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2 March 19th, 2012 Judge Declares Mistrial in Desperate Housewives, Nicollette Sheridan’s Wrongful Termination Suit!

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Judge Elizabeth Allen White has declared a mistrial in Nicollette Sheridan’s (Ex-Edie Britt) wrongful termination suit against ABC Studios and ABC Entertainment. The judge took her action, as she said she would, after the 12-person jury came back to court today unable to resolve their 8-4 deadlock of late last week!

According to, “Lawyers for both sides say they will seek a new trial in the case revolving around Sheridan’s departure from Marc Cherry’s, Desperate Housewives!  Defense lawyer Adam Levin told Deadline that White has set an April 13 meeting to determine a retrial date. “The jury is now hung on the single wrongful termination claim. We’re ready to retrial and we’re confident we will prevail.”

The jurors were polled in court this morning as to whether they wanted more time to deliberate or whether further closing arguments from both sides would be helpful.  Every single juror said “no.” The judge had asked the panel to take the weekend to consider its position. The jury foreman did tell the court that the 8-4 split in the civil case was in Sheridan’s favor.

So what do you think of the mistrial?  Do you think Nicollette will eventually win this case? Let us know!

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  1. toscanti says:

    Who cares! Another Hollywood Bitch that wants to cause problems. They had planned all along to kill her stuupid character off the show. Hope she gets black balled.


  2. gloria says:

    Not very interested in this.


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