extremely hard to do to switch those papers and Sharon was in no position to even try to do that..

    Only Heather Weber can do that!!!!
    Sharon doing that is STUPID SILLY !!!!


    Lawrence replied

    I actually have not been watching for a couple of weeks. WTF. I was really happy for Jack thinking he was finally going to get a daughter


    Mo replied

    Don’t forget Sami Brady!


  2. richard says:

    While its nice to see Camryn Grimes, this storyline is an EPIC FAIL!!!!! Sharon Case needs to follow Michelle Stafford right on out the door!! They have thoroughly destoyed the character of Sharon Newman and when this comes out, no one will want anything to do with her!!!!! This is writing at its laziest and I blame Jill Farren Phelps!!!!! Nikki has no storyline, she’s ran Michelle Stafford off and wrecked Sharon!!!!!! Leslie and Avery are not the Young and the Restless!!!!!!! I was excited by the thought of Jack having a daughter and now this!!!!!!! SAD!!! Bill Bell is prolly rolling in his grave!!!!!! Someone needs to fire JFP!!!!!! ASAP!!!!!!!


    Judy B replied



    MEFF replied

    I agree!!! its really time for Sharon to leave. Are the recasting Phyllis?


  3. monika says:

    Ya,really,Nick is Summer’s daughter.The whole switcheroo is old,tried and boring.But what do you expect from those horrible writers.


  4. crystal says:

    why can’t Cassie just be DEAD like all the other DEAD soap opera characters?

    First Nick and Sharon used the memory of Cassie for sexual foreplay to their adultery while married to Jack (Sharon) and Phyllis (Nick), then NickASS uses Cassie as an excuse to claim Phyllis’s baby cause “God would not take another daughter from me!!” HEY NICKASS!!! you did not know the sex of the baby when you took the DNA test!!! DUMB ASS!! and now WHACKADOODLE is using Cassie as her “inner voice”! with Summer now being 18 and Cassie killing herself when she was 15 that would mean that Cassie would now be almost 34 and that would make Sharon 49 years old!!!! here’s your sign Sharon……..DUMB ASS!!!

    I am sure Camryn is a sweet girl, but I had a party when Cassie croaked!


  5. dawnhaze says:

    Love to see Cassie but I really hate it that the writers of Y&R continue to put Sharon in situations that make her look like a crazy. I have always thought and even looked forward to Jack finding Summer is his but this ruins this for me. I have waited for Sharon and Nick to get back together and be a happy family with their children. BUT…this story isn’t going to do that. Nice to see Cassie, nice that Jack gets to experience being Summer’s father but I hate the rest of it.


  6. richard says:

    The only thing that could possibly save Sharon is if Mason switched her medicine, as ordered by Victor, and that’s what’s making her act so crazy!! Months ago, Victor ordered Mason to swtich Sharon’s medication!!! That’s why she’s having visions of Cassie!!!!!


  7. Patrick says:

    correct me if i’m wrong -

    once again…. which is no surprise and atypical.

    the men of genoa city – win again… at the expense of the women… and their lack of?

    Jack – Nick etc… come out smelling like a rose… no crowing… just pithy for Sharon… and/or Nikki… and or – Phyllis… the list could go on.

    ugh…. no more Victor.


  8. heidi says:

    Very cute!!! What a mess!!! I am happy if Summer is really Nick’s but sad this who;e thing has to play out. Hope they resolve it quickly.


  9. Chaz says:

    Good lord. And for a while I actually thought they had done a great story…something that made sense given the past plot point of Nick never showing anyone the original paternity results.

    I get the feeling that between JFP & JG the agenda is to make this no longer Young & the Restless but The Dylan Show. Because they are either writing such crap for the other characters or ignoring them all together.

    As someone else mentioned, the SORASing of Summer made no sense. Niki would be, what close to 70 and Victor about 100.

    Oh, I wish Jeanne Cooper was still here to call out this BS.


    Beth replied

    All the longtime YnR fans…………..Welcome to the “antics” of JFP. I posted here months ago that JFP would do this exact thing. As a “friend” of Steve Burton, she would make sure that her friend gets plenty of airtime. She did this on GH and now she is doing it on YnR. My condolences.


  10. Natalie says:

    Sorry Josh I’m not going to love what is in store. Throwing Sharon under the bus yet again. As if Shictor wasn’t bad enouh..this is horrendous. Jack gaining and losing a daughter again. This is just unwatchable


  11. Mo says:

    I was hoping Camryn was going to be an actual character, not a ghost, since they were bringing her back. I feel like Sharon and Jack should move in together so John and Cassie will have some company.

