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11 August 20th, 2016 Justin Hartley Gets A Love Interest On ‘This Is Us’!

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When The Young and the Restless Justin Hartley (Adam Newman) is seen in his new primetime series This Is Us on NBC come September, his character of sitcom star Kevin will have some romantic sparks coming his way!

According to, Janet Montgomery has been cast opposite Hartley in the recurring role of Erin Maine.  The character is described as a talented, tart-tongued theater actress “whose fierce commitment to ‘honesty’ sucks poor Kevin into her darkness.”

Montgomery whose TV credits include Salem, Black MirrorDownton AbbeyEntourage, Made in Jersey, and Human Target will hit the new fall dramedy in its fourth episode.  This Is Us premieres on September 20th.

So, will Janet and Justin sizzle on-screen in This Is Us? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Patrick says:

    OK – dirty and trampy

    i’m in to this big time

    Justin Hartley continued sex appeal draw and in

    Michael Muhney completed every- thing

    I mean every thing


    just does

    I want Justin Hartley to MOVE on

    HE deserves this big treat

    he’s THAT good




    sterling MEN

    bring; IT



    Eilleen replied

    I want Adam and Sharon back together on yr


    alexis replied

    that’s not going to happened. do u know adam died.

  2. vinman says:

    Love her on Salem…as Mary!!!


  3. Llanviewer717 says:

    I remember her from Downton Abbey. She was only on for a couple of episodes; but, I thought she did a good job. She played Freda Dudley Ward, mistress to the Prince of Wales before Wallis Simpson.

    “This is Us” sounds like a very interesting show. I look forward to see it.


  4. soapqueenforever says:

    People keep saying that they want Michael Muney back as Adam. With no disrespect, to Mr Muhney, I loved him as Adam, and I think he and Melissa Claire Egan had amazing chemistry, I think that ship has sailed. On a second note I think Justin Hartley was and is one of the best recasts that I have ever seen. And he does have chemistry with Ms. Egan. I wish all the luck and success with this new role. He is a wonderful actor and he deserves it. I just hope he doesn’t put to much of a srain on himself by working to jobs. If need be let Adam go “up the river” so to speak, for a little while for choking the prison guard so Mr Harley can test the waters a bit, but let his contract stay open for aa year while things our panning out. Like I said I want good things for Mr Harley, but on the shelfish side, I don’t want a terrific character like Adam to turn into a revolving door like Billy


  5. xmascarol says:

    Justin I want to see more of you,if you know what I mean .lol Can’t wait to see this new show he is going to be on.I will be watching.


    alexis replied

    his show he is on is called this is us. i watched it . it’s a good show too watch so far. in the show this is us justin plays as kevin. you should watch it


    xmascarol replied

    Hi oh believe me I watch it all the time.He is so hot.

  6. alexis says:

    i watched Justin hartley on his new show . he is my favorite actor. he is good playing his character on this is us as kevin. i hope his character kevin falls in love with olivia


  7. xmascarol says:

    Same here Justin is my favorite actor to.Did u ever see him in a monkey suit?Oh my goodness I could melt .He is a great actor and is so handsome. .


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