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11 July 12th, 2013 Justin Hartley Cast as Victoria Grayson’s Long-Lost Son on REVENGE!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Soap favorite and the former Smallville and Emily Owens MD star, Justin Hartley (Ex-Passions) has been cast as Patrick, the long-lost son of Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) in the hit ABC primetime soap opera Revenge when it returns for its third season.

The role of Patrick was one of the most sought after roles in Tinseltown these days, in that the character comes with a  multi-episode arc on a major and successful primetime television series!

With the addition of Hartley as Patrick, the Grayson family grows, and was needed to shake up the canvas! The ABC series already parted ways with Ashley Madekwe’s character of Ashely, and had killed-off Connor Paolo’s character of Declan Porter in the season two finale!

So what do you think of the casting of Justin Hartley as Madeleine Stowe’s on-screen son? Good casting choice? Excited to see Justin on Revenge? Comment below!


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  1. Sheryl Postin says:

    Looking forward to the new season and Justin character should add more excitement to the show. Thanks you for the information.


  2. su0000 says:

    Revenge (ABC prime-time soap) is awesome!! One of the top 5 best tv shows.
    Having Victoria’s son found will make this season full of suspense and thrills!!


  3. Rodd says:

    Can’t wait to see what happens!


  4. bc says:

    He was really uncharismatic and underwhelming on horrid soap opera emily owens. Casting directors of revenge should have cast a racial minority actor that’s part white w/ char not being emily’s half sibling. It would have been an organic way of creating more racial diversity on too white revenge. It was really messed up how they killed off takeda w/ the samurai shard. Typical hollywood loves to have white chars be better than Asian american chars at culturally Asian aspects like samurai wielding and martial arts. It’s similar to films like tom cruise’s “last samurai” and uma thurman’s “kill bill” w/c obviously influenced revenge. Casting fail for revenge bec they could have cast a racial minority actor. It could have created a storyline where some of the white chars are not comfortable and racist towards victoria having an offspring that’s a char of color. And revenge doesn’t need yet another char that’s white.


    Ashlee replied

    Blair was much better played by Kassie DePaiva over Mia Korf.


    bc replied

    But that is your opinion. Assessing an actor’s talent is opinion based. But char of blair is a horrid example bec that was probably the only char that was ever whitewashed on all the day soap operas. Korf was part Asian american and oltl whitewashed blair’s part Asian american ethnicity. Day soap operas are already severely lacking when it comes to racial diversity. It’s worse when they whitewash a char from racial minority to white. There would have been more of a backlash if blair was portrayed by a part African american actress and then whitewashed. It’s highly doubtful though that writers and execs would recast a part African american actor w/ a white actor.

  5. Barbara J Marowski says:

    Thrilled to hear that Justin Hartley is joining Revenge!!! He should be a great fit, and I can’t wait to see the results. Bring on the new fall TV season!


  6. Aria says:

    Yummy can’t wait. He’s delicious to look at.


  7. Ashlee says:

    I like him. He is charismatic and sexy. And he is a good actor too.


  8. denisefan says:

    I have not watched Revenge, and will now!


  9. Mo says:

    Who’s the father?


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