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5 May 31st, 2011 Judith Light says she would love play Karen on OLTL again plus other famous TV roles!

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In a new interview piece with out today focusing on Judith Light’s Tony nomination for her role in Lombardi, the actress discussed the bittersweet closing of the play just as she received her first Tony nod.  In addition, asks Judith about future plans, and if she would be interested in reprising any of her famous television roles.   Here is an excerpt!

Judith on which of her TV characters would she like to play again: “Oh, any one of them. I loved them all. I’ve had some incredible roles. I mean, if you’re talking about One Life to Live or Who’s the Boss or Law & Order. There isn’t one that I wouldn’t love to do again. They were written fantastically and I had a great time doing them all. I would happily go back. I was just talking to Vanessa Williams at the Audience Choice Awards [Light won Best Actress in a Play] about how much we miss our Ugly Betty family. It’s so true.”

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  1. Susan says:

    I would love to see Judith come back as Karen on OLTL . She had great chemistry with everyone on screen. Still remember the storyline of Karen’s rape and trial. Can’t believe I just dated myself. Judith Light was terrific.


  2. Webbie says:

    Her portrayal of Karen Wolek on the stand on OLTL still stands as my favorite moments in daytime EVER. She stands in a class by herself. I would LOVE to see her back on OLTL before it ends. That would be really great.


  3. Sue says:

    If Judith Light made an appearance on OLTL before it goes dark that would be such a kick! That period of OLtL was my time.. Such great memories of my mother and I watching at that time.


  4. m.e. says:

    Judith was outstanding as Karen in OLTL. What a really GREAT actress she is. I met her at her various fan club gatherings and she is as down to earth as can be. LOVE HER. she even got my address from her fan club president and wrote a lovely note to me.


  5. david says:

    And God said, let there be (Judith) Light! Yes, by all means bring her back. And what about Catherine Hickland too? So many actors are leaving before the end of the show. Fill the void.


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