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10 August 9th, 2013 Joy Behar’s Last Words! After 16 Years She Signs-Off On THE VIEW- Watch The Video!


This morning, Joy Behar wrapped up 16 seasons as one of the co-hosts of ABC’s The View, and the episode was a this-is-your-life-type tribute to Joy , complete with clips, and sarcasm and jokes, and surprise appearances!

Frequent guest comedian Mario Cantone, brought the laughs as he took a podium as The View co-hosts: Barbara Walters, Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg sat in the audience. Joan Rivers, Regis Philben and Meredith Vieira were part of the celebration and their were taped appearances by Nathan Lane, Aziz Ansari, Jane Lynch, Steve Martin and Debbie Reynolds, and Carol Burnett.  Tony Bennett sang to Joy in  final surprise the Frank Sinatra classic, “The Good Life”.

At the end, it was Barbara Walters who spoke of hiring Behar.  She then said to Joy,  “I don’t know what you plan to do with your time but whatever you choose it will be smart and provocative. … I love you, Joy. I love every moment we’ve had together. … Thank you. We are really going to miss you.”

Joy ended the show with a few quips and comments including: “I have to thank the most important people — my hair and makeup people.”   She thanked the crew and said, “I can’t thank them all individually, but I’ll be sexting every one of you in the fall.”    She also said to The View EP Bill Geddie, “Thanks for the sex. … The best 14 seconds of my life!”

To all the co-hosts she has worked with and fought with over the last 16 years, Behar said, “I salute you all. Thank you for all the fun.   I was born an only child, but now I know what sibling rivalry is all about.”   And there was another  moment you have to see that Behar does in honor of Walters to cap it off!

Watch Joy’s last words on The View and her final segment after the jump! Then, let us know if you are sad or glad that Joy is leaving The View?

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  1. Andrea says:

    Soooooo glad she is leaving!


  2. mmc says:

    I’ll miss her…she kept it fun….


  3. mollie says:

    I like Joy Behar. Over the past 16 years, she is the co-host I most enjoyed watching. Love Whoopie and Sherry ( who came later), but I always watched because of Joy. I know she’ll do interesting things as she moves forward. Congrats, Joy!


  4. Charlene O'Connor says:

    Joy you will be missed! The show will not be the same . Good Luck in your future!


  5. jon says:

    So long. Don’t let the door hit you in your fat ass!


  6. Jared says:

    Good riddance! :)


  7. Charday says:

    Good riddance–I found her incredibly annoying on the show. Now if they could just get rid of Sherri Shephard I might could stomach the show.


  8. Carly says:

    I will miss Joy so mucfh!!! So sad! :(


  9. Patrick says:

    Love to Joy.

    She was the catalyst for so much humor and injected real in “The View”.


    Her allegiance, withstood the banality of criticism.

    Thank You Joy Behar… for helping supplant the platform for negativity on “…gay rights… a womans choice” and reaching out to the “majority minorities”.

    my criteria.


  10. Robert Seganti says:

    Good riddance to this deadful obnoxious loudmouth.An arrogant ,vicious hateful ,uninformed,ill-informed ignorant harridan.The entire show i an exercise in idiocy.


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