    Even before the reveal, I thought Phyllis, Jack, Summer should get another DNA test. Ya know, just to be sure.


  12. Iakovos says:

    Really? Jack is not Summer’s father after all? I am behind on my viewing and am relying on recaps and friend shere to keep up. That’s a crock of a story turn. I would have enjoyed a long-term story of Jack trying to connect with Summer as his daughter. And for Kyle to join them in trying to establish an Abbott family again.

    And please, JFP, redeem Sharon Newman. I had high hopes that the bipolar diagnosis would allow Sharon to be “reborn.” She, more than anyone, can become fiery, strong, independent, and virtuous and vastly interesting as she takes ownership and re-establishes herself. This may be the road to bring Nick and Sharon back together but I am not a fan of this particular path.

    I want a moratorium on resurrections, twins,, and baby switches/paternity test results on all soaps for a time. In the past few years we have seen it way too much. Jill. Katherine. Tucker. Chelsea. Cane. I am so over it. I cannot be the only one.

    Glad Camryn Grimes can return in some way. Killing her off was an epic fail!


    Judy B replied

    Yes, they have ruined the whole story with this and have turned Sharon into a psycho.. Y $ R is losing me….and I have watched it since the day it aired.


  13. Bill says:

    Ummm … I’m confused …. how can Nick be ANYONE’S daughter … Sharon must’ve switched more than just papers! ;)


    Leah replied

    LOL!!! Needed this chuckle this morning!

    (ps Y&R has ‘jumped the shark’!)


  14. Sandy says:

    You want crazy? It’s not Sharon. The best crazed person that was on the show was Paul’s sister, Patty. How I wish she would return! The return of Cassie to help her Mom during a tough time seems boring. I foresee Cassie’s return being short-term.
    The head writers need to redirect the story lines of the veteran actors and write award-winning scenes. I am concerned how Y&R is losing their #1 position. Wake up before you lose your audience.


  15. Mary SF says:

    Frankly I am bit tired of dead characters coming back via ghosts or projections. It is okay once in a blue moon, but on a regular basis is gets old– just like Jerry Douglas character John. If they wanted Jack to have a fatherly influence then they shouldn’t have killed off John in the first place.

    As for this story line- like others I think it was a mistake- it was a good story line as it, then twist or gimmick of having Sharon switch the results was a mistake. Even if there is another twist that says her switch was switched– it is all meaningless to me now– I don’t give a hoot who’s Summer father is anymore.

    MAB pulled this same nonsense with Jill- making her a Chancellor, then not a Chancellor, then a Fenmore– the same with Cane, first he was Phillip then not Phillip, but Eathan– who cares?

    Y&R built a fan based on stories that were character driven, based in some form of reality– pull too many stunts just because you can- eventually it loses its effectiveness and becomes silly — I will still watch but the show has lost some of credibility for me.


  16. Deborah Nash says:

    I agree with all above. I have watched Y&R FOREVER. Absolutely hate this story line. Any scenes with Sharon will be fast forwarded. I love Nick with Avery, a woman with a brain. Fix this fast!!!


  17. Carly says:

    I really enjoyed it! I got a good chuckle in myself!


  18. Mary B says:

    I have been a YR follower from the start. I think all of us that have see what the new writers have done to our characters. They are making mockeries of their lives, i.e. Michael and Lauren; Fen has been the brunt of every imagineable teen horror. Kevin and Chloe happily married family- turned into robbersand theifs. Nikki w/ MS.Billy back to gambling. Chelsea and Adam deal w/loss of child; Chelsea pregnant w/Adams child but won’t tell him, turns to Dylan. Now we have the Summer/Nick/Jack paternity.
    I think the NEW writers forget that they have longtime followers. We are involved in the lives of the families. We don’t want to see the same things happening over and over. I know in my life and yours, you have drama and it is not the same that happened 2 yrs ago. Let’s get fresh and real with your CORE families.
    On a side note: So glad to see some of the sets being refrurbished. I know in real life we all get new furniture every 7 years or so. Not 23 years. And yes, Nick can afford a House! Mrs. C had the same living room set the entire time she was there. Come on!


  19. Amy M says:

    I hope they end this story line quickly. I am getting tired of hearing everyone blame Nick when he was right all along. I want it over and I want everyone to hate Sharon for it. Her character has gone to zero percent moral and I cannot watch as this goes on. This needs to be found out now so that Summewr and Kyle can get back together.


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