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34 December 17th, 2016 Justin Hartley Named “Biggest Acting Revelation In A Drama Series” For THIS IS US!

Photo: NBC

Daytime fans know the power of the acting chops of Justin Hartley, most noticeably up through the beginning of fall on CBS’ The Young and the Restless where he played Adam Newman.

Whether the actor submits himself for contention in the Lead Actor category for the upcoming Daytime Emmy Awards we are waiting to find out.  But, Hartley definitely should.  He delivered some of the best work of the past TV season on daytime and primetime.

When Hartley departed Y&R for his primo role on NBC’s new highly-touted nighttime series, This Is Us, he received even far greater and more far-reaching recognition in a role that is a perfect fit for his talents as actor Kevin Pearson.

Now comes word as the end of the year “Best and Worst in TV” lists role out from various media outlets, that Hartley was named by TV Line as the “Biggest Acting Revelation In a Drama Series” for his performance on This Is Us.  Hartley took to Twitter to offer his thanks and acknowledgement for the nod.

So, have you enjoyed Justin’s performance on This Is Us so far? Do you hope he throws his name into the ring for the Daytime Emmy Lead Actor field?  Comment below!

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  1. James R. Poissant says:

    I knew he was going on to bigger things. and this is just the beginning of his rising star.


    Barb replied

    Totally agree!


    Beverly Shichtman replied

    Mr. Hartley has really brought his “A” game to @ThisIsUs. However, there isn’t a bad actor in the cast. I like SAG awards because Casts get accolades for all their work and they all deserve the awards. He should go for the Emmy in whatever category he feels is right for him. He’ll get it because he’s so good.


    Patrick replied

    I agree… SAG award : actors rewarding actors

    NBC is so behind @This is US….. this show… has propelled the network back in the limelight… award central.

    consequentially… there really is a lot of good shows to back…. just so glad and happy that @This is US… is in the pack.

  2. Addison says:

    This might sound ridiculous considering I never even met the man, but I am proud of Justin.
    He really deserves this because he is able to incorporate a natural flair for comedy into his dramatic performance. Despite his good looks and overall beef cake appearance, an innate sense of sweetness and vulnerability comes through with his portrayal of Kevin.


    Celia replied

    Yes, Justin came a long way from his ‘infancy’ acting on PASSIONS.
    I am proud of him, too.


    Patrick replied

    “…Despite his good looks and overall beef cake ”

    right, Addie



    I couldn’t agree more… he’s got the whole enchilada… he meets all the requirements, attributes, nothing comes between him and the camera.

    I forget.. he’s that good looking

    yet: I must ADD that Justin Hartley and Michael Muhney share a lot of the same screen magnetisms

    yet: I can’t overlook Michael Muhney screen presence… as that just adds that much more tantalize and imagination combust.. Michael Muhney resonates

    VA VA VOOMS in and around ALL

    it’s staggering to see a “recast” take

    gawd… the Newmans will never be the same… without… the Newmans will have never lived had it not been for… ADAM (s).

    The brilliance these two men personified

    ANY ONE ? Young and Sussman are being lauded for bringing Y&R back to the original recipe of what this genre represented


    Michael Muhney is


    Mindy replied

    I agree! I personally find YR much better with Adam and Muhney and Hartley we were so similar in their portrayal. Let’s hope they have the good sense to bring Muhney back

    Patrick replied


    it’s s wonderful post…. beyond husband material. yet.. with Justin Hartley, one can think… almost

    with Michael Muhney … one dreams.. and TUNES in

    get it Young and Sussman.


    Addison replied

    You crack me up, Patrick.

    Tani Sterling replied

    He does have an innate sweetness that just emerges seemingly without intent. It often would slip out on Young and the Restless with his eyes and body movements, in particular his hands. What used to hold me back from saying he was great was his cadence which would often go into overdrive; haven’t noticed it on the new program.

    it took be a bit to catch on to the new show, however, the entire cast stands out.

    What a lovely success story for this time of year.

    Best to all of you!


  3. Jenny Brooks says:

    Loved him on Y&R. Followed him to ‘This is Us’ and so happy I did because its a fantastic show. Hartley’s a great actor!


  4. mark says:

    He is so gorgeous


  5. Barb says:

    Justin is awesome, loved him on Y&R and he’s amazing in This Is Us. Big things ahead for him!


