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24 March 18th, 2014 Juan Pablo Ditches His Association with THE BACHELOR For Upcoming Nightclub Appearances!


Oh my! Juan Pablo Galavis continues to stir up controversy even though this season of ABC’s The Bachelor is over!  The reality star is now nixing any association with the reality show for his upcoming nightclub hosting gigs! Yup, that’s right, and look at the flyer pictured here that says it all!

According to, “For an upcoming club appearance at The Pool After Dark in Atlantic City on March 29th — and NOWHERE on the flier does it mention The Bachelor.  And it’s no accident — sources tell us, Juan specifically instructed the casino NOT to associate him with The Bachelor in any press releases or fliers.”

In addition, Juan Pablo reportedly agreed to a 15-person meet and greet as long as one one asked him about The Bachlelor, and same rules apply to any reporters!  And apparently, Juan Pablo is receiving $20,000 dollars for his Atlantic City appearance!

What does this say about reality show stardom? What do you think of Juan Pablo’s new gig as result of his notoriety on the ABC show, but wanting no mention of it?   Comment below!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Its shows like these that dumb down America…and much of this is staged, and some who appear on them are only looking for their 15 minutes of fame but if you enjoy this fluff you are welcome to it!!!


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Whats this got to do with soaps anyway…why not include serialized dramas like Ressurection and Once Upon A Time or reports on former soap stars and where they are now…like whatever happened to Jada Rowland(Doctors, Secret Storm,) or Vicki Wyndom and Jim Poyner who played Rachel and Dennis on Another World???


    David J. replied

    Amen, Jim. I was thinking the same thing when I saw this post. “The Bachelor” may be a part of ABC but it has nothing to do with Daytime (or even Primetime) soaps.

    Alan replied

    I like the idea of a “Where Are They Now?” feature…

    4everDAYS replied

    Good ideas jimh! It looks like Michael Fairman went off topic. Of course, this is his site, so he can do anything he wants. We can’t.

    4everDAYS replied

    Or where’s Michael T. Weiss? What happened to him? Is he OK? That’s the Mike Horton that I would like to see come back to DAYS for their 50th anniversary.

    Kevin replied

    That is the gayest looking club poster I have ever seen.


    Iluvgh replied

    Is he going to perform at a bath house?

    Max replied

    Juanny P. seems to be a pretty shallow guy who thinks rather highly of himself. Totally unimpressed with him- and not sure why he merited a piece on this page. But, my guess is he loves the attention…


  2. Eileen Hargis says:

    Do we really need to discuss this idiot or give him any more publicity? Let him crawl into a deep dark hole and just disappear!!


    4everDAYS replied

    He would disappear at GH.


  3. su0000 says:

    the Bachelor is an insult to woman..
    women prostituting themselves to get a man, so sad..
    I can not understand how those women can do what they do, share a man, fight for him in a competition for love, and after giving their all they get publicly dumped and humiliated .. LOL (idiots)


  4. Charday says:

    A big ole loser.


  5. Jeanne says:

    After the way Chris Harrison treated him, I don’t blame him one bit. Why give the show any credit at all?


  6. Becca says:

    I saw part of one episode of The Bachelor because my daughter was watching it. But I DO know that if not for that show this guy would still be more of a nobody then he already is. Ridiculous!


  7. Phyllis Williams says:

    If you look up the word “clueless” in the dictionary, there will be a picture of Juan Carlos.

    He’s the type of man your mother warned you about when you first started dating. He’s selfish, self-centered and completely unaware of how his actions impact others — and he doesn’t care. Like I said… clueless.


  8. Rod says:

    It’s disgusting. He’s disgusting. I can not even believe he’s being invited to do anything. RUDE DISGUSTING HATER!!!!


  9. Rod says:

    I wish people would stop inviting him, posting or plain just stop talking about him!!!! HE DESERVES NO PUBLICITY!! He deserves to be ignored FOREVER!!!!


  10. K Dunn says:

    Why on earth give this jerk anymore of his too long 15 minutes of fame time by advertising him!!!


  11. mfarris70 says:

    Low life homophobe deadbeat dad. He’ll spin off into obscurity soon enough.


  12. Michael says:

    The Bachelor is a joke.


  13. Lia says:

    Well he got the one thing he actually wanted from The Bachelor; recognition from the media in order to get more work. I hope he spends the money wisely on Camila’s college fund.


  14. Jared says:

    Maybe if everyone ignores it, it will go away. Attention just feeds the egos of nuisances like this.


  15. nancy says:

    I am not a lover or a hater of juan why would he show his face anywhere even on tv again wouldn’t he tstir things up again like he did the last time before


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