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26 May 16th, 2016 Justin Hartley’s New NBC Series THIS IS US Official Trailer Released!


NBC has very high hopes for their new dramedy This Is Us, and from the looks of its just released first trailer, it looks poignant, dramatic, and funny.

In This Is Us, The Young and the Restless Justin Hartley (Adam Newman) plays Kevin, who from the looks of the trailer is having a difficult time on set as an actor.

From writer/executive producer Dan Fogelman and executive producers John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, Jess Rosenthal and Charlie Gogolak, the series focuses on the lives of several people who all share the same birthday and so much more.  Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore, Sterling K. Brown, Chris Sullivan, along with Hartley are just some of the leads in the ensemble cast.

Justin tweeted on Monday: “So excited for you all to see This Is Us. Laugh and cry with us. This fall on @NBC”

Watch NBC’s This Is Us trailer after the jump, featuring Hartley after the jump and then let us knoww what you thought of it?

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  1. davlestev1 says:

    Nice cakes in the opening shot Milo Ventimiglia.. thank you Michael FairMan LOL


  2. Priscilla Kennedy says:

    Bad news, good news. This show looks great. I’ll be watching for sure. But that means Justin is probably gone from Y & R. I wish they would bring MM back if that happens. I know, I’m probably dreaming.


    Chris replied

    I don’t think that Justin will leave Y&R, especially now, when they hired his girlfriend. As I read, he will work on both shows. It is nothing new for him, he did this in the past :)


    donna replied

    I doubt very much Justin is going anywhere. He loves working at Y&R. He joked on a red carpet interview he did at this years emmy’s that he was looking forward to ‘carpooling’ to work with Chrishell. He has worked on 2 shows in the past so he can do this very easily. Genoa City needs Adam.

    Tomas Torquemada replied

    No employer ever can bring back an employee who may have been less than appropriate with another employee. Those were the rumors, right?

    He’s a very good actor. But employment law isn’t going to allow the rehire of someone with that in their immediate past. Sorry


    Priscilla Kennedy replied

    CBS never said he did anything like that. Neither did King. He has vehemently denied that and said he would take legal action if anyone said he did. So, there is NO proof that rumor is true. His co-stars made some comments about him doing something bad, but never said what it was. And they should not be privy to any HR issues anyway.

    Nikki replied

    Isn’t this nonsense old news. Lets get back to Justin.

  3. su0000 says:

    It looks good..
    Seems to have a little bit of everything/variety ..
    I’ll tune in ..


  4. Rod says:

    This looks GREAT!!!!


  5. Nikki says:

    It looks great. I can’t wait to see it. Justin Hartley is a fantastic actor and I hope this is just the beginning of a wonderful career for him. I honestly believe he belongs on the big screen & it’s just a matter of time before we see it happen.


    Marci replied

    I totally agree!!!! His acting is on point, he is gorgeous and so talented ❤


    Phyllis Mathis replied

    I have been watching young and Restless for 44 years and this guy has been the best actor ever. There is no need to let him disappear but there are many reasons he should stay on this show. I live for the young and restless and Justin Hartley just makes that show real..

  6. Tomas Torquemada says:

    I wish him every success. Buona Fortuna


  7. Llanviewer717 says:

    It looks like a very interesting concept and the ensemble looks great. I look forward to seeing the show.


  8. dianne lucchetti says:

    With Crazy Stupid Love under his belt, I didn’t expect anything less. Looks like a hit to me! Kudos for finding and hiring Justin Hartley.


  9. Lynn says:

    Can’t wait. I’ll be watching. (You’ve still got it, Adam…er…Justin.) :)


  10. Tani Sterling says:

    Kind of like saying good bye when your kids go to college. When you see them again they will have moved forward and are just not quite the same.

    Best of wishes to Justin as he progresses. He has that certain something with great potential if he keeps working on it and maintaining his seemngly kind nature which is always appealing.


  11. Sally says:

    Looks like it has a good storyline and wonderful actors!!! I hope it is a hit. BUT if we would lose Justin Hartley, Please Y & R- bring back Michael Muhney- the original and BEST Adam Newman ever!!!!


    Chris replied

    Correction !!! Michael Muhney was not the original Adam :)


    Nikki replied

    Your right Chris M.M. was not the original actor who played Adam and remember Sally that’s your opinion Justin Hartley is the Best Adam Newman we ever had.

    Nikki replied

    B.T.W. Chris wasn’t the first Adam Newman Chris Engen who quit because his character had to kiss the lawyer guy? I think it was back when he was doing stupid things like sticking needles in his eyes? Anyways all JMO.

    Sally replied

    Ok Nikki, you are right about ChrisEngen being the first Adam, who was forgettable, So I will say again, Michael muhney was the BEST Adam ever and always will be. I have been watching Y & R since the very beginning! And it never been so stupid and have repetative storylines over and over again! Some days I wonder why I waste my time watching it!!!

    Lexie replied

    Muhney made Adam Newman into a great character. It’s just the truth. To deny that is silly jealousy.


  12. jaybird369 says:

    I like what I see…so far…


    Timmm replied

    The trailer looks really good!


  13. rebecca1 says:

    Dan Fogelman is a talented actor/writer so I assume the show will be quality. Loved Justin since Revenge and Milo is great. Hope it’s good but let’s see if the actual show garners as much interest as the promo!


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