  6. Llanviewer717 says:

    Congratulations to Justin on this well deserved praise. This Is Us is an excellent program and I love his performance. The entire cast is outstanding.


  7. rebecca1 says:

    I have to say I wasn’t hooked in the show for the first two episodes… Don’t know why. But I stuck with it and U adore everything about it! I loved Justin on “Revenge”, caught a not in Y&R and love him on ” This Us Us


    Rebecca1 replied


    On the show…not in


    Caught a bit on Y&R

    “This Is Us”

    But I don’ t think he stands out…I think he stands “with” because they’re all excellent!


    Helen replied

    I agree! This Is Us has a stellar ensemble cast!

  8. toscanti says:

    Well Deserved!


  9. GraciesBFF says:

    Well deserved !!!!!
    An incredible talent to say the very least.
    This is Us is the best show on TV.
    Now let’s just hope that the Y&R powers that be will leave Adam dead out of respect to Mr. Hartley’s supreme acting.


  10. JMER says:

    I’m not a Y&R viewer, but I absolutely love his work on This Is Us. I like the entire cast of characters on that show so much but now that I’m thinking about it, Justin’s character is probably one of my faves along with Toby, William and Randall.


  11. su0000 says:

    Justin and This Is Us is a great match.
    One of my favorite shows and Justin moving out of Y&R and into This Is Us, which will be airing for a very long time will be among the #1 TV shows…


  12. ppage says:

    Yes, he’s terrific in This Is Us. He’s a stand-out amidst a a great cast.


  13. Betty says:

    He was so smart to bail on Y&R, which continues to flounder under the new production and writing team. THIS IS US is a terrific show. Good luck to him. Don’t look back Justin, keep on going forward.


  14. Annette says:

    Justin Hartley was great on Smallville, so I was really happy to see him on This is Us! The whole cast is fantastic, really enjoyable show. This role is definitely a perfect fit for Justin. Hope it lasts for a long time!


  15. Daisy Day says:

    Well deserved accolades. I hope he wins both an Emmy and a SAG award.
    I still miss him as Adam Newman. As much as I learned to love the character Adam Newman, I hope they don’t recast. Bringing back the previous actor would be an insult to women.


  16. Nora says:

    JH was the only reason I use to watch Y&R. He was excellent in the role of Adam Newman. I normally don’t watch a lot of series, but absolutely love This Is Us. This is one of the best series and JH is wonderful as Kevin. I love the whole cast. it’s a series with heart and leaves me crying like a baby.


  17. Lynn says:

    Hartley is something!


  18. Soaphound says:

    Yes, I do hope he submits his name for Y&R. He has more range than many who end up in this category. Plus, I’d love for Michael Muhney to return. Keeping Adam in our memories may help in that, though I suspect it’s a lost cause.


  19. Janelle says:

    I loved Justin as Adam on Y & R he took over a very big part and did a great job. But his role on This is Us I love even more and I hope the show lasts for a long time.


  20. Mo says:

    It’s not a revelation to those of us who watched him on Y&R. But I am glad he is getting noticed and getting credit. He deserves it.


  21. Nikki says:

    This is great news but not a big surprise to me. I knew he was going places all he needed was exposure. Although I like Y & R I don’t think too many directors watch it, but getting into P.M. it won’t be long before he’s in with the big wigs. When Justin started on Y & R I felt sorry for him. There was so much controversy from the fans of Michael Muhney I thought he’d never make it but he didn’t only make it, he owned it and made it his own. God help the next Adam Newman he has big shoes to fill. I watch this is us and love it.


  22. Darlene Owens says:

    Hated to see him leave Y & R as Adam Newman. When Michael Muhney was replaced by Justin Hartley, I thought there isn’t anyone that’ll make Adam Newman like Michael Muhney. I was sooooo wrong! Justin Hartley won me over like he did many, many others! He was GREAT! Because of Justin Hartley, I started watching, “This is Us!” I’m HOOKED! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the series! He’s an AMAZING actor!


  23. Ruby says:

    I’m sorry, I did not like the way Justin Hartley played Adam Newman. He was not tough. He did not have the coldness the roughness. He was weak. This is because the writer made him this way. She did him no justice. He’s very good on his new show.


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