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14 April 11th, 2013 Julie Gonzalo On DALLAS Upcoming Season Finale! Is Pam On Her Way Back?


Hard to believe but this coming Monday already marks the season two finale of TNT’s DALLAS, and it looks like it will rock the house!

Julie Gonzalo (Pamela Barnes Ewing) chatted with about the shocking Vegas wedding of Pamela to John Ross (Josh Henderson), and what it could mean leading up to the season closer.  There is that big question, is Victoria Principal going to show up and be revealed by the end of the two-hour finale?   Here are some thoughts from Gonzalo!

Gonzalo on what she thought when she saw the script that Pamela would marry John Ross so soon after losing her babies in the rig explosion:  “At first, I was like, ‘That’s so soon,’ but now I’m like, ‘That’s awesome. They’re brilliant.’ They’re a great duo and really complement each other. I don’t think it’s happily ever after for these two, at all. I think the fun has just started.”

Gonzalo on Monday’s cliffhanger where we will find out who killed J.R and if Victoria Principal returns! “The ending is like, ‘Holy s—, this is amazing.’  I think the writers have outdone themselves.”

Gonzalo explains  also explains there was no pre-nup between John Ross and Pamela that sets up future story: “That was the point of the marriage, so he can now own Barnes Global, but what he doesn’t know is, oh wait, I own Southfork now.  That’s what I keep teasing Josh about. He’s like, ‘Well, I own Barnes Global,’ and I’m like, ‘Yes, and I own Southfork.’”

OK DALLAS fans, what do you think will happen on Monday’s two-hours season finale? Do you think Victoria Principal, will finally be back and revealed to have killed J.R.?  Do you think she had nothing to do with his murder?  Has she just been in hiding?  Or, do you think its all a big tease and she isn’t going to be on the finale?  And what about the “quickie” marriage of John Ross and Pamela?  Let us know your thoughts!


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  1. jimh says:

    Hope Pam does comeback…VP or recast…i still would like to think J.R. staged his own death to look like one of his enemies did it(J.R. couldve secretly learned he had a fatal illness, and didnt want his enemies to have the last laugh) However it turns out, i cant wait to see the season finale!!!


  2. Gillian says:

    I love John Rise & Pam together. The writers struck gold with this storyline and the smoking chemistry between these two actors. I want a third season, TNT. Dallas is an awesome show! Can’t wait to see what happens next!


  3. jon says:

    I don’t think Principal is at all interested in returning…..but I sure hope she does, although not as a villainess.


  4. James McDonald says:

    Victoria Principal has already said publicly she will not return to play “Pam Ewing” and that she doesn’t want to ruin the original story of Bobby & Pam. I think if Victoria was to return and did show up on the set, it would have been big news all over the internet and the ratings would have gone up. With no guarantee of a third season for Dallas yet, why would Victoria Principal show up on the set just to appear for a few seconds?


  5. AJ says:

    It would be fitting if Pam killed JR.. to have some random character that nobody cares about wouldn’t do it justice. The history between the two is so strong, it’s the only way it could be.. but we’ll see. I think VP is committed to her self-imposed retirement.. it’d be great if she was back on the show, but I don’t think so.


  6. Madamhummingburd says:

    DAMN I love this show too death! It’s just as good as the original sow if not better @ times. I do miss JR though, but he left us John Ross. Gosh JR’s son is AMAZING! He is most def making it Daddy proud. I’m long the HELL out of John Ross & Pamela too. Julie is right. They are BRILLIANT couple. Beautiful, passionate & dangerous force together. Their union is going to be an awesome thing to watch unfold. It’s will be explosive in good ways & bad. The marriage won’t be an easy one, but I believe their soul mates. Like John Ross’s parents are. I just hope John Ross & Pamela are able to work through their issues a lot smarter then his parents. As we see from JR passing, life is just too DAMN short to not fight for true love. If you don’t it maybe too late. Here’s to the new JR & Sue Ellen. May John Ross & Pamela make their marriage work for the sake of true love sooner then later of course. CHEERS!


  7. Cr8z13 says:

    I’ve been thoroughly impressed by how flipping good this show is. The cast and writers could not be better.


  8. Rozeena says:

    Am so glad Pamela and John Ross got together, best pairing since JR and Sue Ellen, there will be fireworks.


  9. Joshua says:

    Victoria Principal is NOT coming back, folks. She recently stated that her 1987 appearance put a punctuation mark on the end of Pamela Barnes Ewing.

    A re-cast? Blah. That happened in 1988 and didn’t go over so well.


  10. Mel says:

    I am totally in LOVE with John Ross and Pamela!! The show really struck gold when they paired them together. Josh Henderson and Julie Gonzalo are both amazing actors and have the most electrifying chemistry. Like Julie said the characters are so similar and have the potential to be the power couple for many years to come. To me they’re the best couple on tv period right now. I am loving the new Dallas and I haven’t been this excited about a show in years thanks to these two!!


  11. H. Parson says:

    I think the woman shown in the picture at the Bank was Cliff’s half sister .. Katherine Wentworth.

    If I remember correctly .. Katherine is wanted for murder (and other misdeeds) .. so, it’s Katherine that’s been living under an assumed name .. not Pamela.

    Cliff hated Katherine .. but .. he found a way to work with her .. as in .. she gave him her shares of Barnes Global in exchange for Cliff financing her lifestyle as a fugitive from the law .. and in return .. she’s keeping silent about Pamela being dead.

    I think this is how Cliff came to be so powerful .. and in total charge of Barnes Global (he has his shares .. Katherine’s shares .. and .. proxy to vote dead-Pamela’s shares).

    JR found out Pamela was dead .. so, since Katherine Wentworth is a fugitive .. I’ll bet Cliff sent Katherine to kill JR in order to keep both of their secrets under wraps.

    And .. it could also be .. JR found out he was dying .. and .. rather than linger in pain .. he wanted a “quick exit” .. so, his Master Plan was to set it up so that Cliff would have Katherine kill him .. and he’d do this by letting Cliff know that he knew Pamela was dead and that he was going to let the authorities know Cliff and Katherine were committing this huge fraud. But .. in the meantime .. he wanted John Ross to have a claim on Katherine’s Barnes Global shares .. so, that’s why John Ross married Pamela so quickly .. and once Pamela is known to be dead .. her Barnes Global shares pass to Christopher.

    With John Ross owning (by divorcing Rebecca) half of Katherine’s 33 1/3 shares .. and Christopher owning all of Pamela’s 33 1/3 shares .. the two Ewing boys would have control of Barnes Global.

    And .. “yes” .. divorcing Rebecca might result in her owning half of Southfork .. but .. it’s a Soap .. so .. let the fun begin .. Lol


  12. Charday says:

    I want VP back, too! Loving DALLAS this season and hope for many more.


  13. lisa says:

    I hope Pam does return – played by Victoria Principal.
    And I kinda hope it’s revealed that she killed JR or at least had something to do with it.
    I love this show.


  14. Max says:

    Just love love love John Ross & Pamela together. They are going to be Fighting & Making up & Divorcing & Marrying for a long time to come. They are the Romeo & Juliette of the show now. Cannot wait for the Season Finale and even more for Season 3… Love Bobby and Sue Ellen of course… Miss you JR!


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