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18 June 8th, 2011 Just what is going on with Melody Thomas Scott’s status at Y&R?

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Fan favorite and legendary daytime actress, Melody Thomas Scott of The Young and the Restless took to twitter last week to announce to her fans that last week’s airshow ( as of now) had been her last and she has not seen any scripts with her name on it since.

As a follow-up last evening, MTS took to twitter again to elaborate and field some questions from her beloved fan base, who are craving more Nikki Newman!  Here is what Melody expressed in her tweets: “OK, to answer various queries: After years long pain from a neck injury, I finally had surgery on 3 discs in neck. That was 12/27/10. I returned to work on Jan 7th (approx) Continued working regularly til 4/28, when I shot what turned out to be my last scene.  Had not been told by ANYONE that that was my last scene, day, show, episode, whatever u want to call it. Time passed on. It dawned on me that were no more scripts coming in mail. And here we are. ”

So what is going on here? Is Melody written-off? Are the powers-that-be sending Nikki away to rehab and holding her there for several months until budgetary constraints are lifted?  Let us know your thoughts, and if you are going to missing boozing Nikki, as much as we are!

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  1. Soap_Stud79 says:

    I just wish Y&R and Sony would communicate with the actress. If she is on unpaid leave for four months because of the budget, then they should tell her so! Y&R has had a lot of backstage drama about $$$ in the last few years. Quite simply, to keep the show financially responsible, people have to take cuts and airtime has to be divided differently.

    I do hope the folks at Y&R do realize the importance of Nikki and how much fans love and adore Melody!


  2. lisamaria says:

    I cannot believe this news. I am sick over it. MTS is a staple on this show. It cannot go on without her. This sucks and they BETTER GET HER BACK!!!


  3. jovigirlem says:

    I will miss Nikki… I thought it was weird the way they hurried up and showed her drinking and going to rehab again. GC isn’t the same with out her. She needs to be back on air to help Katherine deal with her drama- and tell her she is wrong in how she is handling Tucker/Ashley/Jabot….


  4. Devoted Fan says:

    I wish MAB would stop trying to reinvent the wheel.


  5. Derrick says:

    I don’t know what to say. MAB, what is going on with you????


  6. n fisher says:

    I haven’t really liked how they have portrayed Nikki for some time now. But I can not see this daytime show without her. She does play a very big part in the main family. I think that is what the reason was for letting go the actress who played jana was told. That they wanted to keep with the main faimilies. Melody don’t leave!


  7. kay killgore says:

    The rumor is she gets 10,000 per episode I can’t beleive that but I have heard from 3 sources! .!


  8. Edgar Smith says:

    I just read an interesting item on another site that also says she gets $10k per episode. The unnamed source basically puts the blame on MTS for the failure to use Nikki. They say that MTS is the highest paid actor on the show and won’t budge on her fee and that the show can’t afford to use her right now.


  9. Mia says:

    There are some people on the show that must stay, no matter what they get paid after spending their life here. The show is about three families, and these members carry the show, both good and bad. I am all for fair pay, but I see no difference in paying MTS what she wants, than giving it to a high priced younger male actor who thinks he worth much more than he is, or what it cost to get Genie F to come from GH. I think that was a total waste. Keep the stars we’ve watched and loved from so many years, and stop hiring stars from other soaps.

    If Maria Bell is reading this, Please bring back Nikki NOW. Victoria, Nick, Katherine, and Victor all need her. She is one of the back bones of Genor City and Y&R. I can’t imagine the show without her, or the head of Y&R being so silly to loose her. I want Nikki back now.


  10. Elizabeth says:

    If you take Niki off you might as well take Victor also. I don’t know about anyone else but I want to see Billy and Vicky back as a family with Lucy and Reed. It’s time she got her son back. They are a great couple. She keeps him grounded and he shows her the fun side of life. (She was always too uptight before).


  11. Phoenix says:

    Nicky is the best and most believable actress on Y and R! She should be treated
    better and respected after some 30 years on the show. What is the producers problem? I can see why diane was let go but Nicky? Have some class and realize
    your CLASS ACTS are people like Nicky and Victor and they belong together until
    the show ends!!!! If Melody isnt asked back I am not watching the show anymore it will be DRY and BORING without the wonderful, original Mrs. Newman!


  12. kimberly says:

    I have and will not watch the show until Nikki is back. Please Melody come back. MAB is dumb to bring on genie francis. get rid of her and bring back our Nikki now. I miss watching the show very much. But I will not watch till she returns. At least give report telling us when she will return . You owe her fans that much MAB.


  13. shirley and the crew says:

    The Newman Family is just not complete without Nicky. PLEASE bring her back sober and less fragile!!!!!!


    shirley and the crew replied

    The Newman Family is just not complete without Nikki. PLEASE bring her back!!!!!!!


  14. Bosha says:

    Nikki needs to come back to Y & R but forget the boozing..There is too much of it
    on the show as it is. Not good for young teens to be seeing these characters to be sitting at the bar and restaurant drinking every time you turn around. It I was to stop watching, it would be because of the dtrinking t hat is going on on the show.


  15. CC says:

    PLEASE don’t kick MTS off this show….She completes Y & R!!!!!! We want her back… and SOON!!!!


  16. scarlett says:

    I miss her Nikki. That is the only reason I watched the show all these years. Of course
    I will include Victor as well. The rest are boring..Give us Nikki back. She was outstanding in her role.


  17. Mrs. B says:

    Let Nikki take her rightful place on Y&R. Also lets bring back Dru , that’s a great idea!!